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  1. Can anyone tell me if there will be any unscented pheromone trial sizes available this year? Thanks!
  2. Am I crazy or do the occo shield set not exist anymore? If they do I can't find them.
  3. That's actually a really good idea. I put it on the back of my neck but never even thought about putting more of my perfume on my back as opposed to in front where it's in my face all day. Good thinking. 😉
  4. Well I definitely did get an OD selfie from cougar! Lol I just ordered some sandalwood and resin LAM to play with. I have a sample of sandalwood BAM and got what seemed to be a big hit wearing it so I want to see what LAM is like since it seems to be the general consensus that LAM is more social then BAM. I don't necessarily plan on using it on my weekend date situation but if it's anything like BAM then it could end up being a fave. I like the light scent of the LAM and BAM as I'm sensitive to strong smells especially on myself. It's interesting b/c I will put on perfume and think it might be a bit much for those around me and yet when I ask others what they think they always comment how nice but subtle my scent it. For instance phero girl, I always do the lollipop on the torso and feel like I'm filling the room with it and yet I literally had people smelling my shirt just to smell it. Strange. Can this be the same with pheros? I always wonder how far I am actually projecting. I work as a barista so stand on the opposite side of a counter and wonder if people can even smell me...
  5. I bought a whole spray bottle of levitation a few years back and never noticed anything from it good or bad. My OD reaction to cougar at least makes me think that it works. I had a bartender invite me to come to his bar after work and that he'd buy me a drink. I didn't go cause I was tired and wasn't in the mood to drink that night but I think I'll go see him at some point. I was wearing phero girl under my shirt and cougar on my arms, neck and hair, I wonder if that had anything to do with it. He was attractive but older and while I'm cute I'm at least 20lbs over weight currently and my self esteem is in the gutter so I suspect he was just being nice and wanted someone to talk to cause it was a Monday night. Idk maybe it was a hit. Anyway I'm still experimenting. I'm gonna try something different this weekend cause I don't feel like cougar was really doing much for me. Maybe bang or lumina. 🤔
  6. Yeah wow I actually started reading about ODing on another thread. Amazing you can have such strong reactions to something like that! Now I know to be more careful! I think I'll also avoid putting it in my cleavage again. Crazy. That's great! You'll have to let us know how that one goes too.
  7. You guys are great. The OFF comment ROFL. 😂 And yes absolutely smelling good is huge to me. My go to scents are Carmel Musk from here, a light Amber oil and apple body spray. I also like to were phero girl on occasion under my shirt. I definitely get compliments on my smell a lot. That comment about him being patient b/c he fly fishes is a good point. My friends told me he is an awesome guy so I trust their judgement. It would be really nice if we actually hit it off. I wore Cougar today to work and I think I might of over did it, I applied some this morning before work and then reapplied at around 5pm cause a guy I kinda liked came into my work so I wanted to see if I could get any hits off him. Anyway I put on kinda a lot when I reapplied in the afternoon by accident and all of a sudden I felt jittery and was almost having a hard time speaking without getting tongue tied. It was weird. I had a slight headache all, day which I am prone to, but I'm wondering if it was the pheros b/c it seemed to get a little worse after i applied it the second time and then I even started to feel a little nauseous. I ended up eating something and felt better but is this a possible reaction from Cougar? I hadn't eaten much that day so that could of been it too. When I put it on this morning I put on a lot less and also had some phero girl on under my shirt and I was feeling pretty good about myself. 🤔 Could the molecules in Cougar cause the jitters? I kinda felt high but not in a good way. Or it could of been just a coincidence and low blood sugar?
  8. I totally get what your saying and it all makes sense. I'll experiment and bring a few options with me regardless and feel out the situations. For instance I know we are all going fly fishing at one point so probably not a good time for sex pheros lol. Dinner with everyone more social phero and evening drinking maybe a little something more provocative if that's where things seem to be going. I'm good at reading a room so if I can figure out what seems to work for me it should be easy to apply them to appropriate situations. 😊
  9. Oh yeah Halo I wasn't suggesting using BAM while there I was just saying I had a potential hit while wearing it out. Lol I agree with the cougar, and lumina, they both sound like good choices but I will test them both out the next couple weeks. I definitely tends to be sassy by nature so I'll be sure to watch out for that with the cougar. I appreciate your input a lot!
  10. Thanks Halo, I have used the levitation before, I've never noticed much. I work this weekend in the service industry so I'm going to test the cougar all weekend. I wore BAM yesterday just to check out the scents on me because I've very particular about what I wear. I was going about my daily errands and got what seemed to be a huge hit. I'll have to elaborate on it on the BAM review thread.
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