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  1. At first, on my skin this one is a blast of chocolate and cherry. Smells quite candy-like. Within an hour the fruitiness is almost gone and all that's left is an unpleasant chocolate and patch smell. Disappointing. Another hour later and the chocolate is mostly gone and some of the fruit has come out again, but the patch is still overwhelming the other notes. I wonder if the earlier versions of OCCO Ambrosia would have worked better with my skin chemistry because this one just doesn't want to behave for me.
  2. Juliana

    Mango Tango

    I get mostly mango and peach from this one. I think I can pick out the raspberry a little. Something also smells like pineapple to me initially, then it kinda starts to smell like sour apple, which is strange since there is no pineapple or apple in this one. I can almost feel the sour bite of tart fruit on my tongue. Further into the dry down the tartness dies down and the only fruit scents still detectable to me are a more gentle mango and peach. The florals stay in the background, and the only one I can really pick out is a bit of honeysuckle under the fruitiness. I like this one much more when it's dried down than when its wet or in the bottle. I don't feel compelled to buy a FB of this one, but it is a nice summery scent.
  3. Love the theme and labels. So excited! Also that punch looks really cool!
  4. Juliana

    Totem: Raccoon

    A little goes a long way with this one. It's a robust fragrance with a good amount of throw. In the vial and for the first few minutes after applying, it smells to me like a hodgepodge of ingredients that don't belong together. It made me skeptical that this one would work. But it does! Somehow it all melds together really well. I get sweet apple and caramel mixed with bitter chocolate and walnut. It definitely feels appropriate for autumn.
  5. This one doesn't really feel foody to me. There is definitely some creaminess to it from the vanilla, but it doesn't come across as a cakey scent. Other than some creaminess, it's mostly violets and sugar. The sugar has a detectable touch of pink to it. I'm not crazy about this one, but I'm thinking I'm just not a big fan of violets.
  6. Juliana

    Radium Girl

    I'm getting mostly orchid from this one, with some pineapple and coconut. I don't love this one, but I don't hate it either. On my skin, one of the notes has a plastic edge to it that progressively comes out during the drydown. It smells great in the vial though, like a nice summery floral with a tropical feel. And the label is really awesome.
  7. This one is so uplifting. At first, it's fruity, creamy, sweet. It's a really lovely pomegranate mixed with tangy kumquat. Something about it smells a little tropical to me, kind of like a tropical fruity cocktail. I love it at this point! But then the fruity notes fade pretty quickly, and it settles into a sort of bland creamy smell with a touch of musk. I wish the fruit notes lasted longer on me because they're really great while they last.
  8. I noticed that too. I thought this one was part of the permanent collection?
  9. Juliana

    Pixie Dust

    This one starts as a blast of very sweet grape on my skin. It smells like artificially flavored grape candy or soda mixed with some musk. I think it's the wisteria that smells like that to me. Then it becomes an overly sweet floral, with the grape-like scent lingering. It's rather strong on my skin and has a lot of throw. It just seems like the florals in this one don't want to behave on my skin. I think the wisteria amps on me, throwing everything out of balance. Then sometimes it feels like maybe the lilac is misbehaving too. There are points where the florals seem to settle a little and I start to like it, but then it gets too loud and sickly sweet again. I really like how it smells several hours in after the florals have finally calmed down. Then it really is delicious. But it just takes too long to get to that point on my skin. It's long-lasting though. I could still smell it 16 hours later. I'll give it another try some other time to see if I get better results.
  10. This one is definitely a real winner! The first few minutes are very green with overly strong florals on my skin, but then everything quickly settles and balances out. The floral garden is an even blending of rose and honeysuckle. They're equal companions, not rivaling contenders. Neither one overtakes the other at any point. Green and woody notes compliment the florals and add depth. Everything comes together so nicely! This LP is elegant, beautiful and demure. There's something about it that's very harmonious to me. It's kinda like nature in a bottle. It feels alive. There's rain, warm air, a garden of flowers, trees. Definitely a new favorite of mine! Plus it lasted well over 12 hours too.
  11. I didn't think I would like this one, but it's actually pretty nice. Something smelled almost lemony the first minute, but that quickly went away. Then it became light spicy carnation. It became spicier over the first half hour as the cardamom came out a little more. The black tea is present as well. Everything is softened a little by the sugar, so that it's spicy and ever so slightly sweet.
  12. This one starts out VERY clean and soapy smelling. During the first hour, the soap-like quality dies down a little but it remains clean. I can smell the green musk, a soft floral touch from the black orchid and a bit of sweetness from the other notes. I can't quite pick out the dark chocolate but there are moments when I can sense it's there, melded into the background with the other ingredients. It all smells very fresh. Definitely a nice unisex scent. I liked it more than I thought I would. I can see myself wearing this one to work.
  13. Juliana


    I didn't really like this one for the first ten minutes or so. It just smelled kinda strange to my nose. Then the creaminess emerged and it started to smell more pleasant. It became flowers mixed with peaches and cream. But I felt like the floral notes were intruding a bit. I wanted more of the peaches and cream and less of the florals. After about half an hour I got what I wanted. The flowers started to hang back and the peaches and cream became more emphasized, though not really fruity and sweet due to the still present florals. Finally, after a few hours the florals go away completely and all that's left is a really yummy sweeter peaches and cream scent. This last stage lasted forever (this LP lasted 14+ hours on me) and smelled so good. The peach definitely undergoes an interesting metamorphosis in this perfume, starting out smelling almost unripe during the initial stage and then progressively becoming sweeter and riper.
  14. Juliana

    Totem: Dolphin

    Totem Dolphin is airy and watery with a bit of green. It has a refreshing quality to it. I can't really pick out all the specific notes in this one since everything is really well blended. I'm getting a sophisticated floral with a green background, including a gentle seaweed note. It was a bit strong for the first hour, but not too strong. Afterwards it became more sheer and light. Mermaids of Atlantis is one of my absolute favorites so I thought I would give this one a try. It's nice but I don't think it's quite me. I'm happy to have a trial size sample of it though so I can try it a few more times to see if it grows on me.
  15. Juliana


    When first applied, this one is mostly almond or marzipan with sweet oranges. I can smell the sugar and vanilla in the background along with a slight spice from the nutmeg. After several minutes, the almond fades and the nutmeg becomes a bit more pronounced so it smells like spiced oranges, quite festive and holiday-like. It's my favorite part in this LP's journey. Unfortunately, after about half an hour the orange starts to quickly disappear and all that's left is an autumnal spiciness, with sugar and a bit of vanilla. At this point I can understand the comparisons to maple syrup since it smells a little like that to me. It still smells nice, but it's not necessarily something I would wear as a perfume. I think I'll use the rest of my sample to scent my room with an oil burner as someone else mentioned.
  16. Juliana

    Vampire Bait

    This is such a sweet and pretty floral. It smells innocently feminine. Very ladylike, but not at all stuffy. Instead it's youthful and fresh. I was unsure about this one since I was worried it would be TOO floral for my taste or might trigger a migraine. Those concerns were unfounded though since this scent is truly a work of art. None of the florals overshadows the others. They are all equal components in a harmonious garden. The bamboo and sandalwood keep the florals in line so they don't go overboard. The currant imparts a slight fruity tang, and there is a touch of honey discernable, ever so faint. A well-rounded and beautiful scent. Absolutely worth getting a FB.
  17. I like this one a lot! For a few minutes after first applying it, something about this one smelled slightly green to me. Then it turned white and lightly floral, soft and elegant. It smells clean, not in a soapy way but in a fresh way. It reminds me of taking a deep breath of early spring air for some reason. I was feeling a little weepy before putting it on, but afterwards I felt much more at peace and in control. I don't know if that was a reaction to the soothing quality of this scent or because of the LFM (this was my first time trying that phero). My only complaint is that I wish this scent was a little stronger and longer lasting. It's pretty sheer and was almost completely gone in a few hours. I wanted to reapply, but couldn't because I didn't want to overdose on the phero. I think I'll try the original version to see how it compares since I would be able to reapply that one more often.
  18. This is rich dark honey. Initially it smells a little smutty on my skin, but it smells cleaner after about an hour or so. It lasted about 6 hours on me, which isn't as long as some of the other sugared scents I've tried, but I didn't apply much so that may be why.
  19. This one is like sweet fresh cut pink roses in a bottle. Sometimes rose scents give me a headache, but I had no problem with this one, probably because the rose is mellowed by a dash of sugar. Definitely going to experiment with layering it with other scents. I went to sleep wearing this the other night and I felt like I was sleeping in a bed of roses! I could still smell the rose in the morning, so it has good lasting power too.
  20. Honeysuckle is one of my favorite florals, so I was happy to get a free sample of this one. Sweet, wonderful honeysuckle! Reminds me of walks on hot humid summer nights when the honeysuckle bushes are in bloom. So good! I put it on in the evening and I could still smell some sweetness after waking up the next morning. I definitely want a full bottle of this one. Looking forward to playing around and layering it with some other scents.
  21. I got this as a free sample with my last order. When first applied this one smells like a crisp red apple, freshly picked and still warm from the sun. After a few minutes the sugar emerges and it smells like apple with brown sugar sprinkled on top. Smells really nice and lasted a long time too!
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