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  1. I also have to suggest TMI or true confessions, sending love you to ❤️
  2. What would a mix of estratetrenol and pregnenolone do? Would it be ultra feminine or a hot mess?
  3. UPDATE: because I was short on time I ended up using equal amounts of TMI and cuddle bunny, the effects were AMAZING!! All of my female relatives were not just accepting of my presence but chatty and friendly as well! All of the man folk I interacted with were the same way! It was a fantastic day! I definitely recommend this mix ?? Perfume I used to cover was ari by Ariana grande
  4. I'm going to be the makeup artist for my aunts wedding, I'm one of those females who gets along better with guys as working with women (even my own family) can end poorly. Maybe it's my Saturn and Jupiter heavy natal chart, maybe it's my hormones, either way I'm going to leave that day on a very bad note and it's giving me terrible anxiety. "social" Pheromones I own: MLH, TMI, CB, PM, and a sample vile of scented cougar Please help I do t want my eyes scratched out by catty ass women ?
  5. Super sexy for women, it's a fabulous blend!
  6. A scent locket is how I've been "wearing" pheros during pregnancy, I can pheros bomb myself and effect others
  7. No a nol, it makes me act like a valley girl. And yes I will be updating when I finally am able to wear pheromones!
  8. I had emailed Mara about making a blend like sexology but with DHEAS instead of copulins because I find it easier to just add a dab of Cops as I go but I was wondering what you ladies thought, est and b-nol heavy blends fascinate me. Do you think this would work for public and romantic settings? Would the DHEAS calm down the b-nol or amp it? Please tell me your thoughts!
  9. Put a few drops of this on my outer sweater when I went out to dinner with hubby, got wonderful service all night, except for one lady who stared at me like she wanted to a.fight me or b.eat me it was intense
  10. I just have till Christmas at this point I'll just have to wait and try again!
  11. Can anyone tell me why this turned into mint/strawberry ice cream mix on my skin? In the worst possible way too, I hope it's just because I'm pregnant
  12. Got a small sniffie sample of this with my last order and and phero bombed hubby with it in a scent locket, smells yummy and phero works as prescribed, will be getting a full bottle
  13. Honestly I'm completely blown away this stuff is amazing!
  14. Got to finally test this last night and I definitely will never be wearing this out of the house. Got out of the shower and applied a liberal amount because it smells really good and works with my skin chemistry really well. Well hubby caught a sniff while in the kitchen and said "I don't like it, it's too loud" so I was like "if it's a problem I'll go sleep on the couch" not a big deal right? Fast forward to about midnight, I've been asleep for about 2 hours (fitfully, I'm 7 months pregnant and very uncomfortable) my husband has never been woken out of his sleep from a phero before so imagine my surprise when I wake up to a 6'4" 280lb lumberjack on top of me! And then AGAIN this morning at 7 I am woken up from him, neither of these times would be a problem but I'm just not interested in sex these past few weeks. (Imagine a beached whale with a skin condition, because that's what I look like ha!) I have never had a response like this from cops or anything, including compromising positions. So now it's 10:30 my kids are stuck to me like glue, he has been stuck to me all morning the pets won't leave me alone, this is powerful stuff and I'm more worried about wearing this outside of the home than I was with comp positions, cuddle bunny or any of my other sexual blends ?
  15. Welcome Hun! I just got my sample of this today too and it smells just like what I imagine the color red to smell like lol
  16. Got this as a sample with my LP #9 (which during pregnancy is coming off as a lime musk, instead of orange but I digress) wet it smells like salad which scared me because I hate eating vegetables so why would I want to smell like them? But dry it's all green flowers and spring garden dirt and I love it so much! It smells calm and exactly like a Luke warm spring day when the grass just starts to grow again and it's finally warm enough to go without a big coat ?
  17. I need to bring this thread back to life because I really liked this blend, my hubby and I are both fairly alpha so instead of being a sex blend for us it's a cuddle phero, it effects other women like crazy though, some of the hits were pretty over the top funny
  18. I got amazing results from using equal parts cuddle bunny and tmi in oil with commercial body mist on top for diffusion
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