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  1. Super sexy for women, it's a fabulous blend!
  2. A scent locket is how I've been "wearing" pheros during pregnancy, I can pheros bomb myself and effect others
  3. Put a few drops of this on my outer sweater when I went out to dinner with hubby, got wonderful service all night, except for one lady who stared at me like she wanted to a.fight me or b.eat me it was intense
  4. I just have till Christmas at this point I'll just have to wait and try again!
  5. Can anyone tell me why this turned into mint/strawberry ice cream mix on my skin? In the worst possible way too, I hope it's just because I'm pregnant
  6. Got a small sniffie sample of this with my last order and and phero bombed hubby with it in a scent locket, smells yummy and phero works as prescribed, will be getting a full bottle
  7. Honestly I'm completely blown away this stuff is amazing!
  8. Got to finally test this last night and I definitely will never be wearing this out of the house. Got out of the shower and applied a liberal amount because it smells really good and works with my skin chemistry really well. Well hubby caught a sniff while in the kitchen and said "I don't like it, it's too loud" so I was like "if it's a problem I'll go sleep on the couch" not a big deal right? Fast forward to about midnight, I've been asleep for about 2 hours (fitfully, I'm 7 months pregnant and very uncomfortable) my husband has never been woken out of his sleep from a phero before so i
  9. Welcome Hun! I just got my sample of this today too and it smells just like what I imagine the color red to smell like lol
  10. Tried out Aja again last night, I let it sit a few months and added some jasmine EO to cover the pee smell. After it dried it was solid fresh honey and flowers omfg it didn't turn into powder! Hubby jumped into bed after getting a waft on the couch and reacted just like he would to cops I'm so happy it's finally working for me ?
  11. Billi.Jo94

    Vampire Bait

    I don't normally like florals but oh my goodness. THIS IS PERFECT! It's pretty and grown up but not old and earthy and watery all at once! I have heart eyes
  12. I just had some really interesting stuff happen to me actually, I had an IUD until a few months ago. While I still had the IUD ( Marina, hormonal) I had to really slather my pheros to get a reaction because I wasn't ovulating or having a cycle it was like I was always at that immediate after period week. It was interesting, then the IUD fell out So I was without birth control for 3 months to let myself rest and during those three months I noticed that no matter where I was in my cycle I only needed a dab of whatever I was wearing to have an effect As of 3 weeks ago now I have been on t
  13. I'm game for anything that gets animals to come up to me!
  14. Update; male and female animals love this! Currently typing this with an 80 lb boxer/bulldog on top of me ?
  15. Darn! Lol in high school I was the girl who smelled really good all the time ?
  16. I went straight for the spray and I think I smells delicious but husband smells pee? My girl friends said it smelled "very nice" and I got hits from other males so I'm assuming it's just my husband lol
  17. So husband said it smelled like doe deer pee when it was sprayed on my clothing but on my skin he likes it, it smells so lovely on me! It's the first honey scent that doesn't turn into powder on my skin and I will be reordering when my bottle is empty ❤️
  18. Just got my bottle in the mail and it smells so good! I can't wait to wear this out tonight
  19. Seeing all these lovely reviews makes me to jealous! Wet this smells like raw unfiltered honey to me but dried down on my skin it turns into baby powder ?
  20. He reacts exactly in the prescribed way to all of them! Responds amazingly well to EST and DHEAs I'm definitely going to stick to mothers little helper for my daily
  21. Yes ma'am! I definitely won't be wearing any sexy blends out at night!
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