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  1. I was thinking that also. I do place my scented body oils on the inside of my thighs and I usually can smell the scent all day--even when I wear pants. So thought why not place pheros/cops down there too! Thanks for the tip!
  2. During the day, I wear one that has latex so I can sweat. In the evenings, the corset is made of fabric but still pretty thick. Thanks for responding.
  3. Hey! Newbie here. Had a question. I did the search and could not find an answer. So forgive if this has already been discussed. I wear a daily corset. I have been reading about the "lollipop" and wondering if it makes sense to do a lollipop when I will be covering up my torso with a corset? Or do I just stick to wearing it in the chest, arms, neck areas? Would the scents be strong enough to be smelled through the corset? I don't live far ..so I look forward to coming up to one of LP 1st Friday scent releases!! Wahoo!!
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