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  1. Swiped this on today. I smell the resins the most, a hint of fruit. I find it strangely addictive.
  2. Shook it really well and tried again. So much better! The patch is still there but not as much in the forefront. It's more cotton candy sugary goodness
  3. I found my beloved Black in a makeup bag in a box! HAPPY!!!

  4. Starts off as a blast of honey with a streak of dirty. After sitting for a bit it becomes powdery. For its final act it settles into sweaty fruit. It's a lot like cops to me with selfies. Euphoric and sparkling.? Paired with A Touch of Cerise it changes it to ripe fruit that's been warmed by the sun and topped with a dusting of sugar.?
  5. This is very medicinal starting off. Once it has melded with my skin it becomes a green floral, there's an undercurrent of dirtiness to it that is threatening to take over. It feels vintage, like something I'd find in a high class Victorian ladies boudoir.
  6. I applied it lightly to try it out. It starts off as a really sugary strawberry cotton candy with blueberry peeking through. It dried down to patch with a waft of strawberry.
  7. The first time I saw my doctor it didn't go well (I didn't wear perfume). So today I dominated his ass, with a smidgen of OCCO Ambrosia (for my second appointment). I felt like a goddess! It was so funny! The waiting room was silent, two couples. One of the couples started immediately talking to me once I sat down. The husband was very curious about me lol. He asked me if I have kids, if I'm married lol. They both were complimenting me. He gave me their business card, they have a ministry. They invited me to their house for church on Sunday. I wouldn't go by myself if I do. My doctor's appointment went so much better than the last time. He asked me for what I thought, what he should do. I left feeling good about it.
  8. It's very clean, it goes soapy on me. Open Windows is fabulous! Takes me out of the doldrums, feeling floaty and fuzzy. However, I can over share wearing this as well as others. The selfies are worth it though.
  9. First time wearing, sample vial. It's been on my skin for about an hour. I'm in love! It is delicious and decadent, feels rich. I'm so thankful it didn't go straight rose on me. The rose is too busy being serenaded by chocolate and swooning over amber. It makes me feel more in control and relaxed. ?
  10. I get a soft carmalized honey topping. Ran errands today. Men were falling all over me, seems like everyone I ran into couldn't be happier to take care of me. They were opening up doors, chatting me up, super friendly. It was like magic!
  11. I would have thought I had this boosted today. I was calmer, more relaxed. The most shocking for me was I felt more comfortable in my surroundings (being around a lot of people). I was talking to someone and all I could think was why the hell am I sharing this, it's like I couldn't not open up to them. When I put this on this morning I thought about why I was using it (other than I love it). I was disarmed.
  12. I'm so glad I didn't hesitate to buy a fb . It's light and creamy, not too sweet. It was 87 degrees and rising where I was today. It didn't become overpowering.
  13. AzuraGrace


    NuTrix- Thank you. Aren't we all if we're on here? lol. I learned a hard lesson. SirenSong- Thank you. I'm so awkward socially, online isn't any different for me. I'm hoping I can be more active.
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome. quietquy: It was, I was devastated to find my bottles gone. I'll find new favorites.
  15. AzuraGrace


    I've been a reader for quite sometime now, I finally decided to join. I had to move last year and my my many bottles were thrown out during the move. I discovered what happened later. I've already bought one of my beloved's, Red. I may not post a lot but I will continue to read. I'm a very shy and introverted person.
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