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  1. Thank you for the great suggestions!!
  2. Mara will you be making more of the seaweed scrub? I am currently in love with that right now for my face! I may even try that Dead Sea Mud Scrub.
  3. I just received this in a trial size. It smells beautiful in the vial and when I first put it on its smells so good like coconut cream pie but it is very very sheer I can barely smell it anymore. I am going to try it again and maybe put more on. As Lady V said my body completely absorbed it and I get a small whiff here and there. Its such a beautiful scent so i want it to work for me!
  4. Yes I bet it would smell amazing with pink scents!
  5. I love this scent so much and have been wearing it since I purchased it. This is such a beautiful citrus lemon. I noticed on the second time wearing it towards the end of the day it turned to a powdery scent on my wrist but on my chest it still smelled like beautiful lemons. My husband adores this scent he said it made me smell sexy. I will for sure order more of this! What would be some good scents to layer this with? I was thinking maybe trying it with Beth's Blushing Milkmaid which I have as well.
  6. I had no idea you also made wax! That is another one of my addictions! Just take all my money! lol
  7. I received this as a free sample with my order and I am IN LOVE!! I mean I seriously can not stop sniffing my hand in love! On me I get a warm scent very much like a cup of tea. Once I wore it for awhile I am getting an ice cream note almost like vanilla and then a caramel in the back. I seriously love this scent so much!! I cant seem to find it on the site to order. Is this something that is still for sale or just a freebie? Either way I love it and would purchase it again without a doubt!
  8. Thank you all so much for the welcome!!!
  9. How did you know I was busty? lol
  10. Thank you!! I am learning that self care is extremely important to keep my sanity!
  11. Hey everyone!! I am Rose from NJ and a newbie to all things Love Potion! I have been reading tons of reviews and deciding on an order. I cant wait to try some of these amazing things. I am also excited to see Mara has journals and pens!! A little about me: I am married to Tim for 15years and we have 3 boys: Kyle 15, Liam 12 and Colin 4. Kyle is special needs and has epilepsy. I work FT outside of the home as a grocery store manager and also run a non-profit. I love wax and am a recent Indie B&B junkie! I also enjoy loom knitting in my spare time. I look forward to getting to know everyone!!
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