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  1. Thank You everyone for the Welcome and answering my questions. Update:Yesterday I did not wear any of the pheros and we had at nice time,today we was going to hang out and I put on Sugared Mango let in dry then put on Honeyed with Gotcha, well my car broke down so he pulled it to his Moms where he stays when he is in town due to us being seperated and him driving trucks OTR,so I took our other vehicle home whilr he ventured to fix car. Well he texted saying he is finished with the car and he wanted to bring it and spend the night and then 2morrow since im off lets spend the day together.. Once I take a shower will the pheros from this morning wash off and can I use Compromising Positions or Cuddle Buddy if I want to
  2. No I am going to pick just one to wear but I have been reading forums and I even went back and read the descriptions for each one I have and they seem to have alot of the same ingredients. So its getting a little confusing for me to pick. Lol Do have any experiences with Honeyed love,ALYIAw/Audacious. But it is the free ones I got that I love the smells of..Body paint and Sugared Mango smell awesome.
  3. I actually did not wear anything because I was still unsure but we went out ate talked for awhile about random stuff and had a good time.We are going to meet up later this afternoon. I was unsure of the Dylan /w Perfect Match cause it says phero scent for men so I thought it was not for a woman to wear. With that being said im leaning towards Honeyed love potion w/Gotcha,Cuddle Bunny ,and Cp for today. I am wrong about the Dylan with perfect match. Sex im in no rush for because we still do that,I want more openeness,holding,kissing,butterfly feeling.Again thanks in advanced for your help
  4. Hello hope everyone is having a great weekend.I am new to pheromones. I purchased Honeyed Love Potion w/Gotcha, Compromising Postions -Phero Enhanced Perfume,Dlyan Phero Enhanced scent for ment with Perfect Match,Aliya w/Audacious.I got free samples of Cuddle Bunny w/phero,Body Paint,and Sugared Mango. Me and the hubby are seperated and are going to go out to night for dinner and drinks and talk.I can not seem to pick which one would be good for this situation. Im leaning towards CP and CB any advice I would greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance
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