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  1. As far as positive responses from females go, this is perhaps the best blend I've ever used.
  2. I just ordered a sample size of this because I've never tried anything with the SWS phero and figured I should try it. The unisex blends don't normally appeal to me, but I'll give it a test-run.
  3. I just reordered. This is really good in the office.
  4. I was just making a purchase and saw this one as I was scanning the new releases. I like the name and I like the description (tobacco) so I have a sample size on the way.
  5. Nobody knows what's in TAC. It's one of their super-secret putative blends. But the stuff works.
  6. With Androtics Direct apparently out of the game for a while, my go-to product for guaranteed orgasms for my gal (TAC) isn't available and my supply is limited. Does LPMP have any phero blends that reportedly have orgasm-enhancing properties that I should try? Thanks!
  7. Yeah...no. I don't want to risk getting pulled over for a tail light and have me and my car smelling "boozy."
  8. All of the phero forums speak highly of this scent and I just don't get it. To me, it smells like the lobby of a cheap motel. Or the incense rack at 7/11.
  9. This is my absolute favorite scent! Also the one that gives me the most positive responses when I wear it.
  10. I also note only a strong soapy smell with this one. But at least I smell clean.
  11. When ordering a sampler of new releases, how does one go about only receiving men's fragrances?
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