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  1. It's nice fresh summer scent which is vibrant and turns into different smell shades during 5 hours. Longer you wear it better it smells. Love it
  2. I like the scent. Its energizing freshening refreshing scent mostly for summer time. It wakes me up good in the morning. I will might get a bottle.
  3. Yeah! I would say it's the best scent from sugar layerables but it does not last long in me. So I had to reapply every hour and a bottle was gone after week.But the scent is a true paradise. Cougar lasts longer.
  4. It's very nice girly scent. I got the most compliments with Pink though I love myself more vanilla scents.I noticed younger guys love pink scent a lot(age somewhat 20-30 years old). I think this scent is associated with young girly girls.Maybe I am mistaken but it's my experience.
  5. I am totally hooked with this perfume. I got it with other samples and I was ignoring it like for months and accidently tried it just because I was in a hurry to work and grabbed it just to get any smell. And WOW WOW WOW It just fantastically nice smell especially for hot climate. But at first 10 mins it was a bit stinky and than later turn into beautiful auqutic chiffon. I was smelling myself entire day and got comments and compliments.Really awesome. Ordering it right now
  6. The scent is nice and strange and I didn't get any comments from people around me. When there is no comments ,for me it means it's good but next time I'd rather order Comprising position .
  7. Guys it's crazy! Because all Mara scents are freaking awesome. Even the scents you would never wear would go good on me. Like Vampire Bait for example. I hate floral scents....Guess what ?it's in my freaking collection! HOW ABOUT YOUR SiGNATURE SCENT????? Too many great scents to choose from Hahaha
  8. Oh yeah! It's very Tammy sweet dark smell,very sexy and beautiful. Surprisingly it wakes me up in the morning. I just put little smuge and it gives me energy. Love it. Deffinatelly on my list
  9. This is true magic blend. It's gave me relaxation feeling within seconds. Sort of feeling of being part of Universe, calmness, serenity. I would recommend it for people with mild panic attacks along with their medical treatment. Moreover it gives me very good sleep and nice dreams. And I tried it with copulins too. I don't think they compatable
  10. Like a magnet with spicy brown sugar is perfectly suitable for Autumn and Winter seasons. The blend itself is fantastic ! Together with this smell it makes it more cozy sexy and delicious. I truly recommend.
  11. Guys anyone tried b2 with copulins? Do they go together?
  12. So it means I leave comments and then only in 2 weeks I make older and in the older (in notes) I mention what free vials I want ? Correct? Thank you
  13. I am very new to this freebies program but I left my reviews and I just purchased from you for 25$ so am I eligible? And should l mention what vial trials I want here? Thank you
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