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  1. tee, hee, hee ,hee Can't wait for the outcome of that convo... I am looking for a multi mix with this one....so far i think LP Black, sugared honeycomb, a touch of une and maybe a dash of dark seductions or some shell b ham...still tinkering - i want to try it out this mon...or i might stick with my circus mix
  2. knjsavy


    then nymph will be perfect I hope it works well with your skin chemistry as it is an amazing scent and perfect for us land mermaids
  3. knjsavy


    Frog is greener (if that makes sense) and nymph is bluer to me
  4. knjsavy


    This more aquatic, not that floral at all. i would call it a true aquatic as you really get the water - sweet deep blue sea with a hint of water greenery
  5. knjsavy


    This is true to description - bright, sparkly, clean fresh deep blue water with lillies and lily pads floating on top. Seductive florals with a hint of greenery. So glad i got a full bottle unsniffed. If you like dreams of avalon, mermaids of atlantis - do yourself a favor and get this. Another truly amazing scent with a great throw - i only used half a dab to test and my arm smell like a spring day at the park by the pond after a rain shower
  6. Dolly u cracke me up - (snicker, snicker)
  7. This is wonderful, pink deep deliciousness. I think somesome said it was similar to aquolina pink sugar but without the cloying sweets, this is airy cotton candy with a depth, it has a great throw and superb lasting power. I see why it sold out so fast
  8. knjsavy

    Shady Lady

    I thought this would be a deeper, darker scent It is nice a bit lightly floral, a hint of dry sweetness, and a bit of smokey muskyness - very nice
  9. I'm still a newbie myself and just pass along the great ideas the ladies here gave me - let me know how it works out for you
  10. Sorry J #'s - it is an open weave locket - amazon.com has some great ones, i have not gotten one yet so another trick the ladies gave me is to put some on the scent on a cotton ball or a piece of cotton material put it in your bra and your skin will still warm it so you can sniff away without it absorbing it all p - that has worked for me so i do that until i decide which locket i want
  11. I love LP red, it was one of the first ones i got a dupe of, the first time i wore it, it lasted all day the second time it got drunk up by my skin - i think since i am on a clean the system by flooding with water my skin chemistry is off - oh well what ever doesn't work can go in a scent locket (ie cotton ball in my bra)
  12. S lavendar is amazing, you will not be sorry if you get you some - even if it goes wonky in you, just trade for something else I am thinking of getting all the newones in bottles (just trying to wait for the samples to arrive to make sure my skin doesn't eat it up or make it wonky) and sugared apples, sugared iced tea, sugared lillies, cuddle bunny rebrew, some more fairy lure, unscented cuddle bunny, treasured hearts, dreams of avalon, teddy man oh heck - i just might as well say i am thinking of getting everything
  13. this is amazing so glad i snagged some - it was like green grass - the type used to make hay - freshly cut - it has an airy sweetness to it, it's green but not earthy greens I wore it with cuddle bunny and the combo was magnificent
  14. Oh Ail this is amazing - honey brown sugared musky deep molasses, it's sweet and deep and the pheros are blended in perfectly - in some of the other blends i can detect a hint of the pheros but here all i get is goodness Scent wise is enough - but if i get cuddles and money out it then that is just bonus
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