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  1. this month i will be good, this month i will be good i am still samplin all i ordered in march As usual these look amazing - the lil vamp with cupcake is so me
  2. This scent reminds me of a cool crisp evening, it will be a great phero cover - from the happy pheros, the sexy pheros to lets be friends pheros - that is how good this scent is
  3. This is gorgeous, it is a bright, clean, clear scent. It has the crisp hay smell i adore with very light almost shadowy florals wafting around while the incense and smoke make it interesting. the bamboo makes it fresh and a bit green but this is a wonderful scent and i am glad i got bottle, if the money fairies bless me i will get another one
  4. You will not be disappointed, I wish you had first crack at it so you could tell us if this is what you had in mind (even if you didn't this came out awesome)
  5. Isn't it wonderful when they turn that big ol brain loose in the play area
  6. tee, hee, hee ,hee Can't wait for the outcome of that convo... I am looking for a multi mix with this one....so far i think LP Black, sugared honeycomb, a touch of une and maybe a dash of dark seductions or some shell b ham...still tinkering - i want to try it out this mon...or i might stick with my circus mix
  7. I would call this Dolly Dark side younger cousin, you get the violet but it is made softer and sultry by the musk. A definite must for violet lovers.
  8. This is another good one - sugared stawberries dripping with honey sitting in an iced bowl while sweet dry musk incense burns in the background while you wait in anticipation of a forth coming session of getting busy - this is really deep and bright because it can also be worn for a nice sping day picnic that is the magic of this scent - it is very versatile (i think it would go very nice with JALN)
  9. this is like night blooming liliac raised on the cool moonlight, sweet yet dark with a bold throw, very nice
  10. girly twirly is perfect, sweet strawberry roses with a cream vanilla and a hint of sweetness - just what us girls are made of - sugar, spice, everything nice
  11. Told ya the post people are bastards (at least they are when they hold up long awaited for smellies)
  12. they are (or look like) the xantara earrings but with beautiful brown and purple beads
  13. knjsavy


    then nymph will be perfect I hope it works well with your skin chemistry as it is an amazing scent and perfect for us land mermaids
  14. knjsavy


    Frog is greener (if that makes sense) and nymph is bluer to me
  15. I even love it on me (hee hee - i can see how this can be taken two ways) Hope you get the cruise job, i had a friend that loved it so much he made a career out of it and he had one of less high profile jobs - helping passengers on and off with luggage and stocking the rooms with towels, shampoos and what not - it's good money and you get to travel - what more could you want - oh yeah sexy single vacationers
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