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  1. Am with ya. Thanks heaps Halo. Much obliged.
  2. Hey guys. Sorry to ressurrect a 10 year old thread. But it's important to me. Do u guys know where I could find some TAL? Thanks heaps in advance. :)
  3. Try it on ur skin Vicki. Thru the mini vial, it's way too strong. Probly why ya got the mini headache. Just a dab or two on skin works better.
  4. Copy pasted from me journal. Reporting this only cos it's a significant hit. Thanks for reading. 4 sample dabs of Bossom bows. Spreaded accross face neck jaw line area. 18 year old Caucasian chick (know the age cos they were saying that she just turned 18 last week) blonde hair blue eyes, at the end of the trip, stuck her tongue in me mouth. I couldn't believe it. Was wearing just Bossom bows solo. When we kept making out, the stupid cop interrupted us and said, "ya can't stop here. Gotta keep moving" so I had to keep moving. So she got out. Application was about 6 hour
  5. Copy pasted from me journal. Panther boosted with CougarI got a sample of this for free from LPMP. Thanks Mara and Halo. Cougar potion is a proprietary blend as the LPMP site says. So am not exactly sure what it has, but WOW, am getting status hits left right and centre. People move away from my walking route. Both guys and girls either look at me directly or they look at me thru their peripheral view. Same as Bossom Bows - G2. Am assuming it's got cops. Cos everytime I have cops on me, I get them looks. Panther is the name of the scent (I think) and it's peachy. Smells like peach
  6. Copied and past3d from me other journal. BTW, is Girl girl different to G2? I thought they're the same? Anyways, I wanned to test a theory I have about high testosterone level men and EST. I belive, men with high test have a capability to wear est with positive results. But if they have low test, then it may come accross as too girly. Or whatever. Lol. On me first run it was amazing. I've tested it on me ride share trips. Usually, people just keep quiet. But with this on, they're just chatty with respect/status. Bossom bows boosted with G2Bossom bows has a
  7. Copied and pasted from me journal in another forum. I go by the same name DrChocolate in every forum. . Ruthvah from LPMP"WOW" simply wow. Really nice minty powdery smell with a hint of HIDDEN musk. HIDDEN cos it comes and goes intermittently. Mara took about 2 months to brew it, and it's worth the wait. I love it. Has a slight socialness to it. But I didn't get no compliments. Only tried it for a few hours and inside them few hours, I can see a chattiness from the ride share customers. But I didn't get no compliments for the scent. TBH I don't care cos I like it.
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