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  1. When I wear this people tell me I smell like Sweethearts candy, this works so beautifully with my chemistry a true gem!
  2. USPS has my order listed as 'package available for pickup' This is the second time they've done this, since I'm using a mail forwarding service I can't go to pick this package up.
  3. I'm a lp newbie so it's quite delightful discovering how these scents transform from the bottle to application and then a few hours later. I got the sample and out of the bottle it smelled funky sweet lol I really didn't care for it ATALL. I decided to try it out today and over time it does smell lovely and feels very organic to my 'natural scent'. I'm Trinidadian and the smell of this one is very authentic to the heat and sweetness that lingers in the air...
  4. Got this as a free sample in my last order, I will definitely be purchasing a full bottle! I feel so much love and joy with just a whiff.
  5. I just know I would have LOVED this!
  6. I'm hoping Kissed by The Sun, Mermaids of Atlantis and Sea Lily can be brought back!
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