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  1. invoice was perfect, & paid! thanks so much πŸ™
  2. Whoops, switched nonsale purchases a bit, can I please also get: 1xFB Sharp Dressed Humanoid w/ Swimming with Sharks there seem to be plenty of bottles so the email is on its way! πŸ’—
  3. I'd like to release: 1xV Soul Food can I please reserve: 1xFB Friendly Ghost 1xFB Soul Food 1xV Cananga Coco Cacao 1xV Cimaruta: The Snake 1xV Iskandar 1xV Potion Bastet 1xV Sigil: Hex Deflection 1xV Tunnel of Love (not part of sale) can you please set aside for me: 1xFB BeeWitched 1xFB Mourning Glory if/when all that clears, I'm good to send my email. thank you for the extra time PM!!!! πŸ˜€
  4. asterism


    wow, as soon as I opened the vial on this one I knew it'd be a hit, but it went FAST! does that happen a lot? I haven't stalked the new releases in a looong time
  5. thank you so much!!! is there a certain way of organizing our order lists that would make the process easier for you?? I've got nonsale bottles, nonsale vials, sale bottles, and sale vials sections with any included pheros noted for my own sake, but if there's something else I could do to facilitate the way you usually handle the orders, I'd be more than happy to
  6. I'd also like to beg another day to send my email... thank you for your patience with us PM... I can send it tomorrow 100%!! please reserve me: 1xFB Blessing Oil 1xFB The Key w/ SWS 1xV Conjurer 1xV Stag 1xV The Dagger 1xV Soul Food 1xV LP #9 Green Chai w/ OW 1xV Cyprian Sceptre 1xV Oleander the Great w SWS 1xV Scribe w/ TMI 1xV Blue Fyre w/ PM 1xV The Vervain Flower 1xV Cloven Sand << I'M SORRY, NO TRIALS AVAILABLE thank you!
  7. everyone in my life was hearing about how excited I was for this scent (I've been craving this exact combination for a few months now?!) and oh buddy, the wait was worth it and more. I definitely need to let it rest, because it just arrived three hours ago, but I couldn't resist!!! when wet, the coffee beans are pretty much all I get, it's like opening a fresh bag of beans or walking into a coffee shop. now that it has dried down, it is playing so nicely with the gorgeous blend of incense. I don't trust myself to pick out individual notes, but trust that it's delicious, and sweet in that resinous way. you can definitely smell "coffee AND incense" as their own elements and they really mesh beautifully! it's funny, I most associate the smell of coffee beans with the half asleep ritual of grinding myself a fresh cup, so while I wouldn't assume incense (soothing) and coffee (stimulating) would "suit" each other, it's like... the same feeling I get from having a morning ritual where I greet the day with slowness and peace before I go out into the world and get shit done. for this moment at least, I am zen and capable and have my shit together. hm! definitely feels halloweeny in a graveyard trawler way. workplace appropriate for night shifts and spooky business. not sexual-sexy, but mysterious fortune teller tent sexy. considering a career jump... truly couldn't be happier. I'm sure I'll be back for a followup too, I just had to gush right away
  8. please reserve me: 1x FB Tortuga 1x FB Petite Baie thank you!
  9. asterism


    I know this is an oldie, but I was looking at another summery perfume and for some reason it made me think of heatwave. I got this one in a threebie a few years back and didn't get along with it AT ALL, and that was my only memory of it... it has been sitting in my giveaway pile for years! but my impression of it was so negative I didn't want to "pawn it off" on anyone... anyway, I suddenly got curious about the notes, revisited, stared in shock and realized, I love all of those things?? how could I hate this? did I even test it properly? short answer: ... I guess not! longer answer: I am crying in the middle of my cloud of crisp and juicy strawberry tea, wondering where I went wrong, mourning our lost years together tragic backstory: the bottle tipped over and leaked all over my perfume collection, and apparently I never forgave it for choking me out and smogging everything I own. too much of a good thing suffocated me and then became my enemy. I put it in time-out and didn't look back. sadly, that means it's 9/10s empty now but I'll enjoy what I have left πŸ˜­πŸ‘Œ moral of the story: I need to go through everything I own more often to remind myself how I feel about them, sheesh!
  10. please reserve: 1x FB Pillow Stuffing 1x FB Love Potion Candied Apple thank you!
  11. Thank you for the replies! Don't worry, I have absolutely no plans on being an agent of chaos, I was just making sure I understood the rules as stated so I didn't think one thing meant another and fumble everything. the whole ❌separate billing and shipping restriction thing was throwing me for a loop, since it didn't seem relevant to an email-your-order process and made me doubt whether I understood anything(???) but as long as the main bullet points I asked about are the way to go about things, I'm golden. I appreciate the clarification! I did NOT know the bottles got "rolled out" though, how exciting! I'll try to restrain myself for a few days at least πŸ₯°
  12. awesome! that's a lot of information and I've never participated in an october sale, so if you don't mind, can you confirm this process? if, for example, I want to buy: 1x seasonal trial vial collection ($47.95, but not applicable to sale) 2x bottle Love Potion ($49.90) =~$97.85, but $49.90 that applies to the sale, which I can round up to $50, so I can get either 1 bottle or 5x trial vials I post in the sale thread, "please reserve me 1x bottle of XYZ" from the list of unclaimed bottles, or whatever it is I'd like (I can also reserve additional bottles or vials I would like to pay for!) within 5 days of posting this, I send you an email requesting the full contents of the above order, plus the freebie 1x bottle I asked to reserve and any addons to it (pheros or spray) or additional items I'd like to pay for that I reserved, plus my forum username (OR if I have a lapse of sanity and I make the order on the LPMP shop site, I can email you right away before it actually ships with my order number and and all the above information, and pray you see it before the LP elves have my order flying across the country to me??? as long as you won't have to bill me again for addons? but this way is more chaotic and risky, so probably don't do this if it can be avoided????) I wait for your email invoice and pay for the order ($97.85 + shipping if applicable + the price of any additional addons to my requested freebie) (BUT I won't have anything extra to pay if I sent the order through the LPMP shop site first, because I'm not allowed to become an agent of chaos and force you to bill me twice for addons???) Is that all correct? I'm honestly a bit unsure, and want to do what I can to be ready to avoid anyone's headaches once the sale begins. I'll start drafting my order email right away. Thanks Mara!
  13. Saw this is a threebie and figured I could throw in my review! It's a really lovely powder room musky floral, and the leather makes it feel very "clean" without veering into soapy. It does feel mature, a bit old fashioned but in that sort of classy, elegant older woman way. It evokes an image of using those perfume powders at a fancy old school vanity. Wet, the rose and leather are definitely strongest, but as it dries the leather floats off into the background to kind of elevate the whole experience. Elevated, but it's still wreathed by something warm. It's a very lofty sort of energy without feeling disconnected or distant. And after writing all that, I went to read the blurb... I think the effect vibes perfectly with the intention! I'll also third the comment about it being a "classy perfume" scent. When I first opened it and got a whiff, I was almost surprised! It feels like I could've smelled it in a high end department store. It's not a "me" scent, but it is very pretty.
  14. Oooh I can't wait to hear what people think of this variant! It looks amazing and I probably would've been tempted to buy a FB blind but I'm afraid of raspberry, it tends to punch me in the nose.
  15. Wow, I was just wearing cuddle bunny (2009--I've been very stingy with my bottle since it's such a favorite! which is silly, because it's permanent...) and thinking about how much of an anomaly it is compared to what I usually gravitate towards. I usually like 'rougher' fragrances with more herbal or resin notes, tobacco, honey, if I want sweet I prefer sugar over flowers... well, came to check the notes list and there's my tobacco and sugar Combo unbroken! I don't have a nose that can easily pick out individual smells, but cuddle bunny is DELICIOUS. When I've shoved my wrist into people's faces they've told me it smells "clean" which I can agree with, but that's not the place it takes me mentally, and I don't think about laundry at all which others have compared it to. There's something edible about it, even though it's not foodie in ANY way. It just smells SO GOOD! I want to eat it with my nose, maybe... the overall energy is very "soft cotton" which is, of course, the whole point and spot-on! Really lovely, but for whatever reason, not a crowd-pleaser. Maybe reads too normal-clean for people to feel compelled to comment on it?? Not that the scent is generic, but if someone walks by me smelling good and clean, I'd just assume they were freshly showered and not in need of a compliment πŸ˜„ Oh, ETA I don't really notice phero effects, but I'm chronically socially oblivious AND I usually just wear this for myself to huff, lol. Like I said, I'm stingy with it!!!
  16. Sniffing this wet was like someone throwing a pile of autumn leaves and caramel popcorn in my face--You like autumn, punk?!? YOU GOT AUTUMN! Oh god, I can't imagine a more perfect fall scent!! I'm a sucker for pumpkin scents, I loveeee frank&myrrh, I love patch, I love smoke, I'm starting to realize I love maple... it's so warm and resiny and DELICIOUS! It's just perfect. Wearing this has me feeling like I'm walking around on Halloween night, bundled up nice and warm with a hot drink. Not a deep dark scent, more like candlelight... (from a jack-o-lantern perhaps? ) I need a FB, no question. This is gonna keep me warm all fall and winter (which I really need because I'm such a weenie in the cold). LOVE IT!
  17. Wow... it's really hard to describe this one! Ever squish damp soil in your hands? Just big handfuls of soil... digging in the earth with your hands... It's not a "nature" scent, more "warm and cozy at home" actually, but it reminds me of being in nature somehow. The actual scent is creamy and not-too-sweet, the fig 'feels' kinda mossy, just in... scent texture? (what does that mean?!) I never thought I could like fig so much! After sniffing it the other day the vial got some on my hands, and I kept stopping to ask myself, 'what is that delicious smell?!' so I knew I had to test this one next. Mmm, I love LPP, it's been so long since I could enjoy any new perfumes. I have to make another order before I go back abroad
  18. Delicious! I love milk/cream scents. At first I got a lot of the pumpkin, very autumnal... fresh, but a little crispy, and kind of fluffy... after a full day, it's really soft and sweet, mostly creamy sugar with only the ghost of pumpkin, and just a bit too earthy to be edible. Maybe it's the oak moss? I'm very familiar with the rest of the list, but I've never experienced oak moss before.
  19. Ohhh, I just tried this one for the first time and I love it. I can't distinguish the scent of coffee, but I probably smell like coffee most of the time anyway so that's not surprising It's sweet and delicious, but not overwhelmingly so. I can definitely feel the sweet LP base, but the woods rough it up just the right amount, and then smooth it over again... but not too much! On me, it's very "neutral," not striking me as either masc or fem... just warm and yummy, even from first swipe. Possibly my favorite of the LP variants I've tried.
  20. Lol holy crap! I really WAS a baby! Of course I wouldn't have shared my age at the time but ahem... thanks LPMP for being good to me way back then...
  21. Haha I'm sorry I truly have no idea! To be honest I'm not sure that I would even recognize myself since my memory isn't the best. It was around the time I was a senior in high school (2009) (I was a baby, I know....) maybe through my first year of uni, which as you can expect dramatically reduced how much I could spend on 'extras' like perfume :-) I do remember being around for the introduction of phero blends, hmm... Well, I don't mind starting over. But I did want to share my well wishes! Nice to meet everyone for the first or second time
  22. Hello! I was a member of the forum several years ago. I've completely forgotten my old forum name, but I wanted to come back to say that I hope everyone is doing well! It's amazing how many active members I still recognize. I admit that it's unlikely I will be a very active poster, mostly because I'm abroad for work and find it hard to justify shipping too much from the US when I'll be shipping it all back in a few months, and all the blends I own are from around... yeowch, 2010, give or take? (still holding up beautifully, by the way, though I do make it a point to be careful with them). I'm only just now starting to seriously run low, though I wear them all the time, so I'm eyeing the site again... making future purchase plans, you know, now that I'll be able to justify it to my bank account...... I probably won't be able to do much aside from gush with jealousy over all the lovely blends coming out every month until I'm home. But I'll certainly enjoy reading all the reviews :^) Today, I'm trusting the New Year to ye olde Plenty. Here's to an abundant year for all of us
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