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  1. Curious if anyone has tried this and can compare it to the previous version.
  2. No, I didn't, so now I feel like I can breathe...lol
  3. Mara posted earlier that a remake by Stone Labs will be coming out with the Pherotine collection (March this year)!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited!
  4. It says the HLP is sold out on the old site. Is that not being updated anymore? (That's the one I have saved.) I do like Vampire Bait w Aja and Gotcha. I will have to consider those. I have a full bottle already.
  5. Any idea at all when this might come back IF it is coming back? I have been sitting on mine, but NEED to use it with my target. I fear running out once I get him in my grips! bwaahahahah!
  6. What an awesome review! I am sad it is out of stock in the unscented right now. Def one of my favorites. I've been hoarding what little I have left and only using it at very specific occassions.
  7. Gotcha still shows as sold out on the site as an individual phero. I guess we shall see . Please update if you get an answer.
  8. Any news on when it might come back? I also need a fainting couch at this point.
  9. I can't wait for someone to review this. The label is beautiful and I love the LFM!
  10. Not to veer off topic, but I don't know what other thread you guys are talking about...so I'll put this here. I use these labels...they are freezer labels so they are waterproof and weatherproof... I print them with an inkjet, but you can handwrite them, too, of course. And they won't run if the pheros go down the side. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017MOT3T0/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I realize this could change with a few days of sitting, but I'm liking it so far!! I don't get any smoke at this point. And other than that, I can't pick out too much individually...which is awesome. Definitely smells purple to me.
  12. I got my goodies today, and so it could need time to settle...but this is VERY Vetiver strong to me. I'm not getting much else, honestly. I'll give it a few days and try again.
  13. Woot! My stuff should be here today!!! I'm so excited to get a new scent for H&S!
  14. Woooooo! I don't need to be spending money right now....buuuut... I had forgotten all about post credits. I never used the first $5.00 and should have $10.00 now. And it's cool to use those on these discounted sets?
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