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  1. FBs Odalisque Virgin and LP: Gold Trials: Kahve, Beach Baby, and Idyllwild
  2. Kansas is also where the 2 main characters on Supernatural are from
  3. I see Thor in there and, I think, Superman (Smallville?) Is Tsai a reference to Francis Tsai?
  4. Yes please! to Mistress Mine, especially if there's a virgin option this time
  5. Another round of the Chocolate, Red Wine, and Coffee scrub please?!!!!! Nevermind, I found it
  6. Hi!  I’m rarely on the forum lately, but, I haven’t noticed YOU posting. Maybe it’s because the activity feed seems to not work that well. 

    We’ve had an increase in hawk activity here, (and coyotes and foxes😕). I’ll think to myself that you’d enjoy seeing them, each time I notice one sitting (hunting) on our grape arbor or the gate. 

    It’s not like we are out in the country, but there is a large grassy field with few trees that is surrounded by woods, and our backyard is the border to it. 

    I hope you and yours are well 🙂

    1. oceanjewel



      I'm fine, just busy lately. Thanks for checking 🙂


      I'd love to see your hawks! Wish I'd been able to get a photo of the late season fawn in my backyard. He was adorable running and jumping in the rain.


      Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  7. FB Odalesque, trials of Platelet Punch, Rum Woody, Conjurer, & The Stag
  8. LFN has cops and androstenone Here are the review threads for both La Femme Mystere La Femme Noire
  9. I get mostly the peach, honey, and amber from this with clover and aloe lending a green aspect that keeps it from going too sweet for my taste. Loving this with the new Gotcha and thinking I might need a backup bottle
  10. I’ve only worn it once, but the reactions were very similar to the old version. Selfies were a little different for me. Still got a relaxed, “roll with it”, but more upbeat than before, like there’s a bit more DHEAS in it
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