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  1. Heartwood Holliday Hemwicke Bonflower of Autumn 2 bottles of Lightly Scented Savage Beast Northern Comfort Hush Conjurer Sharp Dressed Humanoid Tortuga Mount Pleasant The Key and trials of Wayward Son Tonka Musk Unisexy
  2. @Potion Master My invoice looks good. Clear to pay?
  3. 1 FB Mount Pleasant 1 FB The Key please
  4. I know I'm getting FBs of Heartwood, Bonflower of Autumn, and Holliday. Now I'm trying to decide between Woodland Creatures and Hemwicke. Trying to stay within budget...
  5. Wet I get mostly carnation at first, very similar to the carnation in Velour Frais. As it dries its morphing into something that reminds me of the scent of faintly lingering smoke from last nights bonfire in the woods on skin with just a smidge of floral remaining. Another FB for me.
  6. @Eastwood22 So far, Heartwood, Bonflower of Autumn, Sweet Leaf, and Ambre Fox @Eastwood22 No rush. I have yours ready to go whenever you're ready. At least yours were in the shade! My mailbox is black metal and sitting right in the sun.
  7. Haven't gone through all my samples yet, but so far this is my favorite. The scent is a sort of clean woodlands with just a hint of sweet which puts it in unisex territory. FB for sure
  8. Non-sale 1 FB of Heartwood please
  9. Got my samples today!!! Have 4 scents on right now.
  10. Releasing Nevyn's Scent and adding 1 FB Conjurer please
  11. 1 FB Sharp Dressed Humanoid w/ Swimming with Sharks
  12. 1 FB Nevyn Scent please and thank you
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