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  1. That's great! With all that being said then I think for the most part I've made my decisions and you've helped a lot in terms of the science behind it all otherwise i'd still be completely lost. For the OCCO's I was thinking of either the White or Gold. (I rather something versitile) and for scents in general I know what name brands I like but in terms of picking out actual traits and tones I never paid much attention Would it make sense to do as mentioned and just grab the ones with cops in oil because of the stench and the ones without perhaps in sprays? And what would be an ap
  2. Honestly, you guys are absolutely phenomenal! I really appreciate this, and I'm going to go by the recommendations you both have mentioned. Thank you for "dumbing" everything down too I was looking around in the store and I saw some that others that piqued my interest. I do have a "few" more questions, (really sorry to be a nuisance) but here we go! #4. - what would the differences be between Blatant Invitation and Sexpionage? (I know in this type of world its not necessarily whats better but what works better for you, no?) - what are the main differences between LAM and
  3. Hey there everyone! I hope all is well, I'm new here in the phero world and if you could, I need some advice and recommendations. I'd like to place an order soon which pretty well covers my schedule/environments/routine and I'm not really sure what I should get. I'm really interested in hearing your go-to's. My personality is very flirty, a bit wild, sometimes a bit of a bad girl, but with a bit of innocence if that makes sense. I'm not sure if this has anything to help take into account in narrowing options down. I'm hoping to make the order worth it and get a small variety. And grab some o
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