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  1. Damn, I better stop knitting our matching sweaters for the cats then Mara... Maybe Santa is just still mad at me for putting all those nice girls on the naughty list last year.... I did kind of throw off the ratios a bit being newly divorced... lol... They all got guinness world records amount of kissing, cuddling, hand holding, foreplay, intimacy and especially passion so I dont hear much complaining.... Oh, and CARE and RESPECT. Even now, all these women wanted to be my valentine since I'm newly single again, but I was really just waiting for all those delicious chocolates to go on
  2. What we call romantic love is in part the expression of biological factors. One of which I will mention first is in the initial fallout phase of love, there is around 40% lower serotonin levels... Those that have already low serotonin levels are more likely to experience fallout, however certain pheromones have properties to lower serotonin, while those that mood lift increase serotonin and would counteract some of the fallout effect. From Cindy M Mason/David Buss Book, Why Women Have Sex Imprinting Vs Crush Vs Fallout To me, Imprinting is where the woman has positive emoti
  3. I have Swimming with Sharks oil in Edmund scent and have used around 3/4 of the bottle. While it is certainly a good work status product, it also has additional benefits when you realize just how attractive women are to its signature. Its one of the MOST underrated products in pheromones. If it were given a different name along with a more sexy based and not neutral scent, I would say 100% it could be sold as a straight attraction product and would do well in that regard. 'Sexy' not straight up 'Sexual' or heavy romantic vibe which makes it far better to use in most situations. It is part s
  4. Alpha Androstenol in my research seems to be the cause of some change in menstrual cycle and a large contributor to early puberty in girls. There have been many links between father absence and earlier puberty in girls. I was able to find an article that pointed me to the idea that its the presence of a non biological male in the household and not the absence of a father... Without Dad little girls grow up too fast Looking into that further as to what might cause that, alpha androstenol has been found in studies to decrease luteinizing hormone (LH) pulse frequency during the follicula
  5. A mexican magician says to the audience he will disappear on the count of 3. He says... UNO.... Says... DOS....And..... *POOF* He disappears without a TRES This ur cat? Congrats on the wedding... Hope he is a.... 'Perfect Match'
  6. I have one of the largest collections of sea shells. I keep it scattered on beaches all over the world. Perhaps you've seen some of it. If Mara consulted with the underpants gnomes from South Park, I'm sure she would figure it out.... (Season 2 Ep 17 Gnomes) Enjoy your perfumes... Otherwise (or probably also) your shoes and purses...
  7. If you havent picked yet, TeeKayOh w/Charisma would be my first recommendation as its both clean and an excellent general use phero blend. Love Potion #9 (no phero) and Kingmaker w/Charisma both in the perm collection are also clean scents that would work well in general. Tonka Musk is clean and good. LP: Homme is worth a sample too. Merlin's Blend I was told was perm and is on amazon, but not sure if its stock atm, that is clean green. Corwin is out. Mara must have worked for Nintendo as much great stuff is limited edition. Kind of like the legendary pokemon that you have to be in
  8. And in real life, we can be heroes.... me and you.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWf8CXwPoqI Live your life the way you want Copulin-X
  9. The important thing WildAutumn is that you found something that works well for you with your husband and thats all that matters.... It is strange that you dont get positive reactions at all from copulins without added EST out and about on other people either. One friend of mine said he has sexual response to EST by itself and without the usual Testosterone boost GRRRRR, so at least your husband is a good EST responder. Guess the X-Men may come looking for you to join up. Well if the subject came up, I'm confident I could rise to the occasion...
  10. I doubt it. In studies, men who were asked by women who were strangers, Would you go out with me tonight? Would you come over to my apartment tonight? Would you go to bed with me tonight? 50% said yes to going out, 69% said yes to coming over, 75% of the men said yes to go to bed..... 56% of women btw said yes to date me, 6% go home with me, 0% go to bed... Visual cues trigger desire for men also, we're wired different. If a man's brain decides something visual is arousing, he swiftly experiences physical and psychological arousal. Immediately following exposure to visual erotic
  11. Heart Throb including of course Dark Desires w/Heart Throb you like have copulins, they are just covered by the scent but part of what creates what you like about it and the turn on effect in that mix... They are synthetic lol... Having a sweet woman to sit on my face every morning before I work out is far better imo.... This would be a mix that you use when just together since they are heavy attraction/sexual. Smooth Operator and Pashazade are the current heart throb mixes and both are good but everyones opinion on scents is different... If he wont separately apply a unscented
  12. In my experiences both in a long term marriage and also now being single, Copulins have always been the most consistent way to spark a sexual response and can be added as the need arises (pun intended)... That and scents in general also have been shown in all the studies to effect nearly everyone unlike pheromones which depend on genetics and even timing of the menstrual cycle with things like Androstenone with women. So things like a musk for sexual response, or several dabs of hedione which hits the brain like androstadienone and releases sexual hormones in the studiies. For young women/Asi
  13. Actually... The REAL secret reason Santa is so jolly all the time is because he knows where all the bad girls live ... But even the NICE girls might end up on the naughty list too if they happen to catch a whiff of Santa or I wearing this along with some of Mara's unscented sexy pheromones..... I bought a full bottle without a trial first. I also bought an item today on ebay from a chinese seller with ZERO feedback. Yes, I like to live dangerously And I had even lost my faith before when wide eyed as an innocent child, my mother said that McDonald's was too far away... BUT, she cou
  14. datadragon


    Hello Kitten 23! Welcome... The other 22 Kitten's said to say hi as well.... Now that you are back, its time to go shopping RIGHT MEOW!
  15. But then you open it, take out the items you ordered....
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