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  1. So glad that you had a great evening. I hope that things are working themselves out for you :-)
  2. Hi PinkNika - let us know how you get on. I have only recently bought a bottle of Liebchen so am interested in knowing how this works in this situation. My fingers are crossed for you at any rate. Have a fabulous time.
  3. This is an absolutely beautiful, complex scent. I cannot identify any of the ingredients as they have been blended so well that they create a unique scent greater than the sum of its parts. To me the scent is soft and sweet with an underlying layer of the energising aspect of sea air.
  4. I wore this yesterday and it is a winner. The honeysuckle is distinct but not overwhelming. It is sitting in a smooth sweet base. Just my kind of scent.
  5. What a lovely scent! I was worried that this would not have enough sweetness for me - and that worry is totally unfounded. On me the strawberry is fresh and sweet - delicious. The other ingredients are so well mixed that I cannot smell them individually - at least I think I can't! I don't believe I have ever smelled Bird of Paradise before. This is one of my favourite scents of this collection. Just had to come back on and add that after 50 minutes I am still loving this scent. The wisps of strawberry drifting up to me are so yummy! It is making my mouth water ...
  6. Upon first applying this I smelled a very pronounced bitterness, but this has faded and I am left with a truly delicate scent of cherry within a softly sweet base which carries a hint of soapy cleanliness to it. This is lovely.
  7. I am getting the scent of watermelon on steroids ?. It is fresh and deep and sweet. I think I like this but I think I was too heavy handed in the application. Next time I will only use a tiny dab of the wand ...
  8. Wolf Dreaming


    This is a very intense Magnolia with a smooth finish (which I assume is the musk) and a soft sweetness. It is a scent which is fitting for "one of the most ancient flowers on the planet". I did not know that about the magnolia flower. The scent is now receding slightly which I approve of :-). It now smells like I have bathed in the richest of baths and the fragrance is clinging to me and enhancing my natural scent. I am curious to discover what a few hours of wearing this scent will reveal.
  9. I love this one ... it is a bright and powerful sweet floral with an undertone of mystery, something not quite recognised yet which smoothes everything out. It is both a sophisticated and a "splash on my wrist and go running down the street leaving a wisp of something behind" scent.
  10. This is like a tangy take on concentrated sunshine. On me it is intense. I think it would smell very nice on a man or on those who are able to carry off powerful and distinctive scents.
  11. I can smell the lemon in the vial. Then I smeared some on my wrists and I smelled the rose. Now there is a strange, bitter, base, earthy smell. I am not so sure about this - the rose was stunning when that was dominant but I wonder if the Amber is playing funny with me ...
  12. Funny thing about having to wear a moonboot - no matter what you do it smells! And NOT in the lovely fragrant way that LP perfumes do either. Yesterday I had to go to the physio and I decided to put a drop of BAM on my foot. My foot smelled wonderful afterwards and the physiotherapist seemed to be in a very good mood.
  13. I ordered pherotines for the very first time a week or so ago. How much do people usually put on - one or two drops ... or a whole load more?
  14. I tried this yesterday. This is my first trial of a coffee scent - and I love it. It is beautiful and creamy in the vial. Upon application it is dark and seductive with a little bitter bite. I smelled yummy. The scent dries down into a rich creaminess. This is beautiful ...
  15. Melisse. I love all your stories already - you are going to fit right in here :-).
  16. In the bottle all I get is a blast of mouthwatering, rich, decadent caramel. Upon first application I don't know what happened though, it smells almost a bit plasticky on me. Underneath the plastic I can smell the tantalisingly sexy scent of orchid. I will wait to see how dry down moves the scent along.
  17. Stunning! A powerful blast of tangy grapefruit in an exotic base at first application. It cut through my senses and refreshed me right away. This surprised me. Of all the fragrances this was the one that I was most unsure about. But this is perfect for long, sticky summers. Or if you want to bring brightness into a dull or grey day. I can picture myself hula-dancing around the fire, the soft sand gently squishing through my toes with the tang of the ocean on my tongue. I like this :-)
  18. Thanks OceanJewel; I think that I am getting a bit more daring and taking a few more risks as my leg starts to feel better. My friend also keeps on warning me not to push it quite yet; I am just so excited to be moving around a bit more :-)
  19. This scent is very light, soft and powdery with a mysterious unidentifiable twist of the unknown. It is in that twist of unknown that I think the innocence lives. This is definitely floral sweet as opposed to foodie sweet. Dry down has increased the allure of this scent as the vanilla seems to come to the fore for me. This is an elegant lady-scent to me; however I was thinking that it may pair beautifully with LFM.
  20. It's arrived, IT'S arrived, IT'S ARRIVED ! I went zooming down the stairs so quickly on my backside and still in my pajamas to pick it up! Right, now to open :-)
  21. Oh no! Am I a BAD woman? I laughed so hard when I read this story ... probably because I am not in that front row getting blasted by cat pee
  22. Actually, I am beginning to think that we all sound very much like each other on this forum . Apart from all our obvious uniqueness's of course !!! How wonderful that you have a great reason to get a PE as well . I have got several brewing in my mind as well - it may just take me a little time to get them sorted out and made. I am so excited to see what you finally decide to go with.
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