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  1. I went to the garden centre some months - could it even be a year? - ago, and there was a flowering wisteria tree and it smelled amazing. So looking forward to trying this scent.
  2. OK, so my first order that I have received confirmation that it has shipped is Beth's Blushing Milkmaid (FB), Spring 2018 Collection trial set, and Spring 2018 Itty Bitty PE set. Then I tried to be good. Rethought what "good" actually means ... is it REALLY "good" to miss the opportunity to buy small phero samplers ...? Apparently it is not. So I ended up ordering the following Pherotines: Open Windows, SWS, Girl/Girl for women, SS4W, and Mega Watt. I also decided to try some Aja.
  3. My order had not even been dispatched when I placed another ... this time for Pherotines! I missed the first rush for these ... so excited
  4. I just got notification that my order has been dispatched!!!!
  5. Wolf Dreaming


    I am currently at the squeaky clean stage of dry-down. I think this may be too "clean" a scent for me. I am smelling musk and I would almost describe it as "dusky". It is a very clear "high note" sort of a scent. Very elegant and refined. A society lady scent. Like Witty Kitty above, I think this scent may be good to layer to give a different subtle dimension to other scents for me.
  6. I noticed that there is a "quote" button, but I can't seem to find the "Edit" button for my posts ...
  7. Just trying on my bottle and I like it. On first spray the scent of papaya is dominant. It has sat for a few moments and the papaya has receded into a lovely rounded scent. It is sweet, a tad musky (in a good depth giving way). On the third 'huff' of my wrists the scent has once again morphed with another note raising it's head to dominate. All aspect of the dry-down journey have been delicious so far. This is a surprisingly complex scent. Definitely a winner.
  8. Just tried my sample and I think I love this ... it is different from my usual foodie scents that I like. But it does have an underlying sweetness which makes it work for me. Over the sweetness I can smell spicyness and the smooth scent of aged leather ... this is good!
  9. So sorry to hear that HexKitten. But don't give up hope - this is something absolutely fabulous waiting to be discovered by you. This is what makes all of us unique and wonderful beings - that even if we are all wearing the same scent we will smell different. It is pretty awesome.
  10. I really could not choose between them at all .... so I have just ordered a trial set of them all!
  11. Welcome to the forum SugarKitten. It is a good place to be :-) .
  12. I have this scent on now and it is living up to it's bottled hype :-). The scent of grape is recognisable because you know it is there - but it is not overpowering. Saying that, the scent is definitely present in a strong and exotic way. I am imagining star studded desert skies - I think it must be the myrrh swirling through the grape. If you want something unique with seductive attention grabbing powers ... this is the scent.
  13. Deep, mystic, smooth, sexual, powerful. That is what I get from the scent when I am sniffing it out the bottle. Dust to Ashes is still strongly fragrant even though I applied it this morning so I will wait until it has died down before trying this because I have the feeling this this is going to be a amazing on...
  14. I have no idea how itty bitty sets work - but please could I have one too ... and if you let me know what I have to do here on in that would be great :-)
  15. Liebchen is beautiful. I sprayed a couple of squirts on my wrists and the scent is lingering lingering throughout the room. It has a soft and sweet centre with a gentle hint of lavender holding it all together. I have the urge to snuggle down amongst the pillows and just breathe out all my aches and pains. This is my first lavender scent and I am very happy with my FB purchase.
  16. Heeded :-) Lol. I have never married. I must admit that I would love to have "the day" ... the dress, the public ceremony, the beautiful destination ... if my man didn't then insist on changing into a honey badger!
  17. I don't know how to choose between any of them !!! Panic stations here !!!! The babies ! The puppy ! The kind-of weird and wonderful PE's !
  18. Oh my gosh! Such beautiful labels - and the final puppy picture [insert emoticon of a melting heart ...]
  19. I currently bathed in this scent and I love it. With my chemistry, on first application there are some spiky notes which puts me in mind of been scrubbed clean. They then settle down into a soft fragrance which soothes. I am finding this this gives me self-effects - I feel much more calm and centred, able to take feedback in or see how I fit in a situation. It also seems to be helping my SO be more affectionate in very gentle ways. I had meant to review the other perfumes which I received last week but I keep on getting drawn back to applying this one...
  20. This is one of my favourite "go to's" and it has even been known to soften bristly people at work :-)
  21. Well done Cycle Kitten - interviews are definitely a skill and I found the $ with SWS helped me enormously with mine too.
  22. Hello, I have just ordered Liebchen with Treasured Hearts, Phero Charged Money Potion with Swimming with Sharks, Ashes to Dust, Madame President - at last and after all the chat :-), Betrothal Potion, and Bad Girl 2018 with Leather. No samplers; just splashing right into the mix...
  23. Wolf Dreaming


    Hi Kitten, Welcome to the forum. I would suggest that you get stuck into the Review threads ... they are usually full of advice on what each scent is about...
  24. I tried this over the weekend and I absolutely loved it. On me it was a delicate scent which fed my soul. Definitely a recommend.
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