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  1. So admiring your plunge into the wild ravine of phero's! Loving your reviews and mixes.
  2. I received my bottle of Blud about a week and a half ago ... I opened the bottle and it screeched at me so loudly that I hastily replaced the lid and let it sleep. Tonight I came in and the scent seemed to have settled a bit ... maybe it is feeling slightly less peevish from it's bumpy journey over the ocean; maybe it enjoyed it's many days-long rest; maybe it was just the turning of Halloween which soothed it's emotions ... I don't know ... ... I swirled two large applications on each of my wrists ... and for a while there was one note which jarred badly on me ... ... but once again the settling time seems to have worked it's magic because ... oh my ... all the scents have settled and I am left with the most mysterious, delicious, sweetly hypnotic scent that I could ever have wished for. A truly beautiful perfume.
  3. So sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough situation. I am really new at this stuff so definitely listen to Dolly and Halo - they know what they are talking about. I would also suggest going for something only for yourself. Trust your gut on this; what appeals to you for you, which description resonates with you and lights you up? Find pleasure in your own self and let him come chasing after you to share in it as well ...
  4. Thank you! My wish list is growing by leaps and bounds!
  5. Hi Eggers, did the combo work again? I am a bit confused about the abbreviations - what is MRF/SS4W? I think that the boost that this thread is talking about will be really good for me ...
  6. Thank you! It felt so good to splurge! I just went for everything that caught my imagination and my fancy. I am not too good at recognising the scents so I just go with my intuition about what I will like and so far it has worked every time. I can't wait to smell this Halloween's magic!
  7. Love this description - if it will make a baby vampire bunny cuddly; it can definitely help you be more "commandingly loving" - great term and something I really want to tap into
  8. This is my first trial of Cougar Potion. Excited to understand the terminology "sparkle"!
  9. Can't wait to get my bottle of this ... I also ordered it unsniffed. Love your review. After these reviews it is easy to understand how quickly it has sold out.
  10. Just had a mini panic attack and checked my invoice ... phew! Blud is on it ...
  11. I went crazy and just ordered full bottles of Blud, Vampire Bunny, White Velvet Pumpkin, and Cougar Potion: Panther. I have been wanting to try Sexpionage and Cougar Potion for a while now ...
  12. Oh my gosh! I got goosebumps from your Blud story! So creepy! I loved your other stories as well, definitely Halloween haunting and so imaginative!
  13. Welcome to the forum. I enjoyed reading your introduction too. Keep us up to date with all your experimentation ... sounds fun
  14. Wolf Dreaming


    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  15. Actually, he sounds like a really good guy. To have that sort of focus and create a life where he can follow his passions and give back at the same time is pretty amazing... I would say that he absolutely and unequivocally deserves some pretty unicorn foot soaking !!!
  16. I love Shimmering Sands for a really elegant knock-out round. And an absolute favourite of mine which has Cop's in it is Beths Blushing Milkmaid ... it smells so good I want to devour it myself!
  17. Angie's Aster is sublime. The scent is strong but soft and powdery with a barely there hint of cleanliness. I do not know the individual scents to pick them out but they are absolutely beautiful together. For some reason it reminds me of parma violet sweets https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parma_Violets I can't wait to try this on to see how it transforms and melds to my body ...
  18. Oh my! This is beautiful and intoxicating. I think that this is the scent that the Original Idea of Peach once was. And you can probably still find peaches which smell as good in the Land of the Fae where all food is enchanted and enchanting to both self and others. I smell the cinnamon and the booze in the vanilla and the peach soaking in the middle of it all. A lovely, lovely scent with lots of harmonies.
  19. I received my package today! I have just taken out my gift of Lei's A Peach of a Day and I am smelling it in the vial ... it is a lovely clean, sweet, happy scent. For me, the smell of apricot predominates with the peach peaking out around it. As it is evening, I have not wasted any of the precious liquid by applying it at this moment. I will report back when I have worn it ...
  20. Updating my review from above. I usually have nightmares every night; last night I didn't. It started out nightmarish but ended with humour. I will say that you need to use only a tiny bit. I ended up taking a lot of the scent off with some alcohol because it became very overpowering; so just dab a tiny bit very lightly. The lingering scent this morning was lovely and SO and I had some bonding time; very lust inducing indeed!
  21. If you are looking for a unique scent, this is it. I put it on and have been trying to figure out exactly what it reminds me of; but it is an entirely new fragrance for my brain to compute. I do like it though. For me it is less sensual and more powerful. Something a warrior queen would wear. Distinctive, fresh, crisp upon layers and layers of undefinable smoothness. Reading the descriptions of Copal and Sugar I can understand it's scent and it's power.
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