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  1. I love research! Something to keep in mind for when the SO goes on his travels. I love your idea Eggers!
  2. Hey Luna ... I think I have officially arrived at LPMP addict status then!
  3. Eeekkk ... my heart stopped at this and I have just sent off for 2 bottles while I can. I think I have just entered the realm of hoardership ...
  4. Wolf Dreaming


    Hi Hildegerd, Welcome to the forum. You will love LPMP scents!
  5. This is the first time that I have stalked new releases ... are we there yet?
  6. Good golly Miss Molly . I could practically drink this from the bottle. Or scoop it up with a teaspoon and lick it clean. Buttercream and vanilla is what I get. Oh my, oh my.
  7. I have just tried Love Potion Red and once again I am blown away by the beauty of a scent. Really, I should not be so surprised anymore. Like many before me; it was reading the review of the potion which encouraged (lol - not sure that is the right word) me to get a scent trial. The scent just bursts from the vial in lovely swirling notes of warm cinnamon and something musky, hazy, vanillary, sexy. A tiny dab on my wrists has woken my body up and I am sitting here with my wrist glued to my nose whilst I try and type with my other hand. Despite the spiciness, this has a deep, warm, smooth body that you just want to fold yourself into. Like squirming on cool satin sheets that your body-heat slowly warms up smooth. Like arching your back and stretching your arms above your head and feeling all your muscles elongating and catching fire smooth... Another winner and another full bottle on my ever expanding list.
  8. Oh my ... I am still swooning at this one. Good golly Mara. Is this one permanent? Please say yes. (Eyes rolling to the top of my head). I smell the alcohol, dark chocolate, raspberry, vanilla ... and somewhere in there it smells like blood orange as well ... magic, what magic is in this brew?
  9. OOOOhhhhhhh!!!!!! Howl is wicked, wicked, wicked ! I have just sniffed it out the bottle and it is intoxicating and dark. I like it. Full bottle of this one for sure. I now understand the hoopla about this. Wow. For that time of the month simply slather yourself in this deep, dark-shadowed wicked sensuousness of a powerful heart and howl at the moon in all your glory ...
  10. This just arrived in the last 5 minutes and I am so excited about this fragrance. It smells amazing ... I think that the papaya note is dominant for me, but it is held up by everything else and it is absolutely delicious smelling. A wonderful summer bouncing fragrance; I found myself running with a pair of scissors for a few steps (dangerous!) in order to get to the computer and share my experience over the yumminess of this scent.
  11. Hi Mara, Fair Ground sounds amazing. Is that still available for purchase?
  12. Yes, , it's going on my increasingly long list. Edit: This delivered "the goods" once again on Saturday night .
  13. The scent on this perfume is beautiful and uplifting ... not overbearing at all. I kept on getting lovely wisps of Mango playing with my senses during the day. However, Levitation shot me straight up into the ether and I lost myself quite a few times during the day. I don't think this is one for me whilst I need to be grounded and in control. I am considering getting a bottle of Flying Potion enhanced with Levitation for meditation or inner work. But maybe I just need to practice wearing it a bit more because it was the first time that I was wearing this pheromone.
  14. I tried Shimmering Sands out last night. Whilst in the bottle the perfume smelled 'spiky'. I put it on my stomach, wrists and chest and it quickly melded down into my skin as a beautifully soft fragrance with a surprisingly sensual depth. After about an hour I started feeling ... exquisite. When I looked at myself in the mirror I saw myself in a whole new light. I think it is the first time that I have ever seen myself as an alluring woman. I moved differently. My SO had just returned home after travelling non-stop for 2 days. That did not stop him from carrying me upstairs and initiating a very 'Titanic' evening - think Rose and Jack and a steamy carriage ... This morning I woke up in my SO arms with the scent of last night still lingering on my wrists.
  15. Thanks Luna, I have ordered some Road Opener - so excited .
  16. Hi, I hope that this is not a silly question, but is there still Ashes to Dust available? (or Dust to Ashes? Can't remember it's exact name...). I have been reading the Forum's and noticed that this was for ending things. If this is no longer available, is there another potion with a similar intent out there? Apologies if this is something easily found - I am trying not to live on this website!
  17. Welcome! It is a great community and I agree, the perfumes and all the other goodies are amazing... Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences.
  18. This morning I had a meeting with a work coach who has a bit of a 'bad boy' reputation - he made a sight impaired woman looking for work actually cry one day . Now, the last couple of weeks I have been concentrating on preparing for my interviews and I have only submitted 3 new applications in the last couple of weeks. So I was nervous about the meeting to say the least. I had received a gift of Garland and Lace with my latest order - Thank you Mara . So I decided to review the thread attached to the perfume in order to assess whether it would be a suitable scent to wear to help smooth the situation. After reading KD77's comment, "...I do notice a gentler, kinder vibe from men while wearing it" I decided to give it a go. And yay! It worked. My 'bad boy' coach and I ended up having a lovely conversation about interview preparation and the lack of new application forms was not even commented on . I did notice however, that this is STRONG stuff. I had a huge head rush, almost a headache. It reminded me of when I first wore the stone Lapis Lazuli; it literally burnt my skin for the first three hours until we accepted each other. So, I went off, lit a candle and just breathed for half an hour. And now I feel so calm and centered and focused while bathed in a lovely, spicy, warm scent. Definitely a winner for me. And I am going to find out more about Lace. Have a fabulous day one and all.
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