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  1. When I first got this, it didn’t do that much for me. It’s either aged really well or I was distracted by other perfumes at the time, maybe a combination of both. I wore it today and it was so smooth and cuddly. Borderline sophisticated for a foodie like me. I’ll be reaching for this again soon!
  2. I think the Brown Sugared Pecans is so good! I'll try to remember to pair it with this one sometime. Sounds amazing!
  3. I'm wearing Love Potion: Rouge w/La Femme Mystere today. It's from before my time, but I'm so lucky to have snagged a bottle. If only I could go back in time and get a back up!
  4. It seems I’ve already reviewed Ambuscade, but here I am again! I have the same reaction every time when it’s fresh on him, “it’s okay.” Then, a few hours later, “umm, you smell good, what did you just put on?” It’s a good “sneak up on you” snuggle scent.
  5. I really love the long dry down of Velours Frais. Yes, distinctive carnation, but I think you’d have to be really clear on what a carnation actually smells like to call this a floral perfume. The amber and saffron, to me, are still detectable four hours later. It’s really huff-able. I think I didn’t get it’s subtle air of mystery when it first came out last summer. I most likely dismissed it as “not a me scent,” due to its obvious sophistication and elegance, as I lean more playful, but I get it now. It’s right there in the description, too! This is for that always-elegant,
  6. You’re smart. I’d say that I like to live dangerously, but I think I just take the permanents for granted and get all excited for new releases. Except Scented Balm Bomb. I go through so much of it, you’d think I was drinking it.
  7. Right? I’m so glad I didn’t blow it! And I think I may have bought the last one. Sorry!
  8. He was vague, said something about needing to go through his box. I remember Hot Cherry being in the sale, and telling others to get it, instead of getting it myself, and then possibly adding it to my sale list.... I couldn’t wait for him to look at some time in the future, so I just searched “Cherry” in my sent emails, and there it was on my August sale invoice request! Phew!
  9. My man’s in this tonight. He lent me his neck and I exclaimed some kind of “whoa. What the hell is that?!” It’s too good. I asked, “did I get you a back-up bottle?”
  10. I was just reminded that my son still wants a "mint" scent, I'll have to have him try this one. Him smelling especially "clean" wouldn't be a bummer. Maybe I could make it into a spray for him, but at half strength! Like 1/3 oz into 2 oz of perfumer's alcohol, then he won't stink up the place with too much man perfume, and he wouldn't need to know it's half strength! I have read that Elvis wore so much Brut that you could smell him when he was coming down the hallway. That's how I remember all the cute boys in the 80's, with their bottles of Brut, Paco R. and whatnot in their lockers. It was p
  11. Sometimes I wear Mother's Little Helper around my kids, ages 11 and 14, especially on long drives and when I need to get their assistance cleaning or that kind of thing. I also have good luck with Mother Goddess and Peaceful Home (un-phero'd) and they get all lovey (like the cats) when I wear Savage Beast. I've also put Focus Pocus on him when he's been competing in tournaments, and put a little Charisma on him before school dances. He used to go to an all boys school so meeting girls at the dances was really important to him!
  12. I guess I am just a sucker for these scents! @luna65 says it's got that KAPOW vibe, and I'm like - "I’m guessing a spray would be best for more siliage." I've ordered both this and Conjurer boosted with The Love God because I need a little more drama and intrigue in my life. I've been sitting here on the sofa with my man for 255 fucking covid days. But who's counting? I also bought a pherotine of TLG and maybe I'll slip it into his unphero'd scents. @Snoopyace I will keep you posted!
  13. This is so nice to hear! I fear I might go through my whole bottle before I'm around humans again and I have no idea regarding hits!
  14. MLH makes my man get grumpy and start cleaning. It's no joke. Bummer it doesn't have that effect on my kids!
  15. Yeah, I know. If I put it on, sex is happening within 20 minutes. It’s congruent with the vibe of our relationship. We have sex most everyday and Gotcha keeps it flirty and fun. If I want him to be more aggressive, I use a little UN Cougar. He’s very phero responsive so sometimes it’s a challenge to let it dry down before he’s all over me. I think I respond differently to many blends than most women. He says that I’m the most sexually available when he’s in SWS! Some of the heavier male phero sex blends are too intense for me, like if it’s still wet and he keeps waving it in front of
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