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  1. I’m probably in denial, Juicy Lucy is one I have ventured out in, with the Sexpionage, as if it was the thing to do! I pretend it’s a fruity social like Drive By Fruiting w/ OW or Summershine with Topper. I remember requesting a Virgin, but it was a limited brew and there weren’t any. I have never noticed any inappropriate reactions, but I have often wondered if I’ve unfairly made a good man out on the streets work a little harder to behave.
  2. Omg. Rum Woody is giving me a woody! It’s insane. Very masculine. BF says it reminds him of Risqué Whisque, but I don’t remember loving it like this, and I don’t remember thinking he needed a bottle. I’m guessing a spray would be best for more siliage.
  3. Only time will tell, but on me as well, very different than Odalisque. But it’s right there in the name, Odal-esque, meaning it’s like it, but different. The almond makes it very different for me as I tend to amp almond, but it works well here, unlike the OCCO Almond which went wonky on me. I’ve thought of Odalisque as having a similar vibe as OCCO White and Beth’s Blushing Milkmaid, this is it’s own thing. @halo0073I might be wrong since I used up all the sample you sent me, but maybe it’s a little like Alabaster Queen? I bought a FB unsniffed so currently working on the trial, I cannot w
  4. It's taken a year, but now my man and myself are truly in love with Samhain. He's wore a little bit of the last of his trial a few days in a row, and it just got better and better. This will absolutely be in my next order. I suggest that anyone who's waiting for their 2020 Weenies to settle re-visit last year's now!
  5. It's only a little after 6am here on a Sunday morning, and I'm only awake because I helped BF load his motorcycle and all his gear for a track day this morning. All our trial vials are on the coffee table, and he grabbed this one before kissing me goodbye. "Ummm," he said, "smells like something you would wear. Kind of like Wicked mixed with North Pole." And I said, "You're leaving? Smelling like that?" I only got to smell it on him for a second, but he's right, it's like something I would wear, or horde, in the case of Wicked. I put a tiny touch on my hand so I could smell it a li
  6. Yum! I was concerned regarding the raspberry because some berries go plastic on my skin, but I couldn’t really say which ones do that. I trusted my gut and went FB in my order, and I’m so glad I did! Not that I even cracked open the bottle, just the trial, but I put it on this afternoon and then again this evening. It started out, on me, as a lovely LP base with some apple/raspberry flavor Fun Dip on top! I know it needs to rest after it’s travels, and I’m looking forward to trying it again. I’m looking forward to getting more of the autumn wood vibe that I know is right behind the ap
  7. In the vial, my man said he got a quick blast of something juniper or wintergreen, probably the pine, but that part went away soon after drydown on his skin. After that, he sensed something sweet, amber came up, and a "peppery-spice," and then something he felt was 'high end/designer," He then realized it reminded him of a cologne his mom had bought him back in 1996! He was 10 years old and fell in love with Michael Jordan for men. (He also still loves the movie Space Jam.) Now, I would never compare Mara's niche creations to something one could pick up at the mall, but i looked up the MJ note
  8. I cannot say exactly what I’m getting out of this, hit wise, because no one can smell me through zoom. (I’m pretty sure we don’t need Smell-O-Vision, at least not with the kind of horror shows I watch!) But I keep reaching for it, so it must be doing something! For work, I frequently bounced between SWS, Lumina, and LFM, depending on my mood and the situations, oftentimes with DHEAS on top. This seems like an easy reach, I’m personable without oversharing like I can be with some other pheros, and still sparkly. I can tell a few jokes without losing all professionalism. Good times! I recommend
  9. @Problematic PYT not too graphic for me! Congrats on the great hits! I wear the former Gotcha to bed frequently to ensure a good time before the zzzz’s set in.
  10. These reviews are killing me. My tracking number says Saturday, and my package arrived in my city at 6:15 am and hasn’t budged. There I’m starting to feel like the estimated delivery day of “Saturday” truly means Saturday. Maybe if I check it every hour on the hour if will appear on my porch soon. Let’s get Mara some drones.
  11. So happy to have a 2009 bottle of this raven Moon, I hope Mara revisions this one again someday.
  12. Tee-hee! My man has been wearing the LP Samhain trials for the past two days. I suspect one will be jumping in my cart along with whatever other FB’s I’ll be getting him!
  13. Yay! It's Weenie time! I ordered a set of trials, a FB Odalesque w/ La Femme Noire, a FB Bare Trap w/ Blatant Invitation, and a FB of the Love Potion: Candied Apple. Ironically, my man keeps re-applying the trial of Halloween 2019's Love Potion: Samhain w/Hedione and I think he's wanting a bottle. He's going to have to wait until after I smell The Stag, Rum Woody and the Conjuror on him! It seems like there are maybe 6 potential winners for the men? The order after this one might be all him.
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