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  1. Wearing this today, it's really lovely. I'm not a floral gal, so it won't be a FB purchase, but I am enjoying my trial. I might save the last of it for a visit to my BIL's cabin in Idyllwild, CA. It seems perfect for a late summer day of doing nothing but laying in a hammock, watching birds and squirrels, and wondering what's for dinner.
  2. My man wanted me to note that Adam's Nectar lasts and lasts....
  3. Eastwood22

    Soul Cakes

    It’s AMAZING. You’ll love it.
  4. My man wore this yesterday and it was so good that I decided I wouldn’t wear any scent myself, so as not to interfere. True story.
  5. Eastwood22

    Soul Cakes

    I highly recommend that you try some scented Savage Beast. It is lightly scented, but reminds me of Mother Goddess with both the comfort and the cream.
  6. Oh good, @Potion Master added a pic for you! My phone is acting up and I’m not good at posting pics on the forum. I’ll take a pic tomorrow and add it to the FB page. Here’s a bottle of a phero spray on the website.
  7. Those are the two I did as sprays and I count those bottles among my better life choices. There's something, for me, that feels extra decadent and luxurious as a spray. Don't get me wrong, my oils most likely outnumber my sprays 5 or 6 to one, but I feel like a spray is really making a commitment, or a statement, that I love the scent so much that I must spread it far and wide! It has to have some kind of joyous or purposeful intent. It could be more personal, like Ashes to Ashes, but usually it's because I want to push the aura of the perfume out further. You have to love it because you might
  8. Eastwood22


    @Vika you must try layering this with Aja, please. It’s amazing.
  9. For the record, cats love me in Charisma. Not just my own cats, other people's cats also find me irresistable, in an aggressively charming fashion.
  10. Wearing this today, it's twisting my arm and forcing me to eat chocolate, specifically the semi-sweet chocolate morsels hidden in the freezer. Stop bullying me, CCCA!
  11. Hi Kimi! Thanks for taking care of us!
  12. I’m hardly using my trial of the new one, because I betting it will age exactly the same way. Has anyone noticed BI giving them a hit of energy, like what one would expect with Mega Watt? That’s what I’ve been experiencing. And of course, the usual man hits, but I am cleaning my house in my Daisy Duke, and my man, the clean freak, finds me cleaning a turn-on, no matter what I’m wearing.
  13. I just got my FB Spray of LP Gold and I’m very excited, but I’m going to control myself and wait a week to take off the plastic wrapper. I need it to settle first so I can really enjoy it. I’ll keep playing with my trial, though!
  14. I’m really enjoying this one now, three years later. It’s become so perfect now, really lovely, I’ve come back to it three days in a row. And I feel as though the BI has given me a little get-‘er-done push.
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