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  1. This was the perfect scent for me today! Back at my BIL’s in Idyllwild, I spent the day playing with four small man made ponds connected by waterfalls, filled with mosquito eating fish, water sprites, tadpoles and tiny frogs, plus water hyacinth and all kinds of blooming reedy water plants. My main activity was hopping around the pools and artistically wrapping moss around any exposed hoses. There was lots of barefoot scampering, climbing, and balancing, and hovering over tons of busy bees hanging on the hyacinth. Also spotted, empty cicada shells in the reeds. It’s warm, humid, and I’m most likely salty myself! I’d wear this anywhere humid or tropical, doesn’t feel like a perfume, more hot summer skin scent, not overly floral on me.
  2. Eastwood22


    I can’t stop wearing this. I tried to compare a few things with French lavender, putting on a few spots and sniffing away. The main impression that I’m now walking away with is that I shouldn’t have gotten Tickle Tickle in my mouth. LP’s in mouth = bad times. How many times must I learn this lesson? I call BS. My lips are tingly. About the Gogo, it morphs over the course of the day to something deeper/ more sophisticated than I had originally thought. Maybe it’s the Amber? I dunno. Hard to think with my lips on fire.
  3. Hi! Been keeping up with your story! Regarding the TH and feeling sad- This makes sense to me as it is about connection, and if there's no one to connect with, you'd feel more alone. I think I've also experienced this. Could be a kind of imprinting, or just his feelings about you are having a carryover effect! Ha! He's sprung. I'm glad you said a month. Keep us updated!
  4. Just a heads up, on the Etsy site, both 2019 and 2020 Adam’s Nectar are in the Going Going Gone section.
  5. Eastwood22


    To put this gourmand lavender into perspective, for Liebchen lovers like myself, this is not as deep as Liebchen, it’s more like Liebchen’s beautiful younger cousin who’s visiting for the summer. On me, it wears much lighter. I could see this being suitable for any daytime occasion, whereas I wouldn’t go out in Liebchen on a very hot summer day. Gogo is for when you want your beauty to appear effortless. Liebchen is more like “yeah, I know what I’m doing. Of course you want me.” Gogo lets them think it’s all their idea.
  6. No, it’s good. He could barely keep his eyes open during the basketball game he had saved to watch. I knew it was a longshot! He’s one of those people, once they’re asleep, they’re deeply asleep. And he’s a champion at napping, like it’s his superpower. I’m not a good sleeper so I find it admirable! I can smell it still, he smells expensive. Very high class!
  7. He is already asleep! Might have to try this experiment again tomorrow.
  8. Now I’m intrigued. Sex on the Beach! I looked up “Cashmeran,” that never helps. I’ll put it on him tonight! ETA- I smelled it in the vial and instantly got the cashmere effect! On him, still wet, he smells like an expensive present. 🎁
  9. Absolutely. I don’t understand how some people can so easily pick and choose which trials they want from each release. I just need them all, and I need to (mostly) try them all. There are occasional rebrews that I know aren’t for me, and I’m happy to pass them along to friends, but I always at least smell them in the vial! You never know. A minor tweak can change everything.
  10. Whaaat? What kind of hocus pocus is going on here? I am bewildered. Puzzled. Amazed. Let me be clear, I don’t like jasmine. I have even used jasmine EO (pure EO oil burns off fast) as a scent marker in certain phero sprays to make sure I don’t OD. Except now I am questioning this hard line stance. Perhaps it’s an alchemical development with the clover and honey, I dunno. The honeysuckle is to die for, and who would have thought honeysuckle would be worth dropping dead over? Certainly not me! I don’t do heavy florals, I don’t particularly enjoy white florals especially, I take my flowers with fruit. Living Doll, Pallas, Sarong, Prisma, and Enivrant are fruity florals that I love. I guess Lavender is technically a flower, but it’s entirely another thing to me. But I have this weird feeling that I could possibly be buying a bottle of this fascinating potion. 🤯
  11. That’s so cool! That’s a bunch of great realizations you’re having, good for you. I wear it for self-effects, so I don’t know if I’ve had much interaction with others on this, I will try this in public soon.
  12. Here’s an old thread with opinions on nuances. Treasured hearts vs open windows vs heart and soul ETA- TH isn’t thought of as a smelly or hard to cover blend, but I find it quite strong when still wet. Make sure it’s plenty dry before you make your approach!
  13. Eastwood22


    Apparently not! I had him wear it, he thought it was nice “but I don’t want to smell like that. Are you sure it’s unisex?” Better on a woman!
  14. I’m with @hedgehog on this, men do the pursuing in general, but we are in a place where men are becoming hyper-aware of how men have used their power in professional workplaces I’m the past to exploit women sexually, and if he does have interest in you, he could be terrified of blowing it. I think giving him a little indication that it’s safe to pursue you might be okay.
  15. Why? Would it be that weird? Are there no coffee shops in the immediate vicinity?You couldn’t drop, “I’m so glad this project is complete! I want to get a coffee before we start the next one!” (I dunno, I’m a yoga teacher. All I know about office life is from the tv show The Office and also the movie Office Space.) Maybe you need to ask everyone around him to go if it couldn’t be just the two of you. I think you should stick to OW, but TH could also be perfect, as it does seem to calm people down a bit. TMI on chair story here
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