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  1. OMG, this happens to me every year. And of course it's right there in my paypal account! This is an important reminder for me as well.
  2. @Potion Master Mara I just realized that Lantern itself has a bit of a smutty and powerful throw, and I do not need it in a spray! Can you please let go of my Lantern Spray hold and switch it to a FB of oil? I'm only interested in luring the man who's already on my sofa, not some zombies from a few blocks away.
  3. Eastwood22

    Creme Cake

    @Eve as it's on my right wrist, I will agree with you that I also don't get a cake accord but I do get the oatmeal cookie! If I were to compare it to Fairy Cake Oatmeal, the oatmeal isn't as dominant, wears better on my skin, and Creme Cake isn't quite as sweet as FC Oatmeal. The spice perks up over time, as Eve already mentioned. It's kind of making me hungry.
  4. I have a half bottle of EOW left from the occasional home addition of cops myself, it's been four years. But you know that stuff is powerful so I err on the extremely cautious side. Which is odd, considering that I'll practically coat myself head to toes in the scented OCCO's.
  5. @Potion Master Today marks 5 days since first reserving items on Saturday. I would please like to request one more day to send my invoice request as I received my new release trials Tuesday night and I haven't had much time to play with them. I currently have Infusion on one arm and Creme Cake on the other, but Lantern under both from earlier, and this is too hard! Plus my man won't be home until 11. I've been selfish and I haven't even passed him the unisex trials yet, with the exception of waking him up to shove Sweet Leaf in front of his nose, asking him if it reminded him of Teacher's Pest. I think he mumbled no before reminding me that he was, indeed, asleep. I can't guess what he'd like for himself out of these Winning Weenies! I can finalize my order by tomorrow night, would that be okay?
  6. I was expecting something sugary, just from the name and the guesses in the new release thread. This is not a candy/sugar scent! I put some on in the car while rushing around and driving to teach a class. First Impression- It instantly made me feel “fresher,” like how Elemental:Air does with the ozone accord. I was in a hurry so didn’t get to think about it much after that, but it helped to calm me down. And I don’t think it was the Opem Windows, it was that I suddenly smelled put together. Second Impression- It’s so lovely and comforting, it also smells expensive! Five hours after sampling, it’s settled into a soft musk, sandalwood and myrrh on me. There are many musks that are too intense for me, but this one is perfectly balanced here. I do lean heavily towards gourmands, BUT I like to have a few “fancy” perfumes. This reminds me of two pretty bottles (with pretty ladies on them) from the Winter 2018 releases, Gossamer Threads with Cuddle Bunny and Luxurious w/ Blatant Invitation. For reference, the musk is softer than Gossamer Threads, but if you love those than you’d love this. I’m not doing a side-by-side, just my opinion from memory. I believe the sweetness level is similar to Luxurious, with the Banyan / Fig. And even though I love both of those perfumes, and the gorgeous labels, I think that Ghost Dust is more wearable for me. I know I can’t have them all, but I will be considering a FB on this one. And with Open Windows it’s infinitely more wearable in public than the Luxurious with the BI.
  7. I feel a little silly to be first person posting in this thread, but it is the first one I’m wearing solo (without other scents on my body.) It is an odd choice for my first grab of the new releases, as I was not a fan of Bonflower, just because I’m not a huge wearer of floral perfumes. I do like the concept of a smoky floral, though, and I loved the carnation in Velours Frais, so I’m giving it a spin. After drydown, I find it both cheerful and mysterious, the bright flowers and the “where’s that coming from” fall smoke. It’s only been a half hour, so we’ll see how it changes on me, but it’s very pretty!
  8. Yay! @oceanjewel I have not found that Cops n Robbers yet… My trials came today but someone new left them in my driveway behind a cat tree! (Cats like to hang out protecting the front of my house, like gargoyles, so I put cat tree in shade in front of garage.) The thing is, my mailman brings everything up the steps to my actual house, and I’m VERY lucky my man spotted them. I didn’t get to sniff anything until after 10pm, it was a loooong day. My long dumb day even included a mammogram, which is the exact opposite of fun. But I did manage to at least smell each trial, in the dark, without checking the labels. The one I did have to sit up and check the label was Hemwicke, and I put it on the back of my hand. Perhaps I liked it too much because I was kind of snuggling up to it and I now have Hemwicke on my right eyelid! NOT recommended for the eyelid! Which four are you wearing? I checked when I first made sale reservation requests to make sure I’m not at 5 days because I need to spend a few minutes with these. But I need to sleep or god knows where they’ll end up on me!
  9. Mara, please also reserve for me 2X Cimaruta: Mercury Potion 🙏🏼
  10. Mara, please reserve for me 1x FB Sigil Spell Blessing Oil for me Thank you!
  11. I’m sure you’ve made plenty, but just to be safe, I should also reserve 1x FB SPRAY Lantern. thank you!
  12. Ha! You’re so sweet! I’m totally okay with all the other goodies I have and now I’ll have more on the way. But thank you so much!
  13. Also, if possible, I’d like to reserve full bottles of these non-sale perfumes please- 1x Gogo oil 1x Rubylicious SPRAY 2X LP GOLD oil 2X Living doll oil 1x LILU oil
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