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    Hello, I have been on here before but a while ago. I love the scents that are offered and am excited to learn more about them. If you have any tips, please let this newbie know!
  2. I love this smell. It reminds me of the winter when I make tea and light an incense before I snuggle up with my babies or read a book. I liked it from the second I opened the bottle to the way it initially smelled on me and then how it smelled after it settled on me. I need a full bottle of this for sure because I don't think the trial vial will last me very long.
  3. Kitten23

    Titian Sweet

    I really wanted to like this one, but I have one of those skin types that hangs on to the loudest smell and amplifies it. I honestly did not like it at first, but then after a while it toned down to a very caramel-like scent that I did like. I just don't think that I could wear it for a couple hours every time I put it on before I like it. I would try this in layering though. Any suggestions? I'm new to all of that.
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