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  1. Went FB and glad I did. I now know that I love cops and this OCCO proves it. Going to test drive with my man soon :×)
  2. I can see myself paring this with cop heavy pheros, as the notes are rich and well blended. I have never experienced such a complex blend. Love it! I am discovering a new world of magical goodness that I would have likely never known if not for the incredible artistry of Mara. BTW, customer service is always amazing!
  3. I can't say enough great things about Ms.Juicy. I was sold the second I read Mara's post and I'm beyond glad I went FB on this. My man loves the scent and reacted great to this phero; almost as if Gotcha! & Blatant Invitation had a phero Kid. This is a grown a** woman scent with a playful edge.
  4. The labels are out of this world!Wow! I'm super excited about this release.
  5. This is very rich and luscious.... I apply mostly at night because it gives me a warm and comforting feeling. I'm somehow getting coconut as the bottom note, which I love. My skin looooooveeez cocoa
  6. This scent truly hit my citrus sweet spot! If you are looking for a picker-upper during winter or year-round then this a fantastic option. It's very bright on me and has an incredible staying power. I paired this with Sugared Amber (must have) to create a sexy night on the beach spin. I could literally bathe in this scent.
  7. I emailed Mara to help me identify scents similar to two of my LPMP faves (Simmering Sands-SS & Rainbow Mango), and she advised to try LP White, as it contains gardenia & similar to SS. LP White, I feel is perfect for winter as it's very rich and comforting. Selfie effect: ethereal, sexy/smokey & energized. Reaction in others: accomodating & complementary. This might pair well with SS4W...going to give it a try.
  8. I'm a very happy girl with this in my arsenal With a modest application, I refreshed and frisky from this sweet & sensual blend. I feared that it may be too pink for me, but it turns out that I'm pulling more citrus notes, which I absolutely love! I have no complaints but I do wish the scent had a longer lasting power - a little dab revives its intensity. I noticed that men and women went out of their way to engage in conversation. Also, a particular man on the reserved side was extremly engaging (very unlike him), and I felt as though I could have influenced him to do anything to please me.
  9. I think I'll have Mara boost a couple bottles. I'll hate to ruin my precious product.
  10. I appreciate your responses. Very helpful. I'm obsessed with Mara's various scents so I'm sure I'll find complementary combos. Can I create my own scents by incorporating Unscented pheros with potions and commercial perfume?
  11. This gem has gotten me many hits. I'll buy the entire brew if I could. This stuff is the definition of sexy elegance in a bottle.
  12. I'm planning on ordering unscented Blatant Invitation and Super Sexy. I was wandering whether I can cover up with my favorite fragrances (Coach New York & YSL Mon Paris).
  13. Soooo, I'm completely enthralled with Buttercream Lemon! The description is very accurate and the throw is amazing on me. I wore it yesterday and had many compliments. I was told by a friend that I smelled like expensive pastries..lol. I applied it around my wrist and cleavage in the morning and I could still smell it at night. It's very rich and perfect for winter! FB worthy
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