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  1. This is one that I would not have picked to buy, as I didn't think I would like anything Amber. Thank goodness I ordered the monthly sampler. I've had it for a few days, sniffed it and was intrigued, but still didn't use it. I decided to put some on this morning - and oh my - this is an unexpected favorite. I'm usually not one for sweet things, and although this has a sweet smell, it has other layers (the vanilla and the amber) that make it still have a deeper lingering scent. This may have to be a full bottle. I really love it, and like I said, I usually stay away from anything called
  2. I have been reading everyone's reviews of the new scents and I have been going back and forth with ordering all of them, or just a few. BUT NOW...I must have them all! I may go ahead and get that full bottle of Warrior Heart, too. I love that scent...and the intent. I get many comments on how good it smells through the day. Thanks to all for the great reviews! ETA: I just saw Jo Anna's mention of Angel (which I love). If Winter Soltice is even close, I know I will love it.
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    Jo Anna. I totally agree. I just got back from a Christmas trip and had my box waiting on me containing Hexen. This is my favorite so far. It has a fresh green scent, but dries to almost a powdery warm scent on me. I put this on before bed and slept like a baby. I may have had dreams, but I can't remember - I just woke up really refreshed and calm. I'm going to try this one again tonight and maybe this time I will recall my dreams. Love it! Robbin
  4. Hi Katz, I just saw your post today. Yes, I am a Yoga fan. I have placed two more orders since Friday. I have it bad now but I have loved all the potions I have tried. Robbin :HAMSTE~17:
  5. Thanks for welcoming me here. There is such a good atmosphere on this forum, and I just placed my second order in a week. (eek) I have a feeling I am going to be here quite a bit. Robbin
  6. I just received my first order of samples, and I am head over heels. I have only tried Happy Water so far, and I am loving it. It really did make me happy. The scent is subtle yet lingering. It mellows as you wear it, and I am not sure how to describe it - warm, clean, vanilla? I just know I was so thrilled to see it in my mail box. I really needed it today. I still have Sugared Patchouli, LP Black and LP Red to try. My next order is not far away! I love this place! Robbin
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