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  1. Love you Eastwood! I just put on Year One w/PM and have to say it is bliss. I'm liking the PM.
  2. I used Unisexy w/PM yesterday. Results: very nice Mr. Karma...despite his watching The Masters Tournament he recorded.
  3. LOL! Eastwood! I was working on a play and some pheros just make me giddy and forget my lines. Now the show is over and i'm pherobombing myself!
  4. Waiting Anxiously! I am so excited to find out what the notes are, esp. Ohana! Beautiful labels. I can't wait!
  5. Welcome SurgarKitten! You are going to love experimenting! Do please tell us what you ordered and I look forward to your reviews.
  6. Laughing so hard right now! I can't believe I have 2 untouched versions with PM. I'm going to break them out and experiment! I think I may get my next PM in a spray on my next order.
  7. Mara, I'm so enjoying the wax melts.....my favs are Candied Rose w/LFM & Love Potion w/Gotcha Mr. Karma loves the wax melts! His favorite is Midnight Moonlight w/PM. He's burning one right now. If I don't have a wax melt in the warmer he asks me to melt one. He even bought a pack of 100 tea lights for me. I didn't even ask for them. Getting more with my next order. I can't wait to see what new ones you dream up!
  8. Great reviews, everyone. I have been hankering to try Levitation and I so love the cute label and ingredients here. This is going in my next order.
  9. Yay! I tore into my new LPMP package with delight! I love my Cougar potion, Winter in the Tropics, un Cougar and un LFM. This is my first time trying the un's. And the samples are yummy. They even gave me a sample of Protection Potion! I truly needed this, how do you know these things? Mr. Karma was watching me open it, and asked "What's in there for me?" And, TA-DA, in a separate little bag in the box were 3 men's samples. He loves all of them. Thank you x million for knowing what we need and being so generous!
  10. Karma

    Totem: Ducky

    What a great idea Bella! This is so fresh & clean! This is Spring in a bottle. I'm going to add it to body oil too for after bathing. My Experience: I just finished a tough, energetic acting project and was sooo exhausted. It was a real challenge because I'm the total opposite of the character. I was out of Balm Bomb and reached for this. Instant love for the Ducky. I'm telling you the Universe directed my attention to Totem Ducky because I needed it. I put a few drops on my wrist and on the sides of a moist cloth and put it over my eyes and slept like a baby. Out of the vial it was a dream...I'm getting that clean-cool feeling from the delcious swamp water accord & ozone, which really "cleans the trash" out of my mind & spirit. Then the beautiful dry down. I feel so fresh & renewed by the cucumber and hyacinth! Now the next morning I feel so good and refreshed. I can still smell it a bit but almost gone-just a fluff of crisp, innocent musk that I didn't detect when I first put it on-what a nice surprise. I feel like I'm at a destination spa. One of those expensive hotel spas with white sheets & towels, on the water in Tahiti. This is Uber restoring light-as-a-feather water therapy. Those high class spas should buy gallons of this for massages and scrubs! I am going to use this for my meditations. Peace out.
  11. I really needed this one. I woke up this morning feeling insignificant and kind of...meh. I went through my collection and saw the beautiful male lion with the cub and thought...it's time...put it on now! I put this on and sniffed deeply. Then I felt like I was in another life, walking in a great green plain in Africa in the morning, and felt like I owned it. I feel POWERFUL. What a feeling. I love the SPICY herbal, earthy, wood scent. I can barely smell the neroli, which is one of my all time fav scents, but I definitely get that confident feeling it always gives me. The sandalwood is delectable with the saffron & cedar after dry down. I looked up Karu Karounde and see it's a native African woody plant and I just fell in love with it. This is truly medicine for my soul. Somehow this brings back amazing memories of a long ago life. All of a sudden I feel strong and can face any challenge. I don't care what anybody thinks. I am courageous. I hold my head up high. This mix is truly magikal with my skin chemistry. I think my totem animal must be...Lion! I'm going to add un LFM to this. Or Cougar! I later came to the forum and see this is a masculine scent. I'm not surprised that I like it then, because I love the scents you men have that are high class-earthy. This scent is so young & powerful. Not an old men cologne scent but a young, rich, top of the line, "I want to know who this is...he knows where he's going, take me with you" kind. With this, I feel like I'm in touch with my masculine side. While writing this, I added a swipe of my precious Occo Gold to this and I just have to say, Roar! Thanks Mara & to you staff for this magnificent formulation.
  12. A special thanks to you, Oceanjewel, and of course, Mara. I couldn't have done it without your help. I just love these fragrances, but the pheros have given me something extra.
  13. I want to thank all of you who posted help for me here. I preformed my best show last night. I used the LFN and kept the Mega Watt on that I had been using for rehearsal. And Pow! What a show. I really love the wonderful people on this forum. You are life-changers!
  14. Mara suggesting this for my acting. I remember my lines much better while studying, and preform with lots of energy. It makes my anxiety go to zero. And I have a lot of lines to remember. I have also been using this with a couple stripes of LFN, while on stage (thanks OceanJewel for the idea!), since I'm out of my precious Cougar & LFM, that make me feel phenomenal, until my package arrives in a couple days. I have to say the LFN really works well with the Mega Watt, for my confidence. I preformed my best show ever last night. Lots of laughs and applause from the audience. I'm definitely going FB on Mega Watt for my next order. I usually don't mix my pheros, but wow! This certainly worked. I'm so grateful I found this forum and I feel my life is so much better with these products.
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