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  1. I'm getting all dewy honeysuckle and softest musk, with just the slightest suspicion of blackberry. I took a chance on a FB of this because I love honeysuckle, and I'm not disappointed! Very pretty and serene, crisp post-rain garden vibe strong. Makes me feel like I'm sitting on flowery white iron garden furniture nursing a pot of green tea. I bet this would layer beautifully with a hint of something creamy.
  2. This is really really beautiful. Wet on my skin the coconut and florals are balanced perfectly and I don't actually get much honey/aja until the dry down, at which point it all melds together into pure dreamy creamy romance. Such romance! The whole thing has a warm, glowing, sun-kissed quality, like lying in the sand or meditating on the beach on an early summer morning before it gets too hot. I will have to go back later and do a side by side with Tunnel of Love, which I also adore, but as soon as I put this on I knew I needed a serious slather and a full bottle. Totally in love with this.
  3. I love this so much!! Smooooth, sensual, deep, and oh so comforting. It's overcast here and chilly in the house and distinctly un-summerlike - this is the perfect accompaniment to my morning tea and attempts to get cozy. It's putting me in a really great mood. I LOVE patch, but even if you don't, I think this patch is rounder and deeper than most, almost creamy in its feel and really grounding (duh, root chakra). I imagine this has already aged well and will only continue to do so. This is going to get a lot of wear come fall.
  4. These look so beautiful!! Off to do some good reading and sale plotting... 😉🧐
  5. Wow, this is totally spot on, it gave me chills to read. I can count on one hand the number of people who know about my desire for a career shift, and the turmoil it's caused to waffle with making that decision. I've had to keep my true feelings about it under lock and key - people are gossips out here!! It's true, I once was a free spirit, but I feel so stuck now, COVID aside. Thank you for the perspective, I'm desperate to regain that sense of freedom. ♥️♥️♥️
  6. Thank you for allowing us to weigh in! I will bathe in anything with SS4W or Dom/Leather. Those are the pheros I reach for most for motivation and to feel like the best version of myself. We're on full lockdown and I'm gonna need all the help I can get to stay productive and positive. 😁 I'm already mightily battling the urge to eat Doritos all day in my Totoro onesie... How about something dark and violet-y (like Dolly's Dark Side) or orchid-y (like Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth)? I also second Carbon Black - I've never actually sniffed but strongly feel like I'd be alllll over that. And Tantalize too, for that matter! I love me some orchid. Also I loved Passionbee with H&S! And anything marshmallowey.
  7. These labels are beautiful! I already know I'm gonna need The Snake and The Key!
  8. I think that's where I am too, @tyvey Like literally one wand dot or I blast off into space 🚀Too bad because I really want to slather Frisky Business!
  9. I've been working on figuring out Audacious too. I wore some in my hair today from a shoddily proportioned DIY Frisky Business spray and totally ghosted. Serves me right being so cavalier! How much Prisma do you wear?
  10. Bahaha!! I love it! 😂 Those "wtf is wrong with everyone" moments are truly priceless.
  11. I've tried several times because I want so badly to love this, but on my skin it's only sweet, screaming cilantro until the last glorious ephemeral moments before it goes poof. 🤷‍♀️ I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little relieved. At last there is an offering from this collection I won't need at least one bottle of. Phew!
  12. Popping in to report that my man is thoroughly and completely obsessed with this one. He wore it all weekend and smelled delicious. Now the trial vial is almost depleted and I have been tasked with placing an order and I cannot say I'm mad at that, no I can't. 😉
  13. So interesting! Out of the vial and fresh on my skin, I didn't think I liked this. After about 5 minutes something amazing happens and the whole thing melts into my skin to make the most deliciously fleshy musky DEEP skin scent. Like the idea of what naked skin smells like in cool winter moonlight - not so much dusty, but dusky. Also, maybe this is weird, but something about the drydown is actually reminding me a lot of Madame President - may be the way the sandalwood and musk warms into skin. I am inhaling this compulsively.
  14. Wow, this is super gorgeous. As Kayla mentioned, it has an innocent feel to me that turns surreptitiously sexy as it melds and blooms and the subtle spice starts to emerge. Although it's definitely gourmand, it's not feeling foodie to me. It wears a long time but stays sheer and elegant and I adore the way the honey is lending a lightly floral aspect. I could see this performing perfectly as a daytime scent, but also be devastating as an unexpected evening scent paired with cops. I would and will absolutely wear this all year round! Head over heels for this.
  15. This is incredibly yum! I'm trying to cut back on sugar in anticipation of Halloween/holiday gorging and this is helping hit that craving spot because it is SWEEEEEET. The opening blast is my favorite part, a huge wad of buttercream folded in with whipped cream and brown sugar, plopped on a delicately spiced cupcake. I keep reapplying to live through that opening. I'm not really getting much pumpkin, and the berries are there in the background, like the thin layer in a linzer cookie. After about a half hour I'm getting more berries and it's reminding me of the the buttery caramel drydown in Columbia. Love this one!
  16. QUICK someone pass me a paper bag!! Blüd!! Cloven Sand!! LP Equinox!! OCCO Weenie Pump!!!! Honeyed Pumpkin!!! And these labels, @luna65 are beyond fabulous, I'm already contemplating a FB set... 😈Stoked to hear all the deets!
  17. I think this is my fave of the new OCCOs. It's super sexy and smooth - so lush and warm and creamy and deep. Maybe my skin is just drinking it up, but I don't find it to be super potent or dark, despite the incredible longevity. Just supremely sexy and sophisticated and depth-creating. I've been layering it with damn near everything.
  18. It is SO gorgeous! I am thoroughly kicking myself for not getting a bottle of this when I had the chance - what in the &#%&! was I thinking??? I will be cherishing my trial.
  19. Couldn't have said it better, @halo0073! This one is out of this world good and single-handedly and completely turned me into a rose-lover. At this point I probably have a couple hundred LPs in various forms, but there are only 4 that I have backup bottles of and this is one.
  20. Oh, duh, that makes sense! Most honeys do go powdery on me but those ones must be givin' me some smut.
  21. Gotcha only has a small amount of cops and though Red Lace has added cops, the phero Lace is (as I recall) cops free, so I think what you're detecting in Red Lace and Honeyed LP may be the apricot? That's my hypothesis. With my skin chemistry anything more than a tiny amount of apricot has a mildly "body odor" type of feel on me. I know that's not true for many others, but maybe you and I have a similar skin chemistry? I love apricot but it does not love me. ETA: other LP variants with less apricot don't bother me - like LP Original, Red. Etc are fine. Seems to really only be Red Lace and Honeyed LP, until the very long dry down.
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