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  1. I just realized I've been using SOOO little this whole time ? i've been using the pointy tip of the wand for like a second on my stomach to my belly button. I was paranoid that I would be using way too much and go invisible to everybody. Thank you for making this video! Very helpful!
  2. Thanks so much for the warm welcomes and application advice, y'all! ♥️ Can't wait to learn more about all this. I can already see this becoming an addiction ?
  3. Hi everyone! Nice to virtually meet you! I I ordered from LP a while back but only really started using the ones I purchased recently. I have researched quite a bit on this forum regarding regarding application and unfortunately haven't quite found something that specifically mentions how to apply using the trial size. I've been applying it by gliding the trial size applicator from the middle of my cleavage down to my belly (without redipping the applicator) - does this sound like too little? I'm currently using the LAM in Vanilla and Honey for reference. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! ♥️ Thanks so much! - An LP Noob
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