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    Music, art, writing, reading, rock concerts (WOOHOO! YEAH!) movies, magic ( I am wiccan), animals, especially cats, three of which share their house with us of the Siamese variety, kindred spirits ( we rock!) One could go on and on. Obviously I am a fragrance addict who is NOT in recovery and don't try to put me in Rehab, cuz I won't go, no no. ;)
    Now for the real deal.. who am I in terms of a fragrance type? I love honeys, ambers, resins, Dirty Sexy is my all time favorite and if I could find it, I would pay ammounts for it that my husband would flip over, but that wouldn't stop me and he'd get over it cause he loves it too. So if you have any to sell, I'm your buyer! I like it dark, I like it exotic, I like it complex, animalistic, and dirty. mwahahahaha! To contact me, please use moondance13@verizon.net

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  1. I SO wanted LP Black to work on me. All the wonderful smells that other people picked up, the name, the beautiful label, etc, On my skin, there was no patchoulli at all. My skin amps up vanilla ( same as it does with cinnamon) to ridiculous levels. I'm afraid on me, the vanilla took over and it turned all maple like. Maple is not a scent I am fond of. Some time back I was sent a sample of Breakfast in Bed with one of my orders and it reminded me of that, only heavier. It just didn't translate to the luscious deep black I was hoping for.
  2. At first, this one was very grapey on me, but once it settled, it really says " Smell me! I'm an intriguing fragrance!" On me,as it fades, it reveals different layers of a truly sensual perfume oil, the grape blooms into a full fledged wine, maybe some woodsy type scent under that, incense eventually chimes in giving it some true depth, and then there is something honey sweet to it. It gets points for lasting power as well. It's very different and I like different very much! Nicely done!
  3. OK, when I first put this on, I was like WHOA! But once it dried and settled down, on my skin this is a most fascinating fragrance. It seriously isn't just a strong scent, but also seems to have a very strong and complex "personality" all its own... a very cocky confident in itself personality. After about an hour, it smelled *very* exotic. I don't know if Black Violets have a scent, but that is sort of what this one brings to mind for me. Great lasting power too! As I said, just fascinating. It's as if the colors Purple and Black had a baby together
  4. I received my full size creme the other day, and I can not praise this creme enough! PRETTY packaging! Like Bruised Violet, I think I prefer this to the actual perfume oil itself. Just lovely. I really would love to buy a jar of this creme in unscented form so I can use it with various perfumes and not have clashing. I ran out of my usual Norwegian Formula hand cream and used this, and it made my hands feel amazingly soft and smooth. BTW Mara, thank you SO much for the samples of Mistress Christmas creme and Body Scrub. Smells simply divine like a festive holiday celebration.
  5. I did it again Mara. <hides> I just ordered a bunch of samples ( some for me, some for Yuletide stocking stuffers) and am hoping <crossing fingers> I catch you in time to mail along with my V and T Creme. it would be nice to save you some postage.
  6. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU oh sweet and wonderful potion master!
  7. Hi Mara! When I was ordering my creme and trying to decide what to scent it with, I perused the sample section and didn't see it, so I guess what made me think it was gone was my poor vision which is ever worsening! Is it too late to get my creme scented with Vicars and Tarts? If it is too late, then I would love to order a sample vial to add to my order. Just let me know? Us adder onners must drive you insane! I'm sorry! Thanks Mara :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  8. I ADORE this cream! Thank you for the sample of this fabulous stuff! I have *extremely* dry skin and have tried many lotions, creams which either sit like heavy waxy grease on the surface of my skin, or my skin just drinks it up and is still on the dry side. THIS cream strikes just the right balance. My skin drinks it up and is left feeling really soothed, hydrated, and NOT greasy. I loved it so much I ordered a jar. I also adored the the V and T scent, just wonderful, but when I placed my order, it looked like this one had already become unavailable? With my current budget I feel destined to keep finding scents I love just in time for them to be solld out and/or discontinued. I get that most are limited editions that you have to grab them while you can get them, but it takes money honey. Discouraging. I just can't keep up. I do hope they bring this scent back. There aren't many that work on me and it seems the ones that do, end up going to perfume heaven, never to return. I do love this cream though and I thank you again for the sample ladies!
  9. Mara was nice enough to send me a little sample jar of the olive oil/ apricot oil body cream and it is AWESOME!!! sighs sadly Another one that worked on me has been retired BUT.. the body cream absolutely ROCKS and I will likely order it either unscented or with another fragrance. Thanks Mara! And my compliments on both.
  10. CyBella13

    NOX 2009

    Thanks Robert! Good to know for sure. I have a really hard time sleeping. I am a night owl, but deep sleep eludes me and a VERY active dream life which keeps me waking up. Get this , last night I dreamed I was in Florida w/ William S. Burroughs and we were talking and he took out his pipe, reached in his pocket to take out a lighter which turned out to be some sort of hand gun and he just kept talking and gesticulating with his hands while he spoke. I was half fascinated w/ listening to him ( he's one of my faves) and half terrified that the gun would go off. It was a trip alright and this was one of my MILD and happy dreams! I will seriously give this a try. Thanks again!
  11. CyBella13

    NOX 2009

    Hey there Dolly, You're right, we do seem to gravitate to the same fragrance types. I SO wanted this one to work on me, but alas it did not work well with mt chemistry. I had never tried the original Nox. but guess I expected this to be MUCH darker than it is. My skin needs really "dark" or it just seems to neutralize or turn icky powdery and do all kinds of crazy things. What I am getting on my skin, quickly turns to a fruity cough medicine type scent (just in time for cold and flu season!) then it just kinda fades out to not much at all. On me, this one disappears FAST. So many lovely descriptions of this one, that I must deem it to be my skin and not the fragrance, but definitely not a happening for me. Keep watching people, since I will likely be putting this one up for sale or trade
  12. Mara this is a *very* beautiful fragrance. While it was wet at first all I could smell was floral and sharp but it softened down to a soft, musky like, pretty smell. This one doesn't fit my personna at all, but if this fragrance type works for you, then I would reccomend it wholeheartedly.
  13. I was going to try a sample of this one, but after reading what people are saying about it, good thing I read well first. Cinnamon has this tendency to really get crazy and scream out on my skin, stealing the show completely. It works on me in some things if it is not as much of a prominant note, but this one sounds red hot cinnamon sexiness. Bummer! I love Cinnamon and I just end up smelling like a Giant Red Jaw Breaker candy!
  14. This is scrumptious. It isn't at all like ordinary, garden variety, drop from the trees on your head raw coconut, it is more like rich coconut cream pie or coconut custard. I am hearing some people say graham cracker, but to me it was almost more like a hint of hazelnut. It's yummy alright. I am not a wearer of food scents, but this is one luscious dessert scent, and if you do like this type, I really think you should try it and decide for yourself. My compliments to the "Chef"!
  15. CyBella13


    This one was definitely a surprise! By it's name, I expected something chocolately, but this is not that at all. This one is complex to me. I sniff and think, sniff and think. it has leveled off to something that on my skin is sort of sweet, green, and clover like or grassy. I am thinking of the grass Melissa? Now this is not my type of scent but I have to say that this is one REALLY well done fragrance. Reminds me of some sweetgrass fragrances that were popular when I was very young. I wouldn't wear it, but would use it for aroma therapy since it gives me a kind of lift! Still have nose and wrist syndrome going on here.
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