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  1. Same here. Will it be an ethereal cocoa? A translucent musk with cocoa? Pixie dust with cocoa? I can’t wait to smell it. WM
  2. To my nose it is a clean(cotton, not soap clean)light musk, hint of floral in the blend. Normally I’m not into clean scents per se, but I find Cuddle Bunny comforting. My husband took one sniff off of me and he wouldn’t leave me alone!!!! I wore a tiny dab on my wrist and a tiny dab on my hair(long story short I’m allergic to fragrances but I cheat I dab a bit or else I feel naked). I dabbed it on 7am and the scent lasted over 12 hours on my hair!!!!! It mellowed out to a soft musk, faint traces of water lilies, cloud-like goodness. It is right on about one thing - cuddle bunny leads to spooning, spooning leads to forking lol . I think this is a good scent for me to wear to unwind& relax at home. Not safe for work— unless you want to seduce....
  3. I’m letting this one set for few more days. Just got it on Friday lol from your description this sounds stunning. I love passion fruits !
  4. Gorgeous beyond words. Yes, upon application the lush, juicy pineapple with warmness of an apricot made themselves perk in the front. It creates an instant burst of joy for me. The base of LP slowly mingle up to give a mysterious vibe, but never too heavy(so no head shop vibe here lol). Really love how this one morphs on my skin (tiny dab on my wrist). It’s sunny with wonders, it makes you want to find out more of the wearer. Probably my fav LP blends of to date!!! ❤️
  5. Oceanjewel show me the review thread for Closer so I’ll copy and paste here Wet on the skin: Lush, deep sultry honeyed amber with dark musk drizzled over creamy vanilla. Honey-vanilla, still in a very dark and mysterious vibe. Leather never dominates here, just added an nice touch of "danger", a dare , an invitation. Strong in a sense that the throw of the oil will make one take notice, but approachable with a warm and sensual vanilla on it. Dry down: Yes, when you are lucky enough to get close to the wear, you can't help but catches the luxurious dried down of the dark amber and musk. It has a tiny bit of resinous base but not smokey at all. Smells very expensive, the dry down reminds me of designer houses bottom notes....like old money, but with grace and elegance. Sillage: Medium And i love the art on this one..
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