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  1. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?! I shouldn't like this, but I love it. I hate the smell of lavender. I have hated it since childhood.The fact that it's supposed to relax me just fills me with even more rage :lol: (which is also how I feel about chamomile).


    I ordered a sample of this... accidentally, during my manic trial vial shopping spree where I was just throwing everything into my cart? I must have, because I would have not ordered it on purpose after looking at the scent notes since the first note listed is lavender. So when it arrived, I just tossed it in a drawer in my bathroom unsniffed and forgot about it. Last night, my anxiety was acting up and I had insomnia. I dug this out on a whim and gave it a sniff. OH LAWD. It's so. Damn. Good. I can smell the lavender, and I like it?! Who even am i? Something about the fluffy marshmallow mixed with it is incredible. At first sniff, I thought of those cute little pastel mini marshmallows. But wrapped in a soft fur blanket. I instantly felt calmer and happier. INSTANTLY. I slathered some on my wrists and neck, got back into bed, and fell asleep within minutes. Could be the phero, could be the scent, could be a combo of both. But I'm 100% on board. I just ordered a full bottle of the spray, and I can't wait to mist my pillow and sheets with this before bed every night forever. I'm so happy this is a permanent scent.


    Even if you are not a lavender fan like me, get a trial vial. You might be as pleasantly surprised by this as I was.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Witty Kitty said:


    Niiiiiiiice! I've found that some men behave this way with me when I wear CB, even in public non-sexytime situations--if they want to take charge, they will, but the est keeps them considerate and thoughtful.


    Cool! I'll have to see how others react in non-sexy situations. After my man's reaction I was like... brb, going to bathe myself in this forever.

  3. I was not expecting this to be a favorite from the pherotine set, but wow. It is so well blended that I can't even pick out a single note. It just smells GOOD. Sweet, but in a very sexy way. This is like the catholic schoolgirl outfit of perfumes :lol: 


    This next part may be a wee bit detailed for some...


    The real reason this is a winner is that it is the first phero to affect my boyfriend! And holy s*** did it affect him. Not necessarily in the way it was advertised, but extremely effective. He is the most cuddly person alive and extremely loving and sweet, so it didn't really increase his cuddling any more than usual. But damn. We got home at about 1am from a concert, and he had to be up at 6am for work. He is a very sleepy guy past 11, so I expected him to pass out immediately. Instead he wanted some extremely enthusiastic sexy time, and he was a great combo of incredibly sweet but also dominant? It was amazing. And then this morning, he buried his face in my neck and wanted round two at 6am... pretty unusual for him. Again, dominant but also caring. Whoa :in-love:


    Not only that, but this seems to have the best throw and staying power for me out of any of the numerous trial vials I've purchased. It seems like others are saying that it wears close to the skin, but not for me! I put on a moderate amount at 7pm (put on wrists and smooshed into belly and cleavage, plus a bit at the nape of my neck) and we went out to a concert. I was still wonderfully clouded in this dreamy scent this morning at 8am, and I didn't reapply at any point. WINNER. Will be doing a FB of oil and spray.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Eastwood22 said:

    I know, there's something wrong with me, I have Perfume Specific Oppositional Defiance Disorder.


    As far as Lumina goes, I love love love Pallas! It's brighter and deeper than Leilani, for me, but I'm much more of a fruit fan than a flower fan. I enjoy all the Flying Potions with Levitation, too. I haven't even opened my trial of Goddess of the Blue Moon with Lumina yet, other things have been getting my attention for testing, I currently have an overwhelming amount and aquatics don't call to me.


    Ooh good call, Pallas was on my "want" list for trial vials as well! I also tend to prefer fruit to flowers, but I'm wondering if it'll be too similar to Drive-By Fruiting to justify ordering both at the moment. Maybe I'll try Leilani and a Flying Potion first.


    I also don't like watery scents. Goddess was nice, but for someone else other than me.

  5. 11 hours ago, Eastwood22 said:

    HexKitten, it's great for me for work, and if it works for you, you might also consider Lumina or Levitation, depending on what kind of vibe you want to create. They're not for every work scenario, but good where being outgoing, fun and approachable would be appreciated. 


    In the pherotine 2018 set there was Super Happy Funtime w/ Levitation, and Goddess of the Blue Moon with Lumina. Unfortunately both those scents were very much not for me, so I want to try some other scents with those pheros. Leilani w/ Lumina looks really nice. Any recommendations?

  6. 3 hours ago, Eastwood22 said:

    HexKitten, this is the one from the last set that I reach for the most. My man is also a Buttercream whore, he calls this one "fancy butter." It's so yummy, but smooth adult sexy and luxurious yummy.  

    Lol, "fancy butter" is a perfect description of it. I'm by no means an expert on scent notes, so my descriptions are usually along those lines :lol:

  7. 2 hours ago, Eastwood22 said:

    I think that's a good choice. I have both and can wear Drive By anywhere, I got a lot of mileage out of a little trial spray on a trip, I even wore it on the airplane. That would not be recommended with Juicy Lucy!

    Ha! Yeah, so far most of my favorite scents are the sexy ones with sexy pheros to go with them. So I think it'll be really nice to have a non-sexual phero to cloud myself in. I think Drive-By Fruiting will be a good one for me to wear to work, too. I'm wearing it at work now and I feel very positive and energetic!

  8. Oh, I love this. LOVE IT.


    So, I'm an unabashed buttercream scent slut. I can't eat sugary treats except for on very rare occasions, so I love to smell them instead. Beth's Blushing Milkmaid didn't work for me (my skin just amped up all the coconut and overpowered everything else) so I got trials of OCCO White and finally tried this one from the pherotine set. I had been putting it off because I can't stand lavender. I hate its smell, I hate its taste in foods. NOT a fan. But this is soooo creamy and delicious, and the lavender blends in so well that I can't detect it separately even when I'm trying to!


    Could be the scent or the Treasured Hearts or both, but it makes me feel so calm and content. All I want to do is snuggle up and be cozy. My boyfriend is a total cuddle monster. He doesn't have the best sense of smell unfortunately, so he rarely comments on the scents I try unless I specifically ask him if he likes the perfume I'm wearing (with the exception of Buttercream Peach, he noticed that one right away). He didn't say anything about Liebchen when I wore it to bed, but he kept burying his face in my neck and happy sighing. He also spooned me so tightly all night, I thought I was going to have to sneak a teddy bear into my place Indiana Jones style so I could get up :D


    TL;DR... winner! On my FB list.

  9. 1 minute ago, Eastwood22 said:

    Awesome! I love me some OCCO white, haven't even tried Gold yet. Nor Fideau or Sneaky Clean, but Juicy Lucy and Drive By Fruiting are winners. 

    Fideau is great. Very rich foody-sexy, like a bacon maple bar. Sneaky Clean surprised me! I normally can't stand clean scents... I want sweet, dark, or smutty. But This one is somehow both clean and sexy? I was shocked by how much I love it. I'd recommend trying a sample of it for sure.


    I think for now I may just have to get either Drive-By Fruiting OR Juicy Lucy, because on my skin they are similar. Too many other scents I like, and I want to have a more well-rounded collection before I start in with similar scents. I'm going to go with Drive-By Fruiting first because I really like the pheros in that one, and the scent reminds me of one of my first dates with my boyfriend. Can't resist it!

  10. I am INTO THIS SCENT. Smelling it just makes me so happy and upbeat. When wet, it smells like fresh-chopped fruit salad to me. Delicious and bright. And after some dry-down time, sexy musk and honey come through to temper the brightness. It immediately takes my mind back to one of my first dates with my boyfriend. We did a river float in the heat of August snuggled up together on a giant inner-tube, and then stopped by a fruit stand afterwards. This scent smells like that day to me. Summery, lush, fruity, sexy, and sweet all at once.


    I am almost disappointed by how much I love it, because the full-phero spray is a bit more pricy than some other scents :D but wow, so worth it. I will be ordering a full bottle of this one ASAP.

  11. On 4/12/2018 at 4:27 AM, Wolf Dreaming said:


    So sorry to hear that HexKitten.  But don't give up hope - this is something absolutely fabulous waiting to be discovered by you.  This is what makes all of us unique and wonderful beings - that even if we are all wearing the same scent we will smell different.  It is pretty awesome.  


    Totally! I am just starting to explore Love Potion as a company, and have ordered about 40 trial vials already :D


    My OCCO white sample came in yesterday and it's perfect. Smells very similar to Beth's, just without the amped coconut on my skin!


    At this point my favorite is Buttercream Peach with Aja & LAM, which works out perfectly because it's my boyfriend's favorite too! That's the first scent I ordered a full bottle of. I'm also obsessed with Fideau, and super glad I took the chance on ordering something that doesn't come in a trial size. I plan to order full bottles of OCCO white and gold, Drive-By Fruiting, Sneaky Clean, and maybe Juicy Lucy. I'm going to be poor as F, but smelling delightful! 

  12. On 4/12/2018 at 1:04 AM, Eastwood22 said:

    Hey, HexKitten, I probably meant to say more than "bummer." It sucks it doesn't work for you! You can try it in a scent locket, or on lava beads, although one of the best things about BBM is having it huffed off of your body. I have a chocolate blend that smells gross on me, but I use it in a scent warmer with wax and it makes my kitchen smell fabulous and throws the pheros around. If you keep it, try it in a wax warmer in your bedroom. 

    I'm thinking OCCO White might work better for your chemistry, maybe get a trial of that and/or Odalisque if you want a scrumptious sexy vanilla. 


    I was going to spring for the full bottle after reading reviews, but luckily I decided to only get the trial vial. So It's no biggie. We're on the same page, I ordered a trial of the OCCO white (and OCCO gold as well) and my order arrived yesterday! Even without settling from travel, I love it both on and off my skin. Looks like I found my perfect buttercream with cops scent after all :)

  13. I love Juicy Lucy. Top 3 in the Pherotine 2018 set for me. It is sweet, but not sticky or syrupy. Fruity and flowery, but not too girly. The amber and cedar are prominent enough that they really cut the sweetness of the fruity and flowery notes in the perfect way. On me, the liquor comes through at the end and is lovely and subtle. This scent is complex, girly, and sexy. My boyfriend loves it, too. He's always burying his face in my neck when I wear it.

  14. This is my absolute favorite label of the set (I have long red hair, and that looks like me on my boyfriend's motorcycle), but the scent isn't for me. It is lovely! Like maraschino cherries soaked in top label bourbon and covered in rich chocolate. But I am a weirdo that hates chocolate, so this is way too chocolate-heavy for me. If it was just the cherries and bourbon, I'd probably be thrilled. So if you're a chocolate lover, this scent will be delectable for you!

  15. I was so so so excited about this scent after reading reviews, but sadly my skin chemistry hates it.


    In the vial, it smells INCREDIBLE. Sexy, mouthwatering vanilla buttercream. But when I put it on my skin... coconut. Nothing but coconut. I love coconut scents, but on my skin it is sour and plasticky. I let it sit for a couple weeks even, and it's still the same. Drydown doesn't change it, either. I'm so sad that my skin amps the scent in this way, because it's wonderful in the bottle :(

  16. Hello all! This is my first review and I'm no expert on scent notes, so please be gentle :D


    I'm very picky about perfumes. So much so that I haven't really worn any in a couple years. I got tired of trying to find ones I like, and most companies don't offer trial vials of everything. I stumbled upon Love Potion... I'm not sure how, actually. But after stalking this forum for a while I was very intrigued by the idea of pheros in perfume, and ordered the Pherotine 2018 set.


    I was not expecting this scent to be my favorite of the bunch! I was expecting that to be Bad Girl (which I also like a lot), but this one is amazing. On first sniff, it smelled like those sugared peach gummi rings. Smelled great, but seemed a touch too candy-girly for my taste. But after letting it settle for a few days, WOW! This smells like someone covered a fresh-picked peach with honey, let it sit in the summer sun for a few hours, then put a dollop of vanilla buttercream frosting on top. There's also something sexy underneath that makes it smell less foody in the perfect way. It doesn't smell too foody or too perfume-y. Every time I wear it, my boyfriend comments on how good I smell. Sadly, so far I haven't noticed him react to the pheros in ANY of the perfumes in the set. However, when it comes to verbal and physical affection he's already a "turn it up to 11 and break the knob off" kind of guy. So it might just be that I haven't noticed since he's already very affectionate.


    Regardless of whether or not the pheros are "working," I love this scent. It also makes me feel sexier, either because of the pheros or because I love how I smell when I'm wearing it. I have always been scent sensitive, so it could be either one. Definitely buying a full bottle of this immediately, probably in both oil and spray!

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