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  1. I get more sweet resins in OCCO Black, and more brown sugar/vanilla in LP Black.
  2. This is really, really nice! I'd avoided MRF all this time for fear of the Brown Sugar, which I amp to the max usually. But the BS (sorry) in this doesn't hit me over the head; I like it!
  3. Possibly the hormonal confusion wasn't the reason ... just that a heavy load (was it a raging assload, Lynne? ) of cops in an intimate, yet professional setting, emanating from someone of the sex you're attracted to, could be ... awkward?
  4. I loved the little sample of Olive /apricot oil creme from my last order so much, I got one in Feral - blind. It sounds like a winner to me!
  5. You might want to take a look at the OCCOs as well, if you're interested in a strong dose of cops (without a-nol) with a nice cover scent. I've tried the White, Pink, Blue, Purple and Black and they're all great.
  6. I am loving the eeny meanie lotion/cream sample, thanks so much! You girls make mail call so much fun!
  7. BEGGING for a rebrew of Sorceress ... both hubby and I adore this one (he wears it himself as deodorant and it is to DIE for on him). Puh-leeeze??!!
  8. Exactly - if a-nol, EST and cops are the kitty, androstenone is the whip.
  9. You might contact coffeemama, she has done a decant circle and may have some left. There is a thread about this here: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.p...ic=2997&hl=
  10. That was my understanding, too, but removing the indole from the formula is probably a good thing (or reducing the amount, at any rate ... and the butyric acid could probably be cut back too!) All those other acids still have a smell, just not THAT particular smell. I think skatole is even more typical of the smell of feces than indole, though indole is in there ... indole is more like the smell of decay/death. When you keep lilies in the vase a couple of days too long ... that stink is indole. I've seen aging mellow my alcohol-based EoW a lot, especially when I left it in the dropper
  11. ... I think I very seriously need this one! I used to be so yin, but since 40 my yang has been dominating like crazy ...
  12. Hey djac, I received your sweet package today and the orchid rose BLAM is so light and pretty, I really like it! and thanks for the other samples too! It's amazing how subtle a fragrance can be and still cover the cops when they're in oil form. There is a little wateriness and sheerness to the orchid rose that somehow works with the cops, I'm so surprised. You really only smell them noticeably before drydown. ... so of course now I DO want to try all the other flavors; the sandalwood one is calling my name ...
  13. I did darlin and you wrote me back, too :abvb:
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