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  1. I've used Everclear (the highest proof, which is 190 if I recall correctly) and it works fine. It dissolves everything and doesn't have much scent of its own. Some people filter it through charcoal first but I don't really think that made that a lot of difference when I did that.
  2. Carrie

    Top Five

    1. OCCO Black 2. OCCO Black 3. Tyvey's Blood Orange Ylang 4. OCCO Black 5. Sorceress
  3. I get more sweet resins in OCCO Black, and more brown sugar/vanilla in LP Black.
  4. This is really, really nice! I'd avoided MRF all this time for fear of the Brown Sugar, which I amp to the max usually. But the BS (sorry) in this doesn't hit me over the head; I like it!
  5. Some people don't smell certain pheromones, and some don't seem to smell any of them! And some people don't smell them when they first start using, but then learn to smell them better with use.
  6. I wonder if your paypal account still has your old address? Just a thought.
  7. I don't remember Halo's Angelique ... can anyone tell me about it?
  8. I don't have anything on your want list, but if you'd like to talk about selling it, let me know, k?
  9. Is this one totally gone? I can't find it in the store. When I wear this I get an almost pheromonal effect from both men and women and it smells incredibly sexy. anyone have a bottle they're looking to part with?
  10. This is most likely to happen if you apply right after a shower. Let your body cool down a good 30 minutes or more before you apply perfume or pheros, and you'll have better luck avoiding the redness and burning sensations. Some people just need to avoid their neck, also, as it's too sensitive.
  11. ^ this (the part about it not being a primarily a phero forum, anyway) It's a perfume forum where, in addition to their main line of gorgeous unpheroed scents, the creators have developed a bounty of pheros and phero-fragrances that are designed for women to use, quite a few that are designed to be used by either sex (or should I say all sexes), and a very nice selection of pheros for men as well (which I am a HUGE fan of, for my husband!) It's one of the very few (only two that I'm aware of) forums where you can discuss pheros and not be overwhelmed by illiterate, juvenile and/or pickup artist postings.
  12. I wear them in the underarm area almost daily, without any other antiperspirant or anything. They diffuse well and last well, too.
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