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  1. I wore this for my monday night meeting, today. a stripe smooshed on both arms and a dab behind each knee. Went to a store where usually they try to make me leave my backpack and skateboard up front but kept my headphones on and pretended I couldn't hear the perfume people (for one, I'm not about to skate in the grocery store, even if their floors would be amazing to skate on ... I can resist that temptation. For two, I only needed three things for my sushi, tonight (it was a hot mess, I'm out of practice...)) and no one went out of their way to approach me, like once before. anyway, got to the meeting, exucsed myself to prep the sushi, came back down and my friend made room for me to sit (I say friend loosely, since I don't really know any of these people, but he takes it as a personal affront if I don't sit with the group (usually, I don't want to gas them out (nail polish) or eat in front of everyone (in case they think it's rude, idk). So, he got to bask in the glory of this scent for an hour or so. I also noticed a girl I've spoken to once or twice (whom I had to pass in order to reach this seat) staring at me a bit. not in a weird way, just kinda staring. I spent a good 90% of the meeting dissociated, though, so I wasn't bothered. afterwards, the friend who had me sit next to him came up as I was leaving and made sure I knew that he likes having me around and appreciates me. lots of eye contact, told me about this startup he's in, where I work (almost sounded like it was gonna be a job offer, idk) anyway, he really wanted me to know that he appreciates my presence and that he's not just being nice cuz he has to (one of the group leaders). felt like a hit. as for the scent, I think it starts juicy, but mellows to a soft, creamy peach. I have lost my AJA, so I can't really say if I'm smelling it, at all. I do remember loving it, though. idk.
  2. I love this one so much it's hard not to slather it on every day! to me, it smells identical to Liebchen, which makes me want to roll around in it even more.
  3. The labels look amazing. Lavender Buttercream 😍 I definitely need that one!
  4. I have an interesting story about this one (well, I think it's kind of interesting). I wore it out last weekend to run errands and stopped into a pizza place I rarely get to eat at so I could order wings for the night (I was running errands in the morning). I came in and saw someone I thought was new and she thought she knew me from somewhere. She was definitely the first one affected (the one who was taking my order didn't actually seem to be affected that much, if at all, she pretty much ignored me, lol). We had a nice conversation and I was definitely getting "we could be besties" vibes from her. I also got more wings than I ordered, which was nice. Another one was on her way out and said something to me that I think she wouldn't have, had I not been wearing it, it was almost like she was reporting to me (I've interacted with her once before and she was nice, sure, but this time felt a little different). At another store, I was practically ignored by the cashier, though, so I don't think she was affected by it, either, like the first cashier at the pizza place. Maybe it was a case of ghosting with the cashiers that ignored me, though. Can one ghost with some people and not others?
  5. Ooh! They're definitely ready! It's a good thing you got two. I only have one, but I'm happy with it.
  6. Ooh! Thank you for the suggestions, Halo! I'm not sure how I missed this until now. I'll try it with a little est, tomorrow and see what I think. Good note about the alphas, I do tend to forget that. They are strong, lol.
  7. I wore Leather at work, last week and liked wearing it more than Dominance, the week prior (but I also made the mistake of wearing sws with it). I liked how people interacted with me, then (and the village guy gave me tons of space. I saw him again, wearing leather, today, and he was back to his normal, dour, self. Honestly, I prefer him that way). But, today, when I asked a couple customer service people for help, they acted like I was seriously bothering them. The guy at another store also seemed like he'd rather do literally anything other than help me. I don't know if it was something in the Leather or if they were all just generally unhelpful people. However, most people reacted well to me. Do I, maybe, need to tone it down with something else? If so, what? I like wearing Sharks with DHEAS when I'm at work (and not wearing Leather). Maybe I needed to tone it up, today, I'm really not sure. I like how Leather affects me, though. I walk with my head higher, and a swing in my hips that's usually nonexistent. I don't now.
  8. I forgot to report on this one the last time I wore it, but I did notice that people were happier to greet me, the ones who didn't, I noticed were looking to see if I would, first, almost hopeful (one person, in particular has been trying to get my attention more on days I wear this, Lace and DHEAS). The mailman saw me laughing at my phone and I guess it was contagious or something, because he started laughing, too (He's also reacted to my Lace, before). A bartender seemed very affected by my Levitation, too, that day.
  9. It could be those. Definitely cover next time, that could help.
  10. Everyone smells pheromones differently, so it could be that, is it all you're wearing? I wear this one alone all the time, slathered, and haven't heard anyone say anything. I also think it smells like honey (albeit a "dirty honey" scent). I almost never let it dry down, but maybe try again and let it dry down, then see what happens?
  11. Mine came in today! I'm so excited (I already went down to get it, but I played a little bit with the things I got and can't wait to play with the rest).
  12. 🤣 Well, I definitely suggest the pherotine as a starter if it's still there, but based off my own pherotine, I'm definitely gonna FB when I can 😁😁
  13. Yesterday, I wore some of my BAM pherotine with a little lace and DHEAS, then took an Uber to the grocery store. My driver started talking about some plans to pay off some things, road tripping with a family member on his new bike and Mentone that he's watching The Act (I don't talk much in my Uber's because I like a quiet ride, but if my drivers talk, I'll participate, unless they get rude). This excited me, because I am, too. We spent a while on that, then I had to get out. My next Uber was apologetic about her pretty clean car, told me a lot about her past (seems like stuff one would tell a friend they've known a while, not a random rider, but 🤷🏾‍♀️), health and family issues. I also had a neighbor who used to overshare (and give me tons of clothes she couldn't wear anymore, much to my mother's chagrin... I was banned from going over to visit because I always left with a bunch of stuff). I'm gonna say this was 1/2 BAM, half personality trait. Still, mad interesting.
  14. I love this, right now. I think I'll have to reapply later for a more full review (I'm also in another scent, right now that's a bit stronger, so when it wears off, I'll do a proper review of this). All I can say right now is that it's a very clean, powdery, calming scent.
  15. Ha, yeah. Can't wait to see the list! You said it! ^__^ I need to learn impulse control. I'll sit on a list for a while, buy it, wait a couple days and then I have another list .
  16. Got another shipping notice! I definitely need to buy some more lipstick holders for all the pherotines I bought (and I really should learn to just order all at once).
  17. I just got a notice this morning that a package arrived for me. I'm thinking it's the EST, which I can't wait to try. I'll grab it tonight after dinner.
  18. I just requested an invoice for a bunch of pherotines 😄. I was gonna leave them alone, but they're all there, so ... it seemed like a good way to try them out, especially ones that I haven't experienced yet or just want to learn more about by wearing. I'm really excited about these. Here's the list: Sexpionage ( I just bought sexology the other day, I figured that I should buy both to learn the difference. I know there are descriptions, but still. ) Leather (In case Dominance is too much for me. I don't think it will be, but I think it's best to have both). Mega Watt (Energy? I'm still not entirely sure what this one does? and I can't find my sample of Anti-piggy, which, may have been a little sharp for my taste, anyway. If I find it again, I'll do another review). Mother's Little Helper (I liked it in the weenie, but haven't used it much, yet). Treasured Hearts (I can't get enough of it in Liebchen and Friends & Lovers). La Femme Noire (I burned through my LFM, and have this in Petals of Silk. I just wanted this since it's available) Lace (I also burned through this and I'm loving it, so I bought it again) Levitation (No note, just saw it and though "I should probably get this") Perfect Match (I have this in one of the first things I ordered from here (the set with Girl Nip, I remember enjoying it) Heart & Soul (Never tried, had to get) Cougar (I have a sample of this laying around with my samples, but same thing with H&S) Lumina (I liked it in GotBM, decided to try it solo) Open Windows (I don't think this is alone in anything I have, yet, but I am curious about it. I know this, Levitation and DHEAS were in Rainbow Mango) Swimming w/ Sharks (I have it in SDH and PCMP. I love it) and La Femme Mysterre (which, as noted before, I absolutely tore through and absolutely need to have, again). What I learned from last time: Go slow, less is more. No need to use half a pherotine in one go.
  19. Not yet, but I did put in a request for one. I have so many more things to experiment and report on, now. Some are kind of Frankensteins, though lol. Ooh! I'm at the tail end of my LFM. Lace, too, actually. I think my next order will be LFM / LFN/Lace and girl girl, if they're still there. I love pherotines! They're such a good way to learn the individual pheros and I'm having so much fun with them.
  20. @Fang Turns out I was wrong, I have a berry scented oil that I mixed Lace and CB into, already. Not sure how I forgot about it, but I did mix a cops heavy one with Lace, already, I guess.
  21. Oh, that one was my Lace Un (one of them, I currently have it in a rose and light blue roller bottle, each. I think I wore the light blue that day) I haven't tried it with cops or OCCO, yet, but that is something I'll hopefully be getting to within the next couple of weeks. No, I haven't added any to my TV the way you've described, yet. I just found some roller bottles of mine that are empty and I do have some CB that I might put my remaining Bombshell into for a Lace/CB combined scent, or I might just wear one of my DIY sprays with Lace in it (I think it's one of my cotton candy scents, can't recall) and wear one of the OCCO LE's I've been neglecting (and I was so excited about getting those, too. I'll definitely be showing those ones some love after I finish these experiments). I am definitely interested in seeing how a combo like that would work out, but on my next set of outings, I'm not sure I'll want to get the attention cops scents and OCCOS would provide, seeing as I'll definitely be going around semi/formerly familiar areas, alone. I'll tag you in the post when I finally do get to try it, though!
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