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  1. Hi! Thank you. This is all great information. No, I have none of these (I would Def consider my cat as such, if I had one. They aren't allowed at my place ???). I'll definitely try to be patient with them. I just can't sit still with my excitement to try these hehe.
  2. Mine has shipped (am I doing this right?) Anyway, I'm EXCIIIIITED!!!!
  3. Thank you. It sure seems like it! I've been learning more about the scents until my order arrives by reading through all the threads, I'm having a blast. ??
  4. Thanks for all the warm welcome, everyone!
  5. Thank you. I'm super excited to get started!
  6. Thank you ☺️☺️. Mostly commercial, I've tried a few oil based that I've had no luck finding sources of :/ unfortunately, so I'm super excited to get started with these. Thanks! I'm super excited to give them ??
  7. Hi. Thank you. I got cuddle bunny, love potion red and Occo pink. Can't wait to try them ???
  8. Hi. I am a longtime lover of perfumes, but I've never tried pheros, cops, etc before (that I know of, anyway). I was pretty curious when I found out about them, so I made an order a couple days ago. I'm really excited to get my hands on these and review them here. I've read through some of the threads and decided I had to join you all, since you seem so nice and very knowledgeable about them.
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