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  1. Out of curiosity, should I also leave my UN reviews of this in the scented thread? I was also looking for this before I bought it (haven't worn, yet, but figured I'd ask since I'm here), curious about other people's experiences with it, but I only have the UN, so I thought this would be the place to leave my reviews?
  2. @Fang, sorry if I missed it, have you already said which pherotines? I'm just now catching up on everything I've missed since my last visit here. NVM, I saw in another thread! Wish I could help, but I've never tried to relabel them, I was just gonna buy sticker labels from target or something this weekend and use my best handwriting (which, tbh, isn't very good, but oh well).
  3. Mine came yesterday. I've already organized them by type in my flat organizer and this weekend I'm making room for the big one (it's not due for a while, but I'll probably end up getting another lipstick organizer this weekend, bc I'm impatient and just want everything organized).
  4. Sounds good, can't wait to hear how it works out. I also got a sample of Sensual Harmony with LFM, but I just wanted to use my pherotine, since I've been neglecting it. Maybe next time I'll try the Sensual Harmony one, that way I can just wear one thing and go (I could have, probably, with the pherotine, but I also wanted to smell like something, lol. I think that's what I like so much about the UN's and Pherotines, mixing and matching with stuff I already have. So fun).
  5. I got a pretty decent hit, today (hilarious, too, imo). At the desk, today, a man came up and I thought he was trying to sign something to me, then it seemed like he wanted me to get in on his patty cake game, then he held his hand up for "phone", so I asked if he wanted a public phone and then he said, "No, yours." I just about died, it was so cute. my boss was right next to me and we both laughed bc that was literally the most creative way I've been approached. I used my pherotine, two drops on my chest, a drop and a line on my wrist, then three drops in my hair (I kind of rubbed it in my hands and applied it like I would a hair shining serum. I even put a little on my hat). I was only in this and a non-phero oil from somewhere else. I got a lot of stares, today, actually, invited to a party, people were very nice and helpful (which I needed, today because it's like I was dropped in a place where I didn't speak the language ... to my brain, anyway, it was just so different than what I normally do at work that I completely forgot everything (or had to learn, which was nice, because now I know for next time)). But that man was definitely my strongest hit. I hope he didn't think we were making fun of him when he walked off (he turned around bc we were laughing so loudly, but it was just the highlight of my day, is all).
  6. From what I understand, occos are scented cops (with just enough scent to cover them) and the perfumes with cops have a ratio of mostly perfume to a certain amount of cops? I'm probably wrong but that's my understanding, so far.
  7. I like how peach-forward this one is, in the beginning. Even a while after dry down, it's super peachy on me. Now that it's been on for a couple hours, it's mostly floral. Still nice, very pleasant.
  8. I'm gonna throw on Gossamer tonight while I ry to figure out what I should do with my tiny vials. I might get some wire next weekend and make little necklaces with them, the wire and some twine, if I can find any. The weather here has gotten ... wintery. My apartment overlooks a bridge and I couldn't see where the bridge started, today, when it's usually clear because of all the snow. I wonder how much we got, today.
  9. Awesome. Thanks, @Bella15! What size ammo should I get to hold my Sv's upright? I
  10. I'm definitely getting grapefruit from this at first and rose. I'll update after lunch to see if I smell anything else, I only just applied it. UPDATE: it got a little sweeter, maybe I smell a hint of strawberry, but I'll have to try again after work. I got a raspberry lotion on top of where I applied it.
  11. I finally found my Pallas sv! I dug through my big organizer thingy and got lucky. I do want to know where I can get an ammo container that would hold my svs upright like @Bella15 has in the hoarder thread. I was looking for these but didn't know what they were called and thought hobby lobby would have them lol 🤣 Omg. Anyway, once I come across one, I'll organize them better, lol.
  12. @Potion Master, I submitted one invoice request before realizing that I also want a pherotine of TMI that I forgot to put on there, I just want to make sure we can put them all on the same invoice?
  13. Oh, I'd be happy to take it off your hands 😄😄😄 Thanks!
  14. Oh, gotcha! Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. How much for the Aja? I'm in love with that one!
  15. Oh, yeah. I'm gonna make my own, but my themyscira was leaking pretty bad (I didn't realize how badly until Friday, since I haven't been using it so much (I'm already down to half a bottle, but I haven't used that much), so one is to replace it, the others are to diy some blends, this way I can have "untainted" ones and "frankenscents/mones" in case I want to have a little boost, but not permanently affect my already 'moned lp fragrances (or rolly scents I got from other places that I just want to give a little kick). Good to know, I definitely don't wanna overdo it (I might've gone and added like ... four drops, sometimes forgetting how little I really need to add). Thanks, @Fang!
  16. idk, I just edited my original post bc I checked on that site and couldn't find the pherotines. I got so excited when testing for Aja from my phone to see if I could use paypal to pay that I may have jumped the gun a little bit. 😰 but I finally set up a profile, there.
  17. Yeah, they're all in a draft email to LPMP, now. Magnet BAM Cuddle Bunny DHEAS Blatant Invitation and one set of roller bottles. I'm so freaking excited to put this order in, tomorrow (my job pays me on Mondays, or I'd have done it today, lol).
  18. I'll be getting a few pherotines this week (I'll email for an invoice tomorrow) and a few roller bottles.
  19. Forgot I was wearing this, today after noticing that I kept getting checked out (one guy on a bike was pretty obvious,but not creepy. Others tried to be covert). I think that because I wore Lace, it was only looks (as opposed to anything more). I did put on a lot of Lace, forgetting how concentrated the pherotine one was. It could have also been that I was at a grocery store. Though, I did go to a craft store and the cashier there was flirting pretty hard 😏
  20. Hopefully I'll get the pics posted before this weekend ^__^. I have a TV of the scented one, which I'm really happy about, don't have the UN (though that's the one I meant to buy, I'm glad I made a mistake and got this one, instead). The only UN I have rn (I think) are my li'l pheromones of lace, popularity and LFM ... I have a (mostly) updated list of my whole LPMP collection on the first page of this thread, though 😀
  21. Late resuming project (Picking up on week 7) I was supposed to start with Pallas, but couldn't find it. Wish I could show you all my current set up in hoarders, then you'd see. I can't find my picture resizer app, though. I tried an online one that didn't work (idr what the site was called, wasn't tiny pic, that one seemed like a social site, I don't want to share the picture anywhere but here, so I didn't try that one). I picked up like 10 samples and couldn't find it, so I gave up.
  22. Finishing up on a long overdue assignment, lol. I got busy and forgot to continue my experiment (hence my absence on the forum for a while, aside from a few sporadic posts, hey! I've made my 500th! That's pretty cool. I'm Phoebe Figalilly, now. Dope 😎!) Here's about where I left off, I think? Week 1: Liebchen (TH), Stormy Weather (TC) and Girl Nip (PM) Day: Morning Noon Night Mon Liebchen Stormy Weather Girl Nip Tues Girl Nip Liebchen Stormy Weather Wed Stormy Weather Girl Nip Liebchen Thur Girl Nip Liebchen Stormy Weather Fri Liebchen Stormy Weatehr Girl Nip Sat Stormy weather Liebchen Girl NIp Sun Girl nip Stormy weather Liebchen I'd love to redo this project sometime once I have another scent with TC and a second PM scent. Not sure it'll amount to a full 10 weeks, though. Now we move on to checking out LFM both scented and alone. Now, I know that I don't need to use a lot from the dropper next week. I'll try to find my sweet spot with that one, then. For now, I'll enjoy SH(LFM). Week 2: F&L (TH), Sensual Harmony (LFM) and Island Rain (OW), Unisexy (PM) Day Morning Noon Night Mon Friends and Lovers Sensual Harmony Island Rain Tue Island Rain Friends and Lovers Sensual harmony Wed Unisexy PM Sensual harmony | Island Rain Friends and Lovers Thur Sensual harmony Friends and Lovers | unisexy Island Rain Fri Unisexy PM Sensual harmony | F&L Island Rain Sat Island Rain Friends and Lovers | Unisexy Sensual harmony sun Island Rain Sensual harmony Friends and Lovers It's week 1 of LFM and week 2 of Treasured Hearts!!! Hehe, I'm gonna smell delicioussssssss. I got something new with both Perfect Match so I can throw that into rotation for comparison week! I'll only be adding it to my evening slot, as with anything else I want to compare with a similar mone during future weeks. Except for tomorrow and friday morning (9/26 & 9/28). Time to find my sweet spot with LFM Solo (more commonly called UnLFM), and try my SharkMan. I almost never take him out, really. Week 3: LFM (Pherotine Dropper), BCP(L/A), Sharp Dressed HuMan (SWS) Mon LFM pherotine* BCP/LA SharkMan Tue SharkMan LFMp w/cover BCP/LA Wed BCP/LA SharkMan LFMp* Thur LFMp* BCP/LA Sharkman Fri Sharkman LFMp* BCP/LA Sat Sharkman BCP/LA LFMp* sun BCP/LA LFMp* SharkMan I call it SharkMan, think I saw someone else do it around here, and it made sense in my head, so, here we are. For my cover, since I'm trying most desperately to get rid of my roller perfumed scents that aren't LPMP, I'll probably be using those. They're unphero'd, so it'll be fine. Didn't learn much this time around bat LFM and BCP, but I would FB sharkman just bc i like it so much. I do love Themyscira to smithereens, glad I picked it up during the sale. Now, I try PCMP/sws and take out my rarely used Odalisque. I remember enjoying the scent. Week 4: Themyscira (Girl/Girl), PCMP (Sws), Odalisque (Bang!) Mon Themyscira PCMP odalisque Tue Themyscira PCMP odalisque Wed Pcmp Themyscira odalisque Thur odalisque Pcmp Themyscira Fri Pcmp Themyscira odalisque Sat Odalisque Odalisque Themyscira Sun Themyscira Odalisque pcmp I need to try Bang and Girl/girl in something else, too, so I'll add that to my list when I find them. But I did cop a bottle of Odalisque with Bang!, so I'll have more than enough for the experiment, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe! I didn't time this right, though, to have my FB's of PCMP ready for this week. kicking myself for this. I sent an invoice request for two FB's of PCMP yesterday, though. Week 5: Bad Girl (Leather), Petals of Silk (LFN) and Anti Piggy (Mega Watt), | Dominance (Scented) * "|" denotes evening slot. Morning Noon Night Mon Petals/silk Bad girl Anti piggy Tue Dom* anti piggy petals/silk Wed Anti piggy Bad girl Petals Thur Anti piggy Petals | Dom. Bad girl Fri Petals Bad girl Anti piggy Sat Bad girl Petals | Dom. Anti piggy sun Anti piggy Bad girl petals I won't lie, I read both the the description and review thread for Mega Watt a few times before realizing it's supposed to energize me. I may still have the idea of it wrong, but I'm ashamed to admit how many times I tried reading the description before finally getting (or not) what it's supposed to do. I bought scented dom, so I'm rotating it into my evening slot. This week, It's just a rotation of my Love Potions and their Variants (I only have one variant, lol). Anyway, if I read wrong and Scandalous v3 isn't a variant of the Love Potions (I searched the LP specific Review areas a few times and didn't find it there, but searching for it, specifically brought up review threads for Scandalous and Scandalous 09, along with an archive post for Scandalous v3, if I remember correctly. There's a thread stating that the variants are in the spells and rituals section. I don't yet know if they each just have their own threads or are grouped together as variants and then have their own threads within that grouping. I'll check later), I'll probably buy another LP and try it, instead. I do already know that I want to FB LP's Black, Red, Pink and Honeyed. Week of Love: All my Love Potions and a Variant (Black, Red, Pink, Honeyed(Gotcha!), Homme, Original, Scandalous v3) Morning Noon Night Mon LP Black LP Black LP Black Tue Honeyed LP Lp: Original Honeyed LP Wed LP Pink LP Pink LP Pink Thur LP Red LP Red LP Red Fri Scandalous v3 Scandalous v3 Scandalous v3 Sat LP Original LP Homme LP Homme Sun Honeyed LP Honeyed LP Honeyed LP I'm 99% sure I did like half of this week? Idk, but I got a few noties in my email about replies to the LP Homme thread and I've been meaning to try that one out, so we're probably just gonna restart this week (On monday, it's Wednesday, now), but it'll be pretty loose. I already know how much I like LP: black, red and pink, along with Honeyed *I'm definitely a Honey Ho and proud of it. So, I'll just use Homme until I run out, or whatever. Idk, it's loose this week. Week of OCCOs, LE and otherwise. I'll want to repeat this one at a later date, perhaps. Morning Noon Night Mon OCCO Pink pineapple pinkapple Tue Cherry Tobbacc CT CT Wed Choco Orchid Zing OZ Thur Coco cocoa Coco CC Fri Midnight lavender Midnight Lavender ML Sat OCCO SLF Sandal Musk SM sun florale Florale SLF Got my hands on SLF, so I'm happily working it into this. hopefully by the time I get to this week, I'll have also bought more OCCO shields (I only have the pink, right now, so I'm going to get all the others and see which of them I like best) idk how I forgot to put cherry tobacco in here ... fml. I haven't bought any more shields *for shame, I need to get on that. I also forgot to buy more floral, (wtf happened to my font color? it just changed as I was typing and won't let me fix it?) Anyway, I think some shield and florale will be my next order if there's any more florale in stock. I'll check when I'm ready to buy. Week 7: Pallas (Lumina), Aja, Luxurious (bi), can't top up on Tuesday, so I'll wear Sareena/Lace. Morning Noon Night Mon Pallas Aja Luxurious Tue Aja Sareena/Lace. Pallas Wed Luxurious Pallas Aja Thur Pallas Aja Luxurious Fri Aja Luxurious Pallas Sat Pallas Aja Luxurious Sun Luxurious Pallas Aja I already know what's up when I wear L/Bi. I can probably link to that incident, if I wrote it in the thread. Haven't been able to use it on my target, but TooTall definitely responded to it (I wasn't expecting to affect any ladies, but okay, I guess?). I need to buy more Aja bc I keep slathering it. Idk about Pallas, so I'll definitely be taking that one out, Oh, and the Sareena/Lace. I remember smelling that one and thinking it smelled wild good. Now I know that Pallas is light and powdery on my skin, doesn't stay long, but is enjoyable while it's there. Floral, sweet and a little citrusy. Week 8: GotBM(Lumina), Lace (Un), Gossamer Threads (Cuddle Bunny), | Sareena/Lace Morning Noon Night Mon Goddess Lace Gossamer Tue Goddess Pie in the Sky Lace Wed Gossamer Goddess | Sareena Lace Thur Gossamer Goddess Gossamer Fri Lace Gossamer Goddess Sat Lace Gossamer Goddess Sun Goddess Sareena/Lace. Gossamer First week of Cuddle Bunny, second week of scented Lumina. My Gossamer Threads have never gotten enough wear. Second week of Cuddle Bunny ^____^ *I'll have to buy more CB, for sure. Week 9: Cuddle Bunny (CB), Frisky Business (Audacious), Wild Cherry (Sexology) Morning Noon Night Mon Cuddle Bunny Frisky WC Tue Cuddle Bunny FC: Violet Frisky Wed Frisky Cuddle Bunny Wild Cherry Thur WC Frisky Cuddle Bunny Fri WC CB Frisky Sat CB WC Frisky Sun Frisky CB WC I don't have anything else with these pheros in them, so this is just Sexy Week, I guess. Week 10: Juicy Lucy (Sexpionage) Mara's Rocket Fuel III (Super Sexy 4 Women), Un Popularity, not to be confused with unpopularity, I don't think there's a 'mone for that, lol. | Un SS4W. Morning Noon Night Mon Juicy Sexpionage MRFIII Popularity Tue SS4W* Time Travel 1942 Juicy Sexpionage Wed Pop Juicpionage MRFIII Thur MRFIII Pop Juicpionage Fri Juicpionage SS4W* Pop Sat Pop Juicpionage SS4W* Sun pop MRFIII Juicpionage I got lazy with the typing. I spent a very long time making these tables. Lies, I tell you, Lies!!!! I got some SS4W, so I'll be rotating that in with a cover for days where I want the mone but maybe with one of my commercial perfumes. Experiment's just about over, so, each morning/noon/night, until Sunday, I'll be using one scented phero and alternating it with another one that I have (so, Monday morning, Island Rain with OW, Tuesday morning, Rainbow Mango (I know it has both OW and Levitation, I can't do anything about that, so I'll be using RMOWL twice this week). Monday through Thursday night, I'll wear Ashes (A2D) so I can go phero free at night (well, I know it's not fully phero free, since they linger, but you get the idea). Sunday, I'm phero free all day, ending the experiment. Week of Pairs: Island Rain, Rainbow Mango (OW), Liebchen, Friends & Lovers (Treasured Hearts), Goddess, Pallas (Lumina), SharkMan, PCMP (SwS),UnLFM, Sensual Harmony (LFM), Super Happy Fun Time, Rainbow Mango (Levitation* unless I find something else with Levitation, then I'll probably use that). Morning Noon Night Mon Island Rain (OW) Liebchen/TH Ashes Tue Rainbow Mango (OW) F&L/TH Ashes Wed Goddess/Lumina PCMP Ashes Thur Pallas/Lumina SharkMan A2D Fri Cuddle Bunny LFM Rainbow/Levitation Sat Gossamer Threads Sensual Harmony SuperHappy/Levitation Sun New DRP Pure Sugar Thoughts:
  23. OMG, I feel like such a failure, I never finished my experiment 😫. I'll have to check which week I left off with, but in the meantime, I have organized my perfumes a bit better in the drawer, the only downside is, since I wanted a lipstick organizer so I could put a few of the trial/sample ones in a slot together and still read the labels, I ended up getting a 12 slot general organizer (couldn't find a lipstick one that day) and now, they're all bunched up together, generally by type "sexy, social, foodie, etc". That only makes it a little more time consuming, though. I"ll get back on it starting next week, though. Can't believe I fell off the experiment like that. Which UN's are on top of your list?
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