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  1. I wore this to bed last night. Well, I had it on for a couple hours before. I thought my skin ate it since I couldn't smell any of the notes but I probably had just gotten used to smelling it by then (though I was sniffing my wrists pretty hard to make sure and couldn't get a whiff). This morning, I smelled myself and there was a vague general (but very mild) sweetness. I'm convinced that I had just gotten used to smelling the scent before I climbed into bed.
  2. This is what I've been wanting to smell like since forever ago. At first, it was definitely chocolate , but like MRFIII, on me fewer than 10 seconds later, it was super rose with a hint of chocolate. It's in the background, now, while the rose is prominent, followed by amber and musk. I think it smells like valentine's day. ??
  3. I just got another that made me decide to try dominance early ... This woman was way too comfortable with me in the weirdest way. We don't know each other from cans of paint. I'm actually afraid to say much more about this just in case because one can never be too careful. I'll just say that even in the workplace (some of you already know from my reviews and welcome thread that my workplace seems to have more than a usual number of people with low social filters), I end up dealing with the strangest people... I think mones just increase the frequency, tbh. I wonder what effect putting dominance on top of this will have, though. I'm going to go review the scent right now while I contemplate this.
  4. I'm in just this today and even though the days just begun, I do believe I've gotten some hits?. Free food at my local coffee shop, for one. But aside from my hits, I'm definitely happier to be awake at this hour than usual. I'll count my chipper mood as a selfie.
  5. ? that would be pretty cool, though!
  6. @Vicki Lee Yeah, check the other posts on this page, I'm doing certain scents/mones each week for 10 weeks. Idk which week it is, but there's a table for it. I put all the tables into one post and each new week, I put the table for that week as the post I update until it's time to switch. It's been really fun and I've been going through my scents quicker, instead of just wearing two or three like I used to do.
  7. Week 4: Themyscira (Girl/Girl), PCMP (Sws), Odalisque (Bang!) Mon Themyscira PCMP odalisque Tue Themyscira PCMP odalisque Wed Pcmp Themyscira odalisque Thur odalisque Pcmp Themyscira Fri Pcmp Themyscira odalisque Sat Odalisque Odalisque Themyscira Sun Themyscira Odalisque pcmp I'll get to try two of three as Fb's, so that's nice. Wish I had sent in my order for PCMP before today (I can't even pay until the store sees my email, though, so it's still technically like I haven't even ordered. I'm gonna kick myself to death over this. Well, I wanted to get sexology before it sold out... We'll see what I learn, this time around. I just hope my OCCOS get here before OCCO week.
  8. I did enjoy putting my LFM into the body butter, but yesterday, I was too focused on work to think of much else. It was a fun and rewarding work day. I had been meaning to put it (and the others) into containers sooner, but I did this during my lunch break while watching Teresa. Pretty sure I ended up with trace amounts of Lace and Popularity, as well.
  9. I'm seconding @Eastwood22 on this one, @Lainey. You gotta get it. I only have one bottle and I feel the same way as Eastwood. I know it won't be enough, especially since I reach for it often (although, my current experiment has me exploring my other scents/mones in a decent rotation, so I'm less worried that I'll go through it too soon, I just know it's inevitable, lol), but I have so many others that I'm trying to buy up before they're gone, too, so I'll just work on those and be satisfied with my one (and the 1.01 trial vials I've got (I used nearly all of the other one, lol)) and keep my fingers crossed that one day, it'll end up in the trades section so I can swoop in and nab it, again. So, imo, yes, you do need it and no, you can't afford to not get it.
  10. Oh, thank you! They haven't blown up when I wore Island Rain, so I bet you're right, @oceanjewel. Thank you, it's getting better ^____^
  11. I figured out what went wrong. Unfortunately, stormy weather was the culprit. A friend raged on me and went on a rant about things they'd been keeping pent up. I guess windows were opened very wide. I wish they had come to me sooner about these things and we could have had a calm discussion instead of what happened, then.
  12. Got mine today and my initial reaction was "are you sure this isn't scented? Smells kinda floral." Then I remembered that some people smell mones differently, I was in the thread about it last month, I think. Not mad at it, but I have to let the travel shock wear off before I really try it (I rolled a few inches of it onto my wrist and sniffed it to be sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me). can't wait to try this frfr, out and about.
  13. Last night was bad and I don't want to talk much about it, but wearing Themyscira was a good choice for the night. Now I'm going to sniff my SV's, SS4W and Odalisque then go to work. After I sort them all into the appropriate cases. Tomorrow, I'm gonna cover LFM with my Sharkman to kill two birds with one stone. Tonight, I'm angry, haven't yet bought Balm Bomb, but need something to lift my mood, so I'm going with Goddes (Lumina), F&L (TH).
  14. Welcome to the forum! I think the other members would be better suited to answer your questions, but I'd say one is never too old to be a shining star.
  15. Glad I stumbled into this thread when I did. I may need to try this with something I wore a couple weeks ago that I want to make softer. I'll try it as my afternoon potion today and see how I like it.
  16. Wow, the labels are incredible. I can't wait to try them!
  17. Idk if this helps/counts, any, but wearing Sensual Harmony/LFM, I got offered more hours at work. It's interesting bc my boss almost never sees me, but I seem to have been making a good impression, esp. since I started wearing 'mones around him, so, idk? (this is not to say I wear them for the man, just that, sometimes, he'll come around and (especially since I've started my experiment) I'll be wearing them). I have noticed, recently, that LFM seems to make me more approachable /seem kinder, I guess. I have pretty intense RBF, walking around or daydreaming in line and someone seemed to think I looked friendly enough for a short chat, today. That's the most recent example I can think of, though.
  18. In the vial and briefly on my skin, I loved this. It was sweet and soft on me, very much a skin scent. But it went wonky and I suspect it was the PM, which I haven't smelled in the other perfume I have (Girl Nip), at least, not that I can remember. That said, if I could have a virgin version of this, I'd get it (after I knock a few more things off of my wish list, because I've been wanting to FB some other things for a while). I think it's lovely, otherwise.
  19. I forgot about my project today. I had to take more time on another project because the previous person had royally messed it up. Then I got busy on another. ? I finally emptied a roller bottle that I'm going to put some of my Aja in (or most, if I can't get all of it in there). I forgot to use my unisexy even though I totally thought about using it when I went to lunch but it was too late. I'll use it tomorrow.
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