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  1. Ooh, well, in that case, let me see if I can find it, again ? Found it! Thanks, halo!
  2. Lol ? np ?? I was thinking the same of yours!
  3. Ooh! That sounds like it smells wonderful!!!
  4. Welcome, @StrawberryKitten! I have the same problem lol. Can't wait to see what you think about this and your other orders!
  5. That's great, @StrawberryKitten! It gives me an idea for when some of my roller bottles go empty ?
  6. I'm revisiting this one and finding that I really like it (and now, I can say more about it). I've been wearing it tonight for a little under an hour and I'm noticing a couple things: first, it is definitely light and aquatic on me. At first, the grasses and water accords were pretty strong on me, but they mellowed a lot very quickly (that only took about 20 seconds, maybe 30). I'm still not really getting the coconut (even up close, putting my wrist to my nose), or perhaps I am and it's super faint. from further away, I can definitely smell the teakwood under the grasses and water accords. It's not reading as masculine on me, which is very nice. Overall, I love this scent.
  7. I really like this! I wore it today instead of my scheduled afternoon potion (initially, just to see if I liked the smell, and I did, so I put more on). The honey and amber are very strong on me, and I like it. The musk is there, too but the others are way stronger, to me. I never smelled the cops, either when I sniffed the bottle, first put it on or waited for dry down. I was just working from home, today so I won't know reactions from anyone else. Once in a while, as I worked, I'd smell the honey, then put my wrist up to sniff myself. After a few hours, the amber took on a slightly waxy tone, but not in a bad way. It's all nearly gone, but the honey (at first deep, but not yet smutty - it went there for a little while and I loved every second of it the same way I love how dirty Aja starts on me. I guess this was like Aja-in-reverse for me, in that aspect) lingered a while. Now it's all faint, a little dirty and nearly gone. I can't wait to wear this again!
  8. I got Liebchen/TH: FB and TV, Dominance, Luxurious/Blatant Invitation, The Big Easy, OCCO SLF (All TV) and Buttercream Peach with LAM and Aja (FB). Now I also have Samples of: Unisexy/Perfect match, Love Potion: Original (smells amazing) and Sareena/Lace.?
  9. WOOHOO! my orders all shipped together! I got some excellent goodies! I have to say, though, out of curiosity, I opened OCCO SLF, and it really smells good! Now, off to smell the others I have yet to try and store all of my new goodies! Thank you!!!
  10. @Potion Master will there still be some available Friday or should I buy it tomorrow and switch my Monday order to this, instead? I was going to buy two occos tomorrow and get this Friday with something else (fb roller size, if that matters)?
  11. I may have to rework my experiment. I Def don't have enough sensual harmony for a full week. Not if I'm applying my usual amount, anyway. One of my orders is on its way, though, so I'll have enough liebchen for a long time. I have a new addiction (LPMP) and I'm not going to do anything about it. Anyway, I wore something off schedule, today bc I wanted to road test it (I talked about it in the POTD thread, today). 10/10 will wear again. Back to the experiment, though. Liebchen has been consistently wonderful on me. That's why I've gone and bought more (twice in one week). Stormy Weather is entirely pleasant, but also too strong for me. Girl nip was hit or miss this week. I'm almost sure about what happened. At first, it was the vanilla, chocolaty amber goodness that I knew in the beginning. Then it was like a bag of peanuts and a hint of chocolate. I panicked a little. Then, I wore it again last night and all was as it should have been. I think when I got "peanuts" out of the wood and chocolate notes, it's because I crushed the scent, rubbing my wrists together too hard and fast. I was more gentle last night, so it smelled like it had, to begin with, all over again. Lesson learned. Tune in next week to see if I stick with my experiment longer than I did this time or if I change stuff around, again.
  12. I tried to do an experiment where I wore this for a week straight (different times of day, in alternation with a couple other scents, kind of a "getting to know you" of my scents, both well-loved and rarely-used). I do love the scent, it's very aquatic on me, it's also pretty masculine for the first hour and a half or so, then it mellows to a nice, mellow aquatic. Unfortunately, I get a headache wearing more than one "drop" at a time. It sucks, but maybe I'll use it in my oil warmer or something, since I love how it smells. I haven't noticed any "truth-serum" effect, but I started only wearing 3 "drops" and wiping the wand around my neck/chest, so I wouldn't expect that (not alone, anyway. I did wear it once with Island Rain and got a gross-out overshare that I've mentioned in another thread) from so little. IIRC, that time, it was 2 "drops" SW with 1 "IR", both wands swiped wherever.
  13. This is the only thing I wore during a recent family reunion (It was a few days long and I brought more for just in case). For the most part, everyone was very calm, loving and got along really well. It was particularly helpful when, during the trip, I needed patience from them because of some anxiety I had. They were very patient and helpful, which I deeply appreciated.
  14. My lucky Day ? @Vicki Lee you the real mvp finding these! (I saw that you found another one that was just about sold out, too.) The other one wasn't on my list, but I had to cop this one! My whole week has been made.
  15. I think this was a response to someone else (I haven't read the whole thread, sorry), but I think this is a good breakdown. I only have a sample of Pallas, right now and I don't have DBF, but knowing this, if either are still around as trials, I'd definitely get both.
  16. yeah, right now, I have a ton of trial vials and little samples, probably not enough to do anything with just yet, tbh. I might have been getting ahead of myself, but I figure it's better to learn now, anyway. I'll def read that thread, now! Okay, good to know about the perfumer's alcohol, I'll save that for the new atomizer I just bought, because I'll probably buy two of something and make my own spray (I was thinking two rollers of PCMP since I like it so much, that way I can have a roller and a spray, which, if I'm not mistaken is sold out as a spray in the store). Thanks so much, @Eastwood22
  17. When I wore it, I did a couple wipes on my wrist, swiped some down my chest and let it dry a little before putting on my shirt for the night. I was just using the wand from my TV.
  18. I'm sorry if this has been posted somewhere on the forum, before, and I know @Eastwood22 has helped me with a similar question, before (because I wanted to make a spray, can't remember which thread I asked in, though), but now I have a roller of perfume oil that's getting a little empty and I want to put one of my LPMP scents in it as a diy oil roller scent, when that finally does happen (idk the proper term for this). I don't know which I'll be using, yet, but when I figure that out, since I want it to be an oil, I'm not sure I'd need any perfumer's alcohol for this? But, I'm also not sure what else I'd need to make sure I don't waste/ruin a scent. Any help would be appreciated. Again, I'm sorry if this has been asked/posted around here, somewhere. I tried several different search terms and couldn't find a thread about this.
  19. Yikes, @quietguy I know this thread is old and I've already mentioned this, I think in the BCP/LA thread, but this was when I didn't really know what LAM and AJA did, that night, my waiter was all over me when I wore this one, once. I've ghosted wearing Lace (to the point where a couple weeks later, people who know me and my schedule were still acting as though they'd never seen me before. definitely OOC for them to react that way). I can't remember what it was that I wore when a couple sketchy guys went out of their way to get near me on the train after having passed through my cloud (if I could remember, I wouldn't wear that one in such a setting, again :/). I'll find it, somewhere and edit. ETA: It was in my welcome thread. I wore LFM/POP that day, but more drops than I meant to (I have pherotine droppers of these), because I was clumsy that day. I don't think I've worn them together, since. I've also learned not to wear popularity when I want a quiet day at work, because everyone and their mom will need me that day (it's really a no-brainer, but I didn't realize just how popular I'd end up (for the day, at least), wearing that). Otherwise, I'm pretty much in solitary at work.
  20. I loved this the first time I wore it because it smelled so great. I'm not sure what happened after that... Now it smells nice on my pillow, and I put it on a scarf, today. It was very relaxing and I fall asleep peacefully when I use it like that. But I have to keep it off my skin ?. ETA: I just put some in my oil warmer. Tbh, probably a little too much. My dropper wouldn't fit (I had a very narrow one laying around, somewhere. I usually keep them together), so I tried to tip it just enough that only a few drops would come out, but I think like 8-10 came out, instead (thought I had a good method when I got one to come out, tried for to more and suddenly, a rush of them came out). ? So, I'll need to buy more TBE for my experiment, because if I can't find my dropper, I'll run through this one too quickly, as well. Who am I kidding, I'll run through it, regardless, since I like the oil warmer method so much. I doubt my slight headache is caused by this, since I think it's so little (I don't think 8 drops would have that effect), I've been looking at screens all day, so that probably isn't helping. ? Anyway, I'll be trying this with Elementary, as well if I don't find my scent locket soon. I went digging around for it, today. I can't find either (I have a cute, small, heart shaped one, and a larger star shaped one. The big one is housing some Blue lace agate I'm going to make a necklace out of, when I get enough, so I really, really want to find it quickly) . I have a few ideas for where they could be, but since they wren't in the drawers or my usual case, I think they're in cases I used to rotate.
  21. Finally got my project organized. I have about 10 weeks worth of experiments, scents for morning, noon and night. If I throw an extra one in, it'll be an unphero'd one, probably from my SV's (like, desk job days when I don't have time to wait for cops during cop heavy weeks, I'll wear an unphero'd scent (Time Travel 1942 or Fairy Cake:Violet for example). The only thing I haven't accounted for are things I haven't ordered, yet. I'll probably rearrange a few things when those come in, but I'll keep it in such a way that I'm not testing my Pherotine LFM dropper during the same week that I wear anything with LFM in it, for example. It's not exactly one phero a week, by any means, but same/similar aren't going to be worn during the same week. I may add a fourth column for "evening, but not night" scents, in case I want a Big Easy wind down one week, but want to see how I feel about Elementary Ch. 6 the next week (I know Teddy B.B and B2.2 aren't the same thing, but I'm keeping them separate, anyway). I think I'll put some of the big easy in a scent locket now, since I found the balls that go inside it.
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