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  1. so how did your lace un go? have you tried cops or OCCO with it? have you tried in a trial vial adding lace un with perfume plus a little OCCO? would love to hear your reviews
  2. is there anyway to search on the website shop all perfumes containing oakmoss, would make shopping easier for scents.
  3. oh good sounds interesting, so red roses is in all of the 5ml bottles?
  4. I have DOM Scented and after a month and a half it has now really mellowed, i get more hot chocolate than rose; only a light mild rose in the background!
  5. Fang


    not got my hands on this
  6. sounds like i need some Bam not sure between Bam or Lam
  7. Sounds good, apart from smell etc, what are your reviews selfies, hits etc
  8. your welcome! it's prononced like that in france and i'm sure in all other countrys, though a lot of people still don't know how to prononce it lol!
  9. I added 10 drops of UN scented of LFM to Mystic Dewdrop 10ML roll on I also added 10 drops of UN scented DOM to scented DOM 10ml roll on
  10. I have really no idea, i know somewhere Mara had said that 10 drops could be added to 10ML bottle, so i would of thought in a full bottle of 5 ML you could add the 5 drops. what is your Bombshell perfume anyway, is it off the website, or something you put together? i know in my 5ML perfume bottles i will be adding 5 drops, but i also need to find something to fill up the 5ML as well lol!
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