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  1. An Oil Fixative from this Indie Perfume shop Alkemia. It lasted me about 3 months, next on my list to try is this shop's fixative Lotion Crafters Fragrance Fixative. I want a nice amount for a decent price since I like to wear perfume and Pheros frequently.
  2. Oh I’m sorry! It’s been so long since I’ve been on here and I got excited at the pretty pictures I completely skipped over that part! 😳
  3. Ok I tried to sign up again and it logged me in... Apparently the first time I tried it when I entered the credentials the page refreshed, and didn't save when I entered them... I tried again and it went to the customer portal page. We're good. 👍
  4. Tried to sign up and make an account... I don't think it went through though.
  5. I still have two full bottles of this waiting to be used... I think they’ve got a good little age to them, and are mature enough to come out and play. *teehee*
  6. They are indeed! I haven't been on here in a while nor bought Pheros from here in a nice while.... I'll be composing a huge list of LP products I want to buy for this annual sale. Christmas will always be in July lol.
  7. I'm surprised I didn't write anything in this thread yet. I had only tried this fragrance once last year and my grandmother loves the smell. I'm kind of scent blind but with this, I COULD NOT SMELL IT ON ME! 😖 I had sniffed it out of the vial and it smells so nice and sweet... Again it's been a few months since I've played with my LP toys and now I've invested in an oil fixative so I'll try this again with that on. But it smells so delicious, the only blend I've tried with honey that didn't turn to baby powder on me. Next on my honey list is Aja.
  8. I was rummaging through my bag of Phero Trial Vials I had bought when I first found out about LP and went on a Phero Buying Binge 🤣 . At first (It could have been the travel shock) I didn't like the smell... But now that it's been almost a year I decided to go back and sniff through my scents & I'm kind of digging Black now... And Just because you said this I think I know what my first date scent will be. ❤️ Until I purchase LP Red that's next on my permanent LP fragrance list.
  9. So I'm guessing that we are still using the temp site correct? I'm so excited to place an order on that new beautiful site! I haven't made an order in months.
  10. That's awesome I'll def have to check your thread! Do you have a journal yet? My top priority UN is LFM Pherotine right now.
  11. I’m sorry.... @Fang but to clarify I wasn’t being literal it was typed in a joking matter. I had no idea about the thread... But again like I said I was literally looking for labels when she made that post. I'm sorry you were confused and thought I meant it literally.... It was a coincidence.
  12. I think you made this post for me because... I was just looking for labels to put on my permanent bottles for my decant perfumes. It says it’s currently unavailable so I’ll look at stickers similar to this! 😳 Thanks!
  13. Is silicone coming back as an option? I was looking at the reading room and it was listed under the FAQ: Perfume & Phero Bases...
  14. I love it! Only thing I personally don't like is how you can't see a drop down of how many bottles are left of what, I mean you can click the up arrow until it doesn't go up a number lol. I do love the tags though nice touch! And thank GOD a SEARCH BAR!!!! (Well for the Item number box I can type 100 and press enter and it'll tell me how many is left)
  15. I'm still more familiar with this forum than any other, and I'm glad this thread has been bumped because I was thinking about getting some single molecules from another vendor. Anol and Bnol and est to name a few... I'm sorry about your experience that just suck , and yeah I've been scared to test out blends with EST because I've seen across the board sometimes if the does is too much it can make the girls weepy, or agitated even... Lol I don't want any of that, but one day I'll test it out solo or in combo with another blend.
  16. No in regards to Phero’d, UN I’m not sure... A bottle of Ebil-ish 24.95 trial $5, $5x5 samples (8.75 ml) = $25 Ex. A bottle of OCCO SLF 32.95 trial $6.50, $6.50 x 5 samples (8.75ml) = 32.50 Buying 5 samples with a $5 price you’d pay .05 more, and $6.50 would be a .45 difference.
  17. I always wondered if people did that, buy a lot of trials and make a roller ball bottle out of them... How many samples did you need to make it? And was it like a 5ml bottle? Just an inquiring mind that would like to know ?. @Bella15
  18. I’m still low key pissed I joined the community like a month right before the annual sale ?. But I’m just reminding myself at least I know what I’ll be using my tax return on next year ???. So for now I’m mainly buying the LE’s and I’ve ventured onto another vendor and probably will be trying out their products more, and just get perfumes from here for now until Mara has the sale again next year. I’ll proably be buying a bunch of UNs? But definitely the permanent collection will be in the plan.
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