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  1. Thank you Mara! Is the code working now?
  2. I want to try this because I love brown sugar but the "spicy" throws me off. Buttercream Peach is more my speed! Might be down to try Vanilla Honey LAM too.
  3. This has a smokey, musky scent to me. It smells sort of ancient. I actually mixed in some of my sample vials to boost the vanilla.
  4. I have the same problem. I'm probably gonna snag a full bottle of Lace because it sounds like the image I want to give off, more easygoing and carefree. I had LFM but I feel like it just emphasized my natural aura.
  5. Is this officially gone? I just used the last drop of my oil. This was definitely one of my staples.
  6. OMG this vanilla-cherry swirl sounds amazing. I want to know too.
  7. My packages say they're out for delivery. I'm waiting for that mailman!
  8. The only full Unscented bottle I have is LFM! I love that blend. I need to try LFN, it sounds more sultry. I still have hopes for Leather but I'm not an outgoing person (I'm an INFP) and the blend might not read well with me.
  9. Thank you! I actually ordered Leather and Sexology a few days ago. We'll see how it goes. I'm trying to soften my demeanor but still be taken seriously. I get treated as either very soft/harmless or completely intimidating (I'm 5'1" by the way). I'm so confused at what my natural signature is.
  10. I'm so excited to try Leather based on how everyone describes it but I wonder how it'll affect my persona. I'm usually seen as unapproachable and intimidating. I'm kind of afraid it'll magnify those traits.
  11. In that case maybe the EST-heavy blends could serve as a test for somebody. Maybe the "backfire" is a blessing in disguise, in some circumstances.
  12. Sheer EoW is already pretty intense on me. 2 drops and a crowded room is now hot and bothered or irritated. I can't imagine the full strength. I need to figure out my limit for playful fun rather than the intensity I receive on dates.
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