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  1. are the herbs black and white or a different color combination cant really tell from pic
  2. I know SWS works very well for professional situations. What about other times- personal relationships and family relationships? Not necessarily to reconcile more to say I'm right and You need to acknowledge this and /or party in the wrong admits guilt
  3. going to let it rest for a few days - i dont get any fruit, nothing sweet does have a slight smoke
  4. oh well I didn't see this before - I was hoping to just add to my box, if it was still in the shop. Now I will have to use self control and wait for the next billing cycle
  5. - oh my word - I put this on last night and read a book!! this is a very soothing scent on me it was very earthy and smooth sandalwood i felt comforted
  6. I will try a couple of salt scrubs - lime is good, also coconut, pomegranate & blueberry or &raspberry or & strawberry maybe some kind of wake up mint with flowers I had a "Famous Department Store Brand of Skin Care" representative explain to me that older people need to scrub their skin b/c they do not sluff off their old dead skin cells and that is why old people have old people smell, and that is why I needed to buy a jar of the famous department store brand of skin scrub - so of course I did - the result?? meh scrubshemub......
  7. this is very good stuff - it does smell like well- dirt /mud- but it makes your skin so smooth and i notice moisturizers absorb into to my skin more readily and you can wear your LP without interference
  8. I was going to order something on Friday..... but I couldn't decide if I should get a roll on or a spray so today i check this and surprise !! is the store open on Saturdays? i know before it was M-F
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