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  1. Use caution when taking the charms off....... guess who had one drop into the bottle...... In case this happens - use a chopstick to get it out
  2. wow - i'd like to try this and i'll probably give the cotton candy as a gift so 2 birds with one LP
  3. Just got my second order of masks. I really like the designs. I got Hot air Balloons /rainbowto wear with colored outfits. The Herbs/brown mask is light cream and brown so that will go with my hair and all neutrals so much better than paper/medical masks
  4. yes - just trying to hit the billing cycles... lol well i added to my order today.... just catching this billing cycle
  5. Can we still order or is the store closed for holidays? Just would like to get an order in....
  6. my Black magic threebie haul just arrived wow wow wow what an awesome package!!
  7. @Potion Master i'm just excited for the sale and mystery!
  8. so there are new 3b's and limited supply Mystery 3b's is that correct?????
  9. SAY WHAT!!!!! New threebies!!!! I got #711 in my last order
  10. this one is very different from GBM w/LFN - this one smells more like soap - i wouldn't think they were the same i'm not getting lily in this one
  11. is Christmas going to be I want or I need this year - and is there really a difference when it comes to LPMP ???? I have items that will be necessary, really need a new computer before mine crashes, gifts for others and maybe stuff at home.
  12. opening salvo -- a swipe of Mistress Mine bolstered by some sugared fig ...... oh man results!!! : positive in my favor within 20 minutes !!! I smelled good and was on top of the situation BTW - I'm not being a B!#@) - i am standing up for myself
  13. @greenappletart it's not too late yes this need to be metaphorical - there is a pattern of 'stuff' my part in the pattern is being afraid of their reaction, being emotionally weak, and a lack of core self esteem. and self image. All of these elements I have been working on in therapy, which has made it possible for me to even consider getting on top of this. Before, I would just turn off and let old recorded tapes play in my head - well if you were just thinner, smarter, better, organized, had made a better decision when you were junior high, IF, IF, IF........ Now I can say,
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