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  1. please reserve 1 TV and please one of this one igil: Blessing Oil This should make the half bottle I need
  3. To replace Living doll Please add these 2 FB's to my purchase bottles Odalisque w/BI and Altar of Venus
  4. i will make a new choice for my purchase instead of LD
  5. ~~~~ I release this one for wanderlust
  6. please reserve these choices if available 1FB Sigil: Hex Deflection 2 FB Sigil: Serenity Potion 1 FB Cimaruta: Whisker Wishes 1 FB Altar of Venus w / Treasured Hearts 1 FB Feather in the Wind w/ Phero B2.2 1FB Midnight Rider 1FB Oleander the Great w/ Swimming with Sharks 1FB Velvet Kisses 2019 w/ Cuddle Bunny <<<ALL GONE, SORRY! _____________________________________________________________________ 1 5ml OCCO: Raspberry Rhapsody ____________________________________________________________ 1 Egypt Musk 1 Ksna Musk 1 Katchikal 1 Sugared Red Musk ESSENTIAL OILS 1 Bergamot 1 Tea Tree and for purchase 1 FB of Fleur de Nuit w/ Leather
  7. Heart & Soul treasured Hearts Charisma Balm Bomb I still have an unopen tines of SWS, LFN
  8. the same thing happens to me..... i wonder why
  9. I read something about effects in another post.... I use more than one (except Sexpionage****) The other thread said dont do it But I often mix Treasured Hearts with Open Windows, Heart & soul, Levitation, Mega Watt, i just spray/roll it all on **** it was shocking what happened that time !!!! I mixed Sexpionage, gotcha & TMI: Juicy Lucy, Honeyed Love Potion, TMI and a spray of Heart & Soul I was hoping at least one would have an effect on him and WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW i was ravished (repeatedly)
  10. UN Sprays , sampler sets for summer & fall, half-a-dozen roll-ons separate alcohol (if available) maybe soap - if that green natural deodorant -
  11. I am already drafting my order on email !!!!! It's been so long since I had an order that I am in LPMP withdrawal.....
  12. I have been holding my order for months !!!! I am going crazy!!
  13. WOW, just saw this was SOLD OUT.... so glad I have a full bottle. Just a few days ago I was thinking that maybe, just maybe I had too many items from LPMP. However, seeing This Permanent Collection item sold out makes me glad I have some of my favorites in still sealed full Bottles. I wish that at my 1st Summer sale I had realized that the inventory would just go poof and Items would not return.
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