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  1. WOW, just saw this was SOLD OUT.... so glad I have a full bottle. Just a few days ago I was thinking that maybe, just maybe I had too many items from LPMP. However, seeing This Permanent Collection item sold out makes me glad I have some of my favorites in still sealed full Bottles. I wish that at my 1st Summer sale I had realized that the inventory would just go poof and Items would not return.
  2. I have to agree with this list LOL
  3. I have been feeling the same thing but, an ugly word "BUDGET" has reared it's nasty head. I still want some Living doll and a few others. Plus I need something for sleeping, I want a spray of Balm Balm and some of my other favorite Un's
  4. loving this in a spray - i like 2021 and 2019. I have 2 bottles of 2020 too, more powdery on me this is a dream come true scent
  5. got this in a spray, it is soft chocolat -i -ness glad i got the spray i use several spritzs
  6. I still haven't picked out my FBs for Pherotine 2021 !!!!!!!! What did people purchase as sprays? from Feb 2021? not sure on sprays has anyone done Living doll or LP Gold as a spray?
  7. I feel like I have several different bottles of scent with this one. At first it was all chocolate, the next try it was vanilla and milk, the third time I wore this it was Honey and Grapefruit Each time I have worn this it is completely different..... so complex!
  8. I just did that too WOW Now I know why there is an ISO for Living Doll
  9. The number 1 item to use extreme caution "Essence Oil" do not purchase this unless you have gallons of your own perfume, I mean gallons! The next one that you need to get used to is Aja, once you get into LPMP this may grow on you but it can overwhelm and stick to your clothes even through the washer - But I love it now. then it's really about picking thigs you like - the trial vial size lets you try everything before buying a bottle. I enjoy Lafemme niore or the bang bang i like 2002 so nice occo chco cherry
  10. ~ I love snow. ~ If you are having a LPMP emergency you need to purchase more LPMP Perfume .... THE END
  11. I can't find an accurate weather forecast...... they have everything from 1 inch up to 5 plus ice is this Goddess of the Blue Moon soapy or flowery?
  12. i am wearing this today...... i smell divine and delicious so much chocolate
  13. going to start with a trail of women's scents bottles ..... still debating, -
  14. raydee8_love


    Welcome to LPMP forum well good choices for Un's I use H&S every where i find it very helpful I like LFN I found most LPMP are fruity , flowery, manly , clean, edible, hippie, as general categories I match my outfit of the day with a scent red with cinnamon, pink with watermelon. Or I might consider occasion Goddess of the blue moon for something elegant and LP original for a picnic. Business SWS and a clean scent like sharp dressed humanoid. some don't like the sweet fruity smells not sure about what a girl would like 2264 is really nice , occo ambrosia, whisker wishes, velvet kisses -so good, Buds of may, limited editions really do sell out - if you like something do not hesitate ( still kicking myself over petals of silk and GBMwLFN) and don't be surprised by wanting more LPMP!!
  15. very masculine..... i sprayed too much and could feel the chest hairs growing!!
  16. reminds me of Levitation .... which was rose and mint - very nice
  17. that's EXACTLY how I felt.... I put all the charms together - wow they give off heat!! it is awesome
  18. Use caution when taking the charms off....... guess who had one drop into the bottle...... In case this happens - use a chopstick to get it out
  19. wow - i'd like to try this and i'll probably give the cotton candy as a gift so 2 birds with one LP
  20. Just got my second order of masks. I really like the designs. I got Hot air Balloons /rainbowto wear with colored outfits. The Herbs/brown mask is light cream and brown so that will go with my hair and all neutrals so much better than paper/medical masks
  21. yes - just trying to hit the billing cycles... lol well i added to my order today.... just catching this billing cycle
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