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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcomes. Eastwood22, thanks for the recommendation. I added a Pallas w/ Lumina trial to my order. ?
  2. Thanks ComingUpRoses for the tips. Yeah, she’s a little shy and not really ready to be all hot & heavy yet, so LPO doesn’t sound like a good idea. She super picky about guys too, so unwanted attention will make her crazy. Yes, I am a mama bear for sure! ?
  3. Thank you both for the advice. Is Gotcha going to be ok in a social setting? They work together, but sometimes go places in a group with others their age and I wouldn’t want her to have any awkward situations. And she will see him socially tonight, should she wear the TH or one of the others or just be her natural self? We did get samples of the original love potion and fluffy too if just a fragrance w/o the pheros is a better option?
  4. I decided to give pheros a try since I’m a middle aged woman and my husband and I could use some help spicing things up. ? I decided to to start with some samples. I bought Lovers and Friends w/Treasured Hearts, Cuddle Bunny, and Like a Magnet. The LAM is actually more for me, but the other two I thought might help my daughter? My daughter is 20 and is completely head over heels for a guy she works with. He; however, is in a very one-sided relationship with a girl who doesn’t want to commit and she doesn’t even act like she’s with him when she’s around him. He and my daughter have formed a really nice friendship, but lately she catches him looking at her. My daughter just wants to rattle him a little to catch his attention and possibly be more than friends. She wore the Friends and Lovers w/Treasured Hearts to work today because we thought she’d better start out slow. He barely talked to her, but he’s usually pretty chatty. She asked him if he was ok and he said he just had a lot going on. She was kind of discouraged, but I’m wondering it was the pheros either calming him or making him think more? Ideas? Should she be trying something else instead? She doesn’t necessarily want him to jump her, she just wants to see if he might warm to the idea of wanting to be with her.
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