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  1. Hi, What do you guys wear on a daily basis to work besides swimming with sharks? What do you recommend to be more confident during presentations? Im more introverted and i would like to be more extroverted. Thanks
  2. hmm I will try to wear less next time. I tried mara's rocket fuel which has SS4W but i did not get any hits either.
  3. I have worn 2 days in a row and I apply it between my boobs and the lollipop application. I did not get any hits. In fact I felt women were rude. Twice I have been pushed and cut in while queuing in a public area. Why is this happening? I have never felt so stepped over in my entire life.
  4. So i have tried LAM, BAM, stone cougar and LFM with my boyfriend and he responded the best with LFM. I didnt get any reaction from the others. In fact i noticed the two times i wore stone cougar we seemed to argue more. Any idea why? I was hoping to get some results with LAM since it is one of the more popular ones around but nothing. I have yet to try perfect match but i will soon and will report back.
  5. This really works and I am amazed. So my boyfriend came over to the co working space at my workplace and I sat and did some work with him. I did not wear anything and he seemed cranky at me for some reason. Awhile later, I went up, packed my things and applied this oil on my neck, ears and crook of my elbow. I went down and we were walking and he suddenly said i looked so beautiful in this dress. He said he didn't know why he was feeling so much affection for me like he never had before. He said I look so cute and pretty and he said he was feeling insecure. OMG. It was a sudden unexpected change from him. But I did not get any hits from any strangers. Between this and stone cougar, this seems to work better.
  6. Hi Eggers, thanks your advice. I only realised I shouldn't have applied chest and above after reading the instructions on the website. Is it just me but I couldn't really smell the copulins at all. haha
  7. I got a sample in vanilla and honey. I used the wand applicator and applied behind my ears, neck and chest. I am notsure if i under applied because i didnt get any hits. No effect whatsoever on my boyfriend.
  8. I just received my pheromones and the first one i tried was open windows oil roll on. At home I applied behind my ears and neck. But i didnt get any hits from strangers. So after i got to my workplace, i applied more because i felt like maybe i had’nt applied enough. The boss comes in and she was being unusually chatty with me and started talking to me about vacation and stuff. She seemed friendlier to me than usual like she was in a good mood and she kept making conversation. So i think this definitely works well for me
  9. Thanks so much for your input guys. I deliberated long and hard and read more reviews. In the end, I got full sized bottles of swimming with sharks, perfect match, open windows, bang, la femme mystere and cougar. I am never perceived as ditzy. I think I come off as cold which is why I want to appear friendly and approachable.
  10. Hi everyone, I am new here. I decided to try love potion pheromones after reading such positive reviews online. In fact i just bought samples which have not shipped out AJA BAM Like a magnet Sexpionage Essence of Women Blatant invitation I realised most of the pheromones I got are very sexual in nature which has prompted me to get more which are less sexual. I am planning on getting full sized bottles of: Swimming with sharks --> for work Perfect match--> I am in a wonderful relationship now and I want to maintain it. Girl/Girl--> I work in a female dominated office. So I want to foster close relationships with them Stone cougar --> My bf is 6 years younger than me so this seems rather apt for my situation. LOL. Lace, Lumina, Bang--> What are the differences among them? I want to be perceived as fun and sexy. Which is the best? Please let me know if I have missed out something based on my situation for work and personal relationship. Thank you!
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