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  1. @hedgehog You have no idea how happy you just made me!!! I have a quarter bottle left and I've been rationing it. Cannot wait! You're so sweet for remembering, much appreciated 💜
  2. I've been substitute teaching and I got an assignment at a school for kids with behavioral and emotional problems. I was warned the kids will have tantrums and throw things. I wore 2 sprays of Gotcha spray in my hair and a bit of LFM on my abdomen. The kids ignored me at first, but after the first set of tantrums, two boys were very emotional and one was getting violent and it was my job to calm them down. So I went up to one and asked why he was upset and could he show me what he was working on in class. As I got closer to him, the pheros must have hit him because he calmed down immediately in my presence. He wanted to be close to me which seemed odd given his state of anger and eventually he showed me his homework and we did it together quietly. The teacher said she's never seen him calm down that quickly. By the end of the day, many of the kids were following me around and just wanted to be near me. They seemed to be more affected by pheros than students at the regular schools.
  3. After reading how LFM is great for shopping and getting freebies, I decided to wear this to the dentists for an amalgam replacement. I needed them to do an extra set of X-rays to make sure all the mercury was out even though that's not what they normally do. When the dentist was finishing up, I kid you not, he said, "Your tooth is so beautiful, I don't even want to stop working on it." Then he immediately seemed to feel awkward about saying that, like he had no idea why he blurted that out. He said I'll get you those X-rays for you now, no extra charge. Can't wait to go shopping with LFM. 🛍️
  4. @raydee8_love Did you get a FB of 1969? I have 7 trial vials and I hope they last a long time. Not only do I love the smell, but the 70's style design on the label is so funky & cool. Maybe Mara will make it again someday... one can only dream lol. And it's funny that you said your sense of smell went wonky when you had a cold because I've been sick for 2 weeks now and everything smells so strange to me, wonky is the perfect word. I can't wear any of my favorite scents because they are too much.
  5. @Eastwood22 I haven't tried Veridian Muse yet. I bought the last Paradisi with OW and all the remaining 1969 with OW trial vials. I wish I found them sooner bc they are both so great. And I also have UN OW in spray which I usually spritz the back of my hair and it just makes everyone around me so happy. Do you & your man get lots of hits with Veridian Muse?
  6. I've had nothing but great hits with OW. This is my definite go-to. But this my first hit with a dog 😁 I was at the doggie daycare center waiting for the guy at the front desk to get off the phone. This ladies dog wouldn't leave my side, the lady actually asked me if I worked there. I pet the dog for a little bit, but she wouldn't stop nudging me. The owner pulled her away and was looking at dog food, but the dog was pulling her full force towards me. The owner said that she's never seen her dog like this before, normally she's a pretty chill dog. The staff came out to take the dog to the kennel and the dog kept pulling towards me as if I were her owner. The expression on the owner's face was hilarious. She said jokingly 'I think my dog likes you better than me'. No, maam, your dog likes OW lol.
  7. So Dominance & Leather both turn me into a raging bi-yatch, but I read that they are great for working out. So I started dabbing just a bit of either one on right before I go to the gym and I get an AMAZING workout. I now exercise for an hour and a half and could even go longer which is unheard of for me. It's like I get a boost of intense physical energy. But then as soon as I get home I have to scrub it off so I don't start any arguments 😂 I love the smell of chocolate & roses too..
  8. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite pheros. It ALWAYS works for me and makes others very very nice. I sprayed about 4 pumps of OW before a dentist appointment and I was in a great mood even though I'm scared of the dentist. They were going to drill my tooth and yet I was very calm and peaceful. When I arrived, everyone seemed cranky and the dental assistant opened the door and looked me up and down. As soon as I got closer to her, she stepped into my pherobubble and her face changed dramatically to a DIHL look. She literally transformed in front of my eyes. We were chatting and laughing. Then the dentist came in and she was also very happy. The procedure was quick an painless and I was just feeling happy and optimistic the whole time. I've never had so much fun at the dentists. I'm am buying bottles of OW..
  9. This is unreal. I have the 60/40 spray and I sprayed 4 pumps on myself. Very energizing and nice scent. Immediately afterwards I met with my mother. She told me she bought me a very expensive ergonomic chair as a gift that I had listed on my amazon wish list which was very nice of her. I had this strange impulse to look it up online and saw that it was on sale for $50 less. I asked her if she paid full price and she said yes. When I told her it was $50 less, she was bummed. So I contacted the company and within 5 minutes got $50 back. Sooo, after spraying PheroCharged Money Blend I got $50 back for my mom within minutes. This stuff works!! I need to wear this stuff and then buy a lottery ticket. lol
  10. I'm a newbie and had no idea how potent these blends are so... I bought CB, Sneaky Clean and Zakura with PM. They all smelled so good to me that I decided to wear ALL of them at once not realizing how to use Pheros (I hadn't read the forum yet). Oh boy! I put on CB all over my abdomen and cleavage, I put the Sneaky Clean on my right side and Zakura on my left side and went out on the town.. I went to my local bar where I pretty much know everyone. My group of gay male friends hovered over me like I was Brittany Spears in her snake video. The one guy asked what scent was I wearing bc it was intoxicating. We went on the dance floor and they were literally hanging off me. Girls were super nice and trying to chat with me as well and one girl who is usually Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde was telling me how awesome I am and caressing my hair. The straight guys everywhere were giving me DIHL looks and I was approached by a few fellows on the dance floor, but had my harem of gay guys surrounding me. I literally felt like the entire bar was in love with me and wanted to touch me. It was fascinating. I knew 100% that it was the pheromones that got everyone to love me so much. I spent the next month reading the forums to understand how this works and realized I put way too many blends on that night, I'm surprised I didn't pherobomb everyone, somehow it worked though. I'm not complaining ?
  11. Wow, this was such a surprise! After reading how 'dirty' this could be, I ordered a sample and just loved the smell and immediately ordered a FB. This has to be my favorite OCCO. Maybe I'm just a dirty girl ?, but it smells like my essence to me and it's strangely addictive. It's definitely distinct and has staying power. So the other day I was doing house work while wearing shorts and flip flops and I slathered on some OCCO Slf. I had to go to Home Depot which was closing soon and it was freezing outside so I threw on a winter coat. I must have looked like I was homeless lol... no makeup, hair in a messy bun, shorts, flip flops and a winter coat. As I walked in the store, I asked an older man who worked there where the shades and locks were. He told me where to go and I quickly walked to the shades. As I stood there looking at millions of shades options, the same man just showed up behind me and said he thought I might need extra help lol. He would not leave my side and said I can walk you to the lock section. He said that he could be my personal assistant and gave me a tour of the store. At one point he touched my arm and looked embarrassed. I looked awful with my huge coat and shorts, so it had to be the Occo. The lady at the register looked very unhappy and gave me a weird look, but as soon as I got closer and she got a whiff of me, she suddenly smiled and transformed into my BFF. This stuff is incredible.
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