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  1. Just tried this one out today. I am NOT a coffee drinker, but this smell is just so inviting. There is a creaminess that balances out the coffee scent and a sweetness that just makes you want to keep smelling yourself. I do notice that the scent doesn't linger around very long on me. Maybe I just need to use a little more. I only have a sample size but think I am going to have to buy some. 

  2. Hello everyone! Found out about Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie and decided to try it out. I have been enjoying a lot of the reviews and am sure it is going to be an interesting journey for me to find what is going to work best for myself. Looking forward to chatting and sharing my reviews.

  3. I have tried Love Potion Red for the first time. I personally don't pick up any of the cinnamon hints and only get a very strong floral smell, not sure what it is. I received this as an oil sample and literally only touched the oil stick to my chest and rubbed my wrists to my chest. The scent was extremely powerful. Has anyone experienced this as well? Has anyone used anything to dilute this? If so, would love some recommendations. I am still debating on what I think about this scent, but it reminds me of my cats. Yeah, it's weird. I do like fruity and vanilla scents, but don't think strong floral scents are my thing. Any recommendations are welcomed.  

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