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    Strong Scent on me, lasts a long time. Can’t place it. Want to say foodie, but not quite.
  2. I think I get a lot of Wisteria from this one. It’s very light on me. I’m loving the Heart and Soul Self Effects.
  3. 😄 I have a full roll on bottle, and full spray of it from 2015. I also have a full roll on of it boosted with popularity potion. I also have a nearly full bottle of Lace boosted LP Original I’d like to possibly trade or something. Many others too. I’m a hoarder 😱☺️😱
  4. Got a new bottle of this one, and still love it! so delicious. Sweet almost bright pineapple! Pineapple, Mocha, Orange Droolicious all OCCO Favorites 😄
  5. I think this is my favorite out of the new? OCCOs I’ve tried. It’s soooooo delicious. I feel after awhilIe the orange fades, and vanilla pops out. A deep vanilla that makes me like it more. I can’t help but to wonder if my significant other will love it like he loves the Butterscream Lemon perfume oil.
  6. My significant others favorite LP scents on me (he’s been subjected to much testing) are Butterscream Lemon, and (my favorite) universal antidote. I originally planned to buy a FB of BL, but I couldn’t find it, and saw the OCCO BL 😄 I ordered it, and it’s still just as great. Still on the lookout for a FB of BL
  7. Another wonderful OCCO! I get the ‘depth creating’ It turns into a sort of softness that I want to go away. So many things it would go well with. Will have to see which one I end up wearing the most.
  8. Another yummy warm one, but my skin eats a good bit of it. Maybe I’ll just apply more of this one! 😁
  9. I got almost all of the new? OCCOs (Resinate, Almond, Orange, Pineapple etc) and this is one of my favorites. They are all so fantastic. I haven’t detected a hint of cops in any of them. It seems no matter what you may want to layer you could be covered by one of the OCCO offerings. I think Mocha, and Orange Droolicious are my favorites. I may go look for a virgin Mocha. Not sure. So many great fun things here.
  10. I get a delicious warm, spicy mildly sweet deliciousness of pumpkin and something. Zero hint of cops. Yummy foodie scent. Love it!
  11. I never would have guessed, but time turner goes really well for me with UN Balm Balm.
  12. Ok- I ordered a FB of UN Balm Bomb, and I swear (after lots of testing) their is a big difference between the two. I prefer the Scented one (not for the scent, but th self effects) for whatever reason no matter how much or how little of the regular UN Balm Bomb I use it is not the same at all as the scented one. If I had known I would have ordered a full bottle of the scented one. I assumed the only difference was that the scented one was scented. Is there more than that? I SWEAR they are NOT the same on me- and this is with *two* trials of the scented because after I received the regular UNBB I quickly realized it was not created equal, and wanted to make sure I was right. I’m getting the same effect with this trial as the last. Thank you!
  13. Still working on the sweet spot, but getting closer. Today I wore three drops of pherotine dheas, with 1 Spray of Topper. As well as eow oil. A man said “YOURE SO PRETTY” this emoji is a symbol of what that felt like 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  14. Thank you 🌟💜💜💜💜💜🌟
  15. Oh man, you are so right! I did it. I tried 5 or 6 (I forget now) drops. I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!! GREAT hits! Will not do again, and yes it was a bit much. I completely get where you say around 5 drops it’s can turn into a nervousness (Hard for me to sit still!) I still had a really great day with people yesterday. Even at 6 drops, I don’t believe I experienced any sort of crash/hangover- and I definitely do with certain ones for sure. I have a feeling since I wanted to try more than one drop, and was happy yet curious with 4, that my sweet spot is probably very similar to yours. Today im trying my pherotine A nol. Starting with 1 drop, will see how goes, and possibly add more later 🙂💛☘️
  16. Trying out this one again- was very, very tired. The first thing noticed was the amazing scent. It gave me an intermittent feeling of alertness. It was alternating between that Focus I got last time, and moments of the ‘awake’ feeling. I really, really, love the awake feeling moments (the focus ones are good too, but I’m already good at focusing) I have much very intense focus. I will keep experimenting with it. I also got the hiccups as soon as I put it on, and could not stop until I washed it off.
  17. Trying DHEAS by itself, I can tell it is in Balm Bomb. I am positive the DHEAS in Topper is what gave me that Jessica Rabbit feel as I felt it again just a bit after I put on the pure DHEAS. Unfortunately, it’s sort of a come and go feeling with it. I still really dig it. Excited to see how people respond today. I think DHEAS may need to be in my FB arsenal 😁 Trying it (4 drops) with Cops today. I tried 1 drop, but after awhile wanted to try higher amount. I don’t want to overdo it, but I kinda wanna put (even) more on ha. It almost has a warming affect? I did put cops on with it.
  18. Thank you! 😁😁😁 I love this one! 5 stars! I need to put it on again to review it properly. I will do that soon. I feel like this one is at the same amazing gathering as Moondust Cocoa. At first I get an amazing Pumpkin with Caramelized Brown Sugar, then my skin eats a lot of the pumpkin, and I’m left with a wonderful blend. I believe the marshmallow comes through more once the Pumpkin has softened. Id love to wear it during fall/winter.
  19. I have not had enough time to experiment with topper, but here’s my findings so far - Love it with Mistress Mine! Not sure about it with Audacious. By itself- 1 spray (next time 2) to chest. It gives me a sort of pouty lipped feel? Like yes I know I am very vulnerable and pretty woman, what of it? <— in a soft pouty ( not pouty sad, but pouty lipped way/bedroom eyes etc.) way. Ha I like this feeling quite a bit! Feel like I’m wearing a silk neglige. Oooohhhh Jessica rabbit! Fantastic example of how I felt with 1 spray of topper. I feel Levitation is definitely more of a flying feeling (literally). I feel Topper is much more subdued. Levitation reminds me a bit of Lace. More so than topper, or Open windows. More so O/W than Topper. Next time I want to 2 Sprays of Topper- I really want to see where this interesting Jessica Rabbitness will head if I use 2. Oh! I put a full spray in my hair once, and I had the worst time trying to sleep until I washed it out of my hair. I really thought it would dissipate. and be fine by bedtime but definitely not. Woohoo for staying power 🙂 Update: Topper 2 Sprays to chest with a healthy dose of EO. I did not get much of an effect this time, but my moon started on this day with the wrath of Satan ha. Wasn’t feeling super great. . Tried Topper with less Mistress mine, and more Topper. It was good, and I need more time to figure out which way I enjoy more, or what may be best for certain situations. I think I like more Mistress Mine with 1 spray of Topper, but was also on my moon during this time, so I dunno 🙂 Tried Topper with Balm Bomb, and didn’t get much of anything (during moon). So far I like it paired best with MMine, and the first time I tried it with the Jessica Rabbit feel- Now that is the feeling I want to come back. ☺️😁
  20. Essence oil review- hope right place couldn’t find exact name match. The first time since the incident a couple weeks ago that led to my singleness that I have been sexually turned on- was when I wore Mistress Mine- 2 Drops to torso then spread all around as smells sooooooo gooooood. I also used Essence oil behind my knees, and covered it with a small amount of Tsunonme purely for the purpose of scent cover. Such a good cover!!!!!!! Best part of my day for sure to feel a bit more like me again.
  21. You’re so right I hadn’t thought to take my cycle into consideration with the effects. Will experiment more with it at different cycle times. I do love how it feels at first.
  22. I’m wondering if I’m not putting enough Leather on? It just brings out this emotional uncontrollable sort of whineyness. Maybe it’s that I’m using to little? It that possible like how it seems people are responding to me better with 2 drops of Mistress mine than 1. im fine with Mistress mine, and audacious so why is Leather my enemy. It feels great at first, but the longer it’s on the more downhill emotionally I seem to go.
  23. I’m pretty sure I once had BBMilkmaid boosted with blatant invitation. It was fun times, I think I still have half the bottle in my storage in California. The one that came in my teeny is so yummy! Milky creaminess. I agree with Halo creamy buttercream icing, I was thinking whipped, but buttercream is the better way describe for sure on me.
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