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  1. Thank-you for the advice and reqs! I've just placed my huge samples order and got a LFM in there, one with Open Windows and also one with AJA too along with a few un-pheroed scents. Skipped on the Lace (don't want to be even ditsier than I already am) and Lumina (since none of the scents really stood out to me), but I may try them in the future if I find a scent description that jumps at me. But I've managed to find a SWS blend on swap too, so I should be getting that before everything else (which is v exciting)! I live in another continent, so it might take a while for the order to arrive – but I’ll def update again once I try them out!
  2. Will add a LFM to my order then! I am quite chatty by nature so I leave out the Blatant Invitation for now though 😣Teddy actually sounds like it'd be lovely too! I'd actually already set my mind on SWS, hence why I was asking for other recs for everyday that I could wear outside of work too, but it's good to be reassured that it's def what I'm looking for ☺️
  3. Open Windows sounds lovely! Definitely going to be adding one to my cart. Will be looking at some un-pheroed/virgin scents next! Thank-you very much 💕
  4. Hello everyone! I’ve been ghosting on the forums for quite a while now, and finally decided to make an account and take the dive! I’m about to place my first order and I wanted to ask for some recommendations – Already planned on getting something with Swimming with Sharks for work (I work in an older male dominated legal environment), but I’m wondering if I could receive some reqs on everyday-wear that would still be work appropriate? I want to be treated a little better/more amicably and seem attractive – but not in a sexual way. EST effects, but I'm seeing mixed reviews on them. Currently, I'm eyeing Treasured Hearts/Lace/Lumina (but I’ve read that they make the wearer seem ‘younger’ which I don’t really want). Scent wise; I’m not the biggest fan of strong vanilla (vanilla notes turn a little cloying on me unfortunately) and aquatic notes, but everything else is good! Patchouli/cedar in particular are scents I love and I’m also open to unisex/masculine scents. (Outside of all this, fellow dog owners, do wearing pheros affect your pets in any way? Are there any scents I should avoid/should I not wear them around them?) Many many thanks!
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