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  1. Yep, the budget and stars aligned this year for me and I also made a big sale order...in fact, I think I'm going to have to get a new container to store all my new LPs! 🤭 Cupid's Cathedral Special Delivery - I have been nursing my trial for the longest time and realized I need a FB of this in my life! Gossamer Threads LP Gold Tropical Musk Tunnel of Love Gogo Noco Honey and Vanilla LP White - I didn't know whether this one was permanent or LE, but thought I'd stock up to be safe! Noco Red Mahaelani 02.20 Altar of Venus Oleander the Great Sugar Pie Honey Bun LP Candied Apple @Bella15 It looks like the bottle collections are still for sale, which means there must be at least a couple of bottles left, right? Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  2. Found this quote from Luna in this thread and thought it was helpful! But what makes a floral "sparkling"?
  3. Oh, I am silly. 🤦‍♀️ For some reason I was expecting an alert like I usually get in my email! Just paid it. Thanks for your infinite patience!
  4. This is sweet, candied pineapple pieces in cake! The way the pineapple seems candied and thick and deep, somehow, made me think of LP Fraise Citron. It is soooo good. My favorite of the fruity Fairy Cakes I've tried.
  5. I'm so glad you told me you sent it because...I can't find it! After seeing your post, I looked in my Spam, and in my Trash, and all the folders in my email. The internet must have eaten it. Could you try sending it again when get a chance, or maybe I could send the invoice request to the CataLuna email address? I've never had any issues with that one and this was my first time sending to the LP Store one. Let me know what's easiest for you!
  6. Oops, are we supposed post that we sent our invoices? I sent my invoice yesterday - no rush at all, I have plenty of perfume to last me until the end of this month, if not the end of this decade.
  7. This is bright and happy! I love how the peach starts out tart and juicy and then slowly transitions to a fluffier, sweeter cotton candy. My skin normally gobbles up fruit unless the notes are really well anchored, so I was pleasantly surprised that I could enjoy the tart fruitiness of the peach for over an hour before it became cotton candy! This is the kind of scent you wear when you don't want anything too heavy, just something sweet and uplifting.
  8. Ahh, Lantern sounds so good but it has BI - if there happen to be any virgin bottles of Lantern, put me down for a bottle!
  9. Sorry, change of plans! I'd keep the LP Candied Apple, but cancel the Coco Chrissy. Thanks!
  10. @citrine On me, Sensual Harmony isn't super strong, but it still makes its presence known. I've never had an issue with it being too light. Sometimes it'll go on light out of the bottle, and I'll apply too much, and it'll come out with a vengeance an hour later once my body heats it up. It really blooms and diffuses over time! Can't sing the praises of Sensual Harmony enough. I never thought I would like anything floral, and this completely changed my mind and is one of my favorites.
  11. Could I reserve 1 fb of: LP Candied Apple Also, are the PEs available for buy for $12.50 or can they only be redeemed as a half bottle credit? If they're available to buy, please also reserve 1 fb of Coco Chrissy too << Either way, your choice! Thank you!!
  12. @Potion Master sorry, all bottles!
  13. Can I reserve: Cupid's Cathedral << RESERVED BUT NOT IN SALE Special Delivery Gossamer Threads w/ H+S (not in sale) LP Gold with Charisma (not in sale) Tropical Musk Tunnel of Love Mahaelani w/ Lumina 02.20 w/ PM Altar of Venus w/ Treasured Hearts Oleander the Great w/ SWS Sugar Pie Honey Bun w/ Levitation BOTTLES OR TRIALS? ~ M I am assuming bottles
  14. If there's a solution, I'd love to know! What I normally do is mix the scent up with a heavier body butter or balm. It keeps it from rising too much in the air but I can still smell it on me. I also apply to a "colder" part of my body and sniff my arm occasionally. Basically, I do the opposite of what people do to get their scents to diffuse more. Or if I like the phero's effect on ME, but just don't want to affect others, I swipe a teeny bit on my neck or jawline (or a dot on my mask) - close enough to my nose that I can smell it, but other people won't unless they're getting really close to my face. Not the solution were you looking for, but hopefully it's somewhat helpful!
  15. @dolphindolls2 This one is great! I layer Sugared Honeycomb and Moondust Cocoa (and I bet something like Occo Choco would work well too) to get a similar effect. It doesn't have the orchid, but the honey sometimes has a bit of a floral character, which helps.
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