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  1. Haha @Eastwood22, love your story! Makes me think of the OCCO tagline - "Covert Ops!" I agree with Eastwood here...the PM seems to have made him think little bit more seriously about your relationship. It might even have spooked him a bit, like "Oh no, I think I might really like her... but we work together! 😳" I like the idea of sticking to OW (or TH - whatever you usually wear and he's used to as your "signature") and keeping it light and friendly until he gets more comfortable and processes his feelings, then hitting him with the PM again, and cycling back to OW as needed. Inviting him and a few colleagues to coffee should help increase his comfort level and trust with you, which will hopefully make him a little less guarded. I'm generally of the opinion that that if he really likes you, he'll pursue you, but I might be a bit old fashioned on that front.
  2. @ssupytalp What a great review! Sounds like you need to get some more scents with Gotcha!
  3. I agree with cinnamonmel, I'd be worried about the cops. Do you have a non-pheroed scent that you really love? Or if you're set on pheros, maybe something with only a drop of cops, like Gotcha.
  4. This is so lovely. I have a sniffie of this and used almost all of it up immediately, it was so addictive. It's a candylike apricot with a creamy rich base, with a light hint of apple at the beginning. Mmmm. It brings back memories I'd forgotten until now: when I was a small child, my mom had these apricot skin oil capsules that I loved to play with. I loved squeezing them and making them "explode" - much to her chagrin. One time she came home to find me covered in apricot oil and surrounded by little exploded capsules. I don't think she ever bought them again! It's strange to think that I've smelled several LP variants with apricot notes, but this is the first LP that made me remember that so vividly. LP Original is mostly vanilla and amber on my skin, with just an accent of apricot. To my nose, this feels closest to the apricot in Honeyed LP - there was something about Honeyed LP that felt very familiar and now I know what it is!
  5. I’ve started wearing a sleep mask to bed, and this is the perfect scent to dot at the bottom of the mask, near my nose! I usually go for sweeter scents, but this is A+ as a sleep scent.
  6. @Eastwood22 I think the energy jolt is from the androstenone? I’ve noticed it with other blends with it, like LFN and Dominance. Now I’m curious if you’ve noticed the same!
  7. As much as I love LFM, I personally wouldn’t use it for bonding. It feels a little aloof and untouchable to me, but your chemistry could be different. A lot of the bonding pheros already have some mood lifting effects. Adding a bit of something very simple like Luna suggested is a great option too. Everyone has different reactions, so the best way to figure things out is to get some samples and test it for yourself. 😊 Pherotine (when smaller phero samples are on sale) is coming up now is the perfect time!
  8. I got the idea from you! 😊 I hadn’t really thought of getting my friends perfume before because my friends aren’t really perfume wearers, but they can appreciate everyday scent and aromatherapy.
  9. I got the Threebies containing Warm And Cozy for a friend. She loves how comforting and cozy it is and says the lavender is usually faded by the morning but the warm vanilla lasts for days! (She rolls it on the top of her duvet so it’s right by her nose as she falls asleep.) just thought I’d share because she liked it so much. 😊 Thanks Mara for creating such lovely scents!
  10. I just retested this for the first time since I got it. The first time I tested it, I think it was in travel shock and I didn’t get any selfies. I took one sniff of this and immediately felt feline. I wanted to purrrrr and put on a red dress and lean up against the bar in a film noir. I wanted to luxuriate in silk sheets and languidly eat chocolate covered strawberries on a chaise longue. And that is not me at all (well, except the eating strawberries part) so I know it’s the phero! The currant sticks around longer and the scent is much deeper and more cohesive than the first time I tested it too. The name describes it perfectly- This is the scent of a woman who goes to galas and lives in a chateau and when an enthusiastic suitor professes his love, she purrs, “Honey, you can’t afford me,” and glides away to her car, where her faithful driver Niels is waiting. But seriously, this is lovely.
  11. It definitely does! Now that I see it, it’s like duh, 🤦‍♀️ of course it’s Lucifer! @Eve agreed! I think Honeyed LP is Mucha so this fits perfectly.
  12. I was thinking that BLZ Bub gave me an Neil Gaiman kinda vibe (a bit like the Four Horsemen in Good Omens or Anansi in Anansi Boys), but Lucifer makes sense!
  13. Excited to read the descriptions! All the labels look like they have a good story behind them!
  14. I had my first phero mishap this week! One of the sniffles I got in my Christmas order was NoCo Sugared Honey and Vanilla... or so I thought. I blithely tested it after my shower on Monday and went into work the next morning. I was searching for another sniffie today when read the entire label... including the part that says “BAM”. Oops! So that’s why my one of the guys on my team seemed so nervous during our 1 on 1! The poor kid looked like this: 😳 Hopefully I didn’t cause any lasting brain damage, haha. Lesson learned: read labels CAREFULLY, especially when I’m going into the office! but it smells amazing! I only put on a small swipe, but I could barely smell the cops after the first few seconds. I remember thinking that the honey smelled dirtier than I would’ve expected, but didn’t connect the dots.
  15. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this one yet! I’ve been wearing this a lot during Covid, because it’s so comforting. Once I put this on, I feel like I am wrapped in this velvety shawl of vanilla and amber, with lighter accents (like sheeted layers, if we’re still going with this analogy, haha) of the apricot and rose. It’s just so well blended. It’s a real chameleon too- not so much that the scent changes but the feeling you get from the scent does. In the winter it feels so warm and cozy. In the summer it can feel like a layer of effortless elegance. It’s so well blended but so multifaceted, that I can’t imagine a situation where you couldn’t wear this! It has rose and patchouli in it, two notes that I don’t love, but they’re just accents in the warm swirl of vanilla and amber. (To my nose anyway, which suits me just fine!) Another thing I’ve noticed: it’s at its best when slathered. I used to be wary of the rose and patch and would apply little swipes on my wrists, and although it was pleasant, I didn’t completely fall in love with this until I started slathering. It really blooms into a wonderful magical cloud.
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