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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this one yet! I’ve been wearing this a lot during Covid, because it’s so comforting. Once I put this on, I feel like I am wrapped in this velvety shawl of vanilla and amber, with lighter accents (like sheeted layers, if we’re still going with this analogy, haha) of the apricot and rose. It’s just so well blended. It’s a real chameleon too- not so much that the scent changes but the feeling you get from the scent does. In the winter it feels so warm and cozy. In the summer it can feel like a layer of effortless elegance. It’s so well blended but so multiface
  2. hedgehog

    Petite Baie

    This starts out a little greener than I expected, but it sweetens up and is sweet and adorable, just like the baby on the label. Refreshing and innocently sweet. The cucumber and aloe don’t pop out, but give the strawberry a bit of cool freshness, like fresh picked strawberries chilled in the fridge.
  3. Maybe try Leather? It’s got plenty of EST but the Dom in there should hopefully prevent the bulldozing. Glad you’re having fun at work though!
  4. I have a sniffle of this. It’s so deep and resinous and well blended. And it lasts forever. There are some scents where I can pick out the notes easily, but with some of the older ones especially, it feels like everything has melted together into one whole (in a good way!) Certain notes pop out every now and then, then retreat and another rises up. Like a scent orchestra.
  5. Ooh, LP Candied Apple kind of sounds like LP base+Columbia. And I love the story for that one! Bare Trap sounds intriguing- never would have imagined that combination of notes together but I bet it’s delicious.
  6. Wore LP Pink today and no phero (I usually wear LFM but it’s a Friday and I just wanted to be relaxed and fun instead of in queen mode.) One of my cubemates got downright giggly. He is a 45 year old man. 😄 Another coworker talked to me for almost two hours and volunteered to recommend me for a yet unannounced covid related team. I’m excited because I am so bad at office politics and so usually don’t get invited to these things. sometimes I forget the power of an LP by itself. Pretty amazing.
  7. The lily is really sweet, almost candied on me. It pairs beautifully with the leather (which I never thought would like!) It makes me think of an elegant lady who’s genteel and charming, but can be downright steely if you cross her. Like a steel magnolia, but a lily, I guess? I don’t know, it’s Friday and my brain is kind of fried.
  8. @Eastwood22 I was just in WY this week and it dropped from 93 F to 15 F in 48 hrs. 🥶 So who knows, maybe the cold is coming? Hope you are doing ok with the fires!
  9. To use another French word, the first word that came to mind when I smelled this was “piquant”. There’s that bright sharpness of the... green banana, I think? I normally don’t like green scents, but this is more “bright, fruity green” instead of “leafy green”. A great summer scent!
  10. This is great- coconut, vanilla, and ylang all perfectly blended. This is like Sensual Harmony in a floaty white sundress at the beach. A little lower key and more flirty. there’s also a just-showered, almost humid feel to this- like clean skin. The musk maybe? Even though it’s not a fresh or traditionally “clean” scent, when I put this on It reminds me of just getting out the shower and putting on lotion on a beach vacation in a fancy hotel.
  11. This is so good! The chocolate isn’t bitter on me, but there is a lot of depth and dimension to this scent. The honey swirls perfectly with the chocolate and adds a rich sweetness. This isn’t super foodie in the way Moondust Cocoa is, but it’s definitely lickable in a delightfully wicked way. Undeniably sexy and I can’t smell the cops at all.
  12. Agreed with @StrawberryKitten also, you could try some pherotines (only $18 so you can try 2 for the price of one regular size phero). Each phero has an intent, but your results may vary depending on your chemistry and your natural vibe. For instance, Empathy Potion on me is on the emotional and vulnerable side, while SWS is on the other side of the spectrum, where I get calm authority but not much closeness from it. But depending on your chemistry, you may experience things a little differently, although they will generally follow the descriptions. Open Windows is going to be lighter and
  13. Good point. For some reason I thought SS4W has cops in it. Haha, that guy didn’t know what hit him! I can just imagine him standing in your wake holding a roll of paper towels thinking,”What just happened??”
  14. Welcome @Vika! Like you, I find the pheros fascinating, and have also fallen in love with the scents! @androstenol you should write about your experiences! I would love to read stories about how you’re using pheros and LPs to boss it up at work. I’m trying to do the same thing.
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