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  1. Whoops! Dolly is so right. My mad little date mix does not have Blatant Invitation. It’s Sexpionage that’s in my tiny dot of Compromising Positions.
  2. I know I’ve written at least one glowing review about LFM and it still stands...it makes me feel absolutely gorgeous and the reactions from people are terrific. However, no matter the amount I put on, I find that by the end of a LFM day , I am an extremely cranky woman. Every. Single. Time.
  3. Well, maybe...but Ail suggested wearing cougar and cuddle bunny together...I do it quite often and they seem to sync well together. The Compromising Positions has Blatant Invitation - no Sexpionage. And it’s a tiny addition to my mix. If there’s any cancelling going on, one would never know. They cannot get enough, lol.
  4. This has become my date mix - and it’s crazy insane how well it works. Every dude I’ve met has been totally enthralled with me and craving more of my attention: Gossamer Threads w/Cuddle Bunny: lollipop that is smooshed on inner forearms + little dab on back of hands.. Compromising Positions w/Blatant Invitation: TINY dab in throat hollow. Unscented Cougar: Dabs on back of hands, down center of neck (oil rollerball) and a squirt in hair and on front of clothes (spray). I’ve been layering with Virgin Unisexy or Caramel Musk.
  5. Omg. Ladies, I need help! Meeting a guy for drinks. This is all about making him want me desperately. Totally safe situation, so no worries there. I don’t know him at all and am worried about my Cuddle Bunny standby if he’s not an EST dude. Blatant invitation? Sexology? Sexpionage? Something else? Any suggestions are appreciated!!!
  6. Got a freebie of this in one of my orders. I put on a light lollipop and a tiny dab on my collar bone because that’s often where the nuzzling begins, lol. About two minutes after walking in the door and getting nuzzled, my skirt was up and I was bent over the couch, lol. With growling. Omfg. Full bottle, please!
  7. @halo0073 Lolol. That ending was hilarious :).
  8. So, I’m so grateful for all the info/support I’ve gotten from everyone over my mean girl moms crap. I’ve done my best over this summer to to not only see where I could be helpful but also to sway over to the “right” side with phero. TH has been helpful, absolutely no question. I can think of several instances where it’s eased the way a bit. I will say that now that cheer has started and the interactions are INTENSE I think 1) the other ladies who would like me anyway have kinda sped up their attachments and 2) the women who aren’t liking me much naturally are warmer - but still far from thinking I’m the bomb. Which is fine...it’s all about easing my kid’s way and whatever makes that better is all good. The women who don’t like me seem to consistently talk about how skinny I am and how I’m looking “hot” (in my work out clothes no less - which s only funny because that’s total dress down for me, lol), so you know - f*ck them. TH has helped a lot. Not torn down everything but that’s okay. Glad I used it and all y’all have been spot on!
  9. This review will make me sound like I have uncomfortable daily interactions with police persons. I do not, lol. However., this phero makes cops react fabulously to me...we recently moved and I’ve finally realized that the first five mile stretch on the nearest interstate right by the exit closest to my house is a speed trap...here I just thought I was driving too fast, lol. I have been pulled over a few times and the cops have been...nice. Lovely, in fact. No tickets and lots of sweet chatting. Plus, there’s always a cop posted at our local grocery stores and every single time I go to that one while wearing Gotch! they have stopped me to FLIRT. Not to chat, but to be flirty as all heck. Never the same policeman either. This is one handy phero!
  10. @Beccah - lol. I was looking at the hygienist like “omg. What kind of disturbing information will I miss out on that’s found during her teeth cleaning?”, lolol. I’m so chill, too. I mean, I know she doesn’t know that but really? All about keeping mommy out of TEETH CLEANING? But I understand that it’s important to feel important, lol.
  11. Oh, Heart and Soul. You are so darling, lol. Ate at Bonefish tonight with hub and young son wearing OCCO White and UN H&S w/virgin Unisexy. There is a bartender there who has been smiley with me before but tonight, he REALLY noticed me. He was walking by with another customers drink and stopped, placed his elbow on our table next to me, rested his chin in his hand, gazed at me and said “hellooooooooooo”. He was about three inches from my face, lol. It. Was. Hilarious. Needless to say, his overture did not go over well with the other grown man at the table...but I still laughed my ass off deep down inside :).
  12. @hedgehog, I’m not sure. I didn’t see it in the pherotine sizes. I came across the full-size bottles when I was placing an order and slapped them in my cart because I didn’t remember seeing them available before, lol. If they’re there, I’d try and get some! Gotcha is fun 😄.
  13. No word yet on a job offer, but my daughter said she felt relatively calm and in control during the interview! That’s an awesome effect whether she gets an offer or not. Thx, ladies!
  14. @StacyK Funnily enough, there was one woman at the dentist office that was a beeatch...younger and all hopped up about making sure my 18 year old understood that I have no say in her medical choices, lol. Gotta wonder but maybe she’s just beeatchy. I like H&S...but I do think it’d be wise to stick with the TH with the other ladies. Your experiences have been so helpful!!
  15. I was whining on the scented Cougar Potion thread about some women I'm trying to make friends with for my kid's sake who aren't exactly cooperating, lol. Thanks to @StacyK, @Eggers, @Eastwood22 (and maybe more - forgive me for not recalling), I tried UN Treasured Hearts to see if that would open them up to me a little. I layer it with Virgin Unisexy. We had a lunch at school today with the girls and two of the moms were there. I was kinda feeling like the jury was still totally out on TH as we left, but the longer I think about it, the more positive our encounter seems. Not to say that they were my total BFFs by any means, but 1) we actually chitchatted together. I wasn't left on the periphery as I can be at times AND I got an invite to go with them and the girls to a beach afternoon this weekend. That last is a BIG one. They have outings often and while my child gets included in some of them, I never, ever have been. So, we'll see how that goes, lol. Anyway, I think there was progress today. So, thank you all so very much!! On a more fun note, before the lunch but after TH application, I ran into Target to return some things/pick up some things and I got the woman in the return lane who is always C-R-A-N-K-Y. She gets all picky about returns, she never smiles and is, apparently, terribly inconvenienced by doing what she does. She started out the same ol', same ol' grumpy, aggravated attitude. But THEN, she totally got all friendly and actually wished me a "...wonderful day!". I have been through this lady's line 1000x and she has NEVER done this.. I ran around, grabbed what I needed to pick up, went through another line and that cashier (different, thank you God), said something cute and funny, so I giggled and said something cute and funny so we giggled and giggled. The customer behind me in line then grabbed my hand to look at my wedding ring and was gushing over it. I told her I designed it and we both have our heads down examining said ring as she holds my hand 🙂. We started talking about the lost wax process and that I have a metalsmithing degree and how much we love diamonds and jewelry, etc. Then she noticed my other ring - here we go again, lol. And, she told me how my jewelry is so gorgeous and it makes sense because I'm so gorgeous, etc. I've had people notice my ring before for sure, but this interaction was so out there in terms of enthusiasm, bubbly friendliness plus totally upbeat vibes. It was super cute and fabulously flattering. We (cashier, me, the ring woman AND the woman behind her) were all laughing and joking together like someone injected us with happy juice. Totally over the top.
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